Movies You've only Just Watched


I was wondering about this movie, came to the thread just for it.

Saw the commercials and it looks really good -haven’t seen something that makes me want to go into theaters in a long time.

So you saying worth a dinner date type thing?


Dinner date or going solo, I recommend it.


One thing I like about Michael Bay is his dedication to making things look awesome. The Transformer movies look awesome, the fights are amazing, pretty to look at, that’s all there is to his movies in my opinion. The CGI action he does look really good, this has to be appreciated.

Other than that, not much else to his movies tbh.


I went to to a Spiderman:Homecoming premier two days ago. Really fun movie. I recommend it.


Yeah, when I was a youngling a “Bay” type movie was awesome. Didn’t care much about story, just wanted great visual action. Now that I’m old(er), those movies don’t catch my attention and I thirst for deeper, detaled story telling. In fact I barely watch any movies anymore because I feel like a 2 hour story isn’t satisfying enough. But I’ll binge-watch the crap out of a good tv series for hours on end. For example, The Walking Dead is like the greatest movie of all time but throws in the perk of virtually never ending vs 2 hours and done.


I would agree but from what I’ve seen, he reuses footage from his older movies at times


Whoa there, I almost had a heart attack when I read that. Aren’t you exaggerating a bit? I mean TWD is… fine. I still watch it and kinda enjoy it but it’s been getting worse and worse with every season. Season 7 is BORING AS HELL, the only redeeming quality were the Negan episodes.

Ever watched Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul? If you have then I don’t know how can you rate Walking Dead above these two polished gems.

Without trying to be rude or something… Walking Dead is like McDonalds meal, it’s good, right? Tastes fine and you have a pretty good time consuming it, but dive deep into its core and it’s kinda trashfood. The other two are… a dinner with Morgan Freeman consisting of main course, dessert, appetizers with the best cooks working on these delicacies, and of course the finest Delgado wine is also in the package.


Well ok, I may have exaggerated a BIT but it was just in an effort to emphasize my preference of good tv over movies, not really to proclaim TWD as the best. That would be a whole other beast to discuss.

And yes, BB was freakin awesome. Though BCS isn’t quite at the same level for me.

But hey, s’all good man. (LOL)


Might be because the BCS hype is current for me and I havent watched BB in years, but I find myself liking BCS more than BB. Still, might be just because it’s new.

When BCS is finished I will be binge watching both of them then I’ll probably decide which one I like more.


Honestly the whole lawyer story I really don’t find that interesting and like many people I only watch show for Mike and his story.
I think Breaking Bad had more interesting characters tbh and Walter White was better protagonist.
Also I think it had better,more consistent pacing.First season of Better call Saul is too slow,however I realise that might have been necessary in some way.


I get where you’re coming from. It uses to not really interest me neither but as the time went on it grew on me and I find myself invested in it as much as in Mike’s storyline.


War for the planet of the apes :+1:

I loved it! Go watch the full trilogy if you haven’t seen it.


After hearing the news about George A Romero passing, I plan to go back and watch all of his zombie movies. Can’t wait to go back and watch Night of the Living Dead again.


I saw the latest planet of the apes movie.

I think I have seen all three-I know for sure I saw the first one and I just saw the last one but I can’t recall the second one.

Also saw the originals and I still like those better.

I don’t like the new ones at all-and I think they are letting good material and social commentary go to waste.

I really disliked this one cause of that little girl. She was so pointless. I think the new ones should have focused more on the apes and their culture but instead it tries to tie in these random people for what reason? Why was the one solider so personalized, what was his arch? He was spared and he went back to fight for the humans-I mean what was expected?

I liked ‘Donkey’ tho…not winter but the other one.

I think I remember not liking the first one cause I felt like they focused too much on the vet/Ceaser’s care taker. I still remember rolling my eyes and saying something like “fuck that guy-get back to the apes”

I just really hated how the relationship with the apes seem to all revolve around that little girl. I should have walked out as soon as the Orangutan was like “I can’t leave her.”

I would be like like Bye!


Edit: Also all that religious symbolism was sooo tired. I knew Ceaser was gonna die as soon as I saw the valley. "And you shall not set foot in the promised land"
So I am guessing the little girl was supposed to be Mary or something. Hated the Orangutan-hated the pot head monkey-Damn for real I only liked the silver back that died and Ceaser. I think there was a smaller monkey that was okay too.


Saw both the recently released Netflix exclusive movies.


It’s a provocative movie while still having enough charm to not be complete propaganda. The tale of the girl and her pig is endearing. All the other things surrounding it are a bit flat. However the message is strong and gives a direct critique on the meat industry as a whole.

If you have Netflix then certainly check it out. A weird fairytale for a Friday evening.

To the bone

I generally dislike these kind of “disease” movies as usually they can only have two outcomes. The main character dying or surving. Though the portrayal of eating disorder is refreshingly unapologetic the main characters are kinda flat. A disease doesn’t define a person. We barely get an idea who they really are. It’s a tearjerker in the end. No spoils.

Skip it if you’re not a “fault in our stars” fangirl…


Most recently I’ve watched Wonder Woman and POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I enjoyed both!


Dunkirk. Another Nolan masterpiece. Simply one of the best war films of all time.


I might actually watch Wonder Woman. Looks like the only good DC flick that’s been released in awhile.


Yeah, I saw Dunkirk too.
A good historical reconstruction which puts the accent on the sensations (in the cockpit with an AIR Force pilot, drowning with Brit soldiers, bombing effects, very loud shots, etc)
For the first time, we don’t have any field combats, only air strikes and naval battles.
There’s three perceptions of the same event : the rookie’s one, the Spitfire badass pilot’s one & the old sailer’s one. Breathtaking but not spectacular in the Hollywood term, it’s supposed to be realistic.
Contract completed, I’d say.
For me, the best Nolan’s movie remains Inception.


I have heard that this is intentional as per Michael Bay. Writers on pins and needles since Age of Extinction when they first started experimenting with this… “direction”… as it is not normal for them to write stories like this.