Movies You've only Just Watched


Should I watch Reservoir Dogs? I’m pretty new to the ‘Tarantino Genre’ but that movie seems pretty cool.


I think it’s his best movie. Definitely go for it.


It’s a Must see!


I started to watch Spawn the animated series. I’m just WOW… So brutal. I didn’t remember it that way as a kid. No wonder my dad didn’t let me watch it anymore.
I wish they made more animated series like this one


You won’t be disappointed. Definetly give it a watch! :wink:


Oh man I loved that movie. It was so Hilarious. I don’t think the movie really warrants a sequel but I wouldn’t mind seeing the duo return. :joy:
Have you seen Cabin in the Woods?


No, but I’ve been meaning to. I already heard how good it was but it’s just been one of the movies that sadly, I haven’t had time for and keep forgetting about when I do. :disappointed:

And I absolutely agree the Dale and Tucker movie should stay one of a kind but I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of their projects.


Resident Evil Final Chapter.

I want my money back. Nuff said. :expressionless:


Surley it at least must be so bad it’s good???


I literally laughed to its shitness during the movie.

The jump scares were so frequent yet predictable the guy sitting next to me actually reminded his gf to cover her ears every time the music stopped. That made my day. :joy:


There were, what, six movies before it that were just as shitty. I still maintain that Barry’s last stand is the only good thing to come from this entire series.

I’d say the laser hallway, too, but they used it so much in every film past 2, I’d be surprised if I never see a ship fic with the damn thing on the other end of the “x”.


In a review about how the Ip Man films developed after the first one, one Chinese reviewer griped: “The Ip Man story used to be about what was great about Chinese people. Somehow, the Ip Man story is now just about how good Ip Man is… at everything.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda agree, he came off later on as looking, sounding, and acting like he was a god among men. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should go see ARGO. :slight_smile:
Bonus points if you love Hitman games as basically the whole film is a giant Hitman mission kind of thing (except the goal isn’t to kill someone).


I on the other hand, thought it was just the film exposing Kylo Ren’s lack of mastering the Force…


I still need to watch rogue one, I didn’t rate the last movie though so I don’t have high expectations. I watched doctor strange, it was decent but not amazing.


Just watched
A Monster Calls
Rating? 9/10 Def. A Must Watch.
Do Not Mistake it for a Kids Movie. Do not buy into the Trailers.
Its not your average family movie.

It reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth But its more Up Close, and more engraving.

EDIT: A warning, First few moments are a bit cliche’d.


Guys, I want to watch a good thriller movie but I don’t know which one. Maybe you can help? I really enjoyed No country for old men and Texas chainsaw massacre (2003). 2 country thrillers it seems and I want to watch a good movie like that. No cowboy western movie, just a country thriller. Do you guys know a movie that would fit in this picture?


Lucky Number Slevin is a good movie and Bruce Willis plays a Hitman.


By country thrill you mean something set in wilderness type setting?

If so, I just posted about “Shoot to Kill” in a completely unrelated thread so i was the first thing to come to mind. It’s from 1988 but I think would still hold up pretty well today. Starts in the city but moves to mountain wilderness. Good movie. Also 30 Days of Night if you haven’t seen that. 2 very different movies but the settings are awesome. I love thrillers set in remote locations.


The inevitable Killing Floor adaptation, whenever Tom Cruise gets the greenlight to make it.