Movies You've only Just Watched




These two movies are kinda related in a way. Excited for both of them.

Still a bit unhappy with the casting choice in The Disaster Artist and the trailer didn’t make it much better. I know it’s James Franco is directing but I wish he casted someone other than himself as Tommy Wisaeu. But it was just a small clip so maybe he’ll surprise me.


I never managed to see it right through, but I caught the middle of White House Down, which I now am going to need to see in full cause it was pretty good from what I saw!


Just watched Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Never seen the anime and in general not a big fan of anime, but might give it a go. Didn’t expect much from the 2017 liveaction remake, however i was pleasantly surprised. The premise of the film wasn’t anything new and for most part it was easy stay onestep ahead of the movies plot, even if it where Predictable it was still entertaining and very beautiful made. Great visuals, fine action and well crafted action sequences.

The movie reminded me a lot about Robocop in the world of Bladerunner and it’s easy to see why. The plot is more or less the same as Robocop with a few tweaks in the origin of the main character, but it more or less follows the same path and ends in a similar fashion.


So was I, I actually ended up ordering the 4k bluray.

I wouldn’t really align Ghost in the shell with stereotypical anime, it’s quite serious and philosophical and probably aimed at a more mature audience.

It was pretty cool seeing how the movie used scenes very similar to the anime.

If you’re going to watch the animation stuff, I’d recommend watching the recent animation movie to ease you in before watching the series.


What’s the difference between the New animated movie and the old? is it like the updated version of Dragon Ball Z?


They’re completely different things.
The Ghost in the Shell (1995) movie is part of the Stand Alone Complex (SAC) Storyline and The New Movie (2015) is from the Arise storyline.

New movie is reboot basically.

EDIT: Wait I realized you could be talking about the 2008 remaster of the 1995 movie. This is one thing I dislike about GiTS, it’s confusing as fuck.


Ah okay, i think if i’m going to watch anything i would be the 1995 version and not confuse myself with everything else.

Yeah i kinda figured that out already, i just want to watch the anime the 2017 film is based on :slight_smile:


Watched Shutter Island yesterday. Man this movie is weird, and good. Not gonna spoil anything. The plottwist is really unexpected. A must watch!


Ok, that makes sense.

In that case let me redirect to the 2002’s animation series “Stand Alone Complex”.
It’s a little rough around the edges compared to the new(er) animation.


Okay thank you @HHCHunter i’ll try and look into it, the 2017 version was a good movie. Which made me realise i have to watch Bladerunner and Robocop again.


I recently rewatched Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That is a great movie. One of the better I’ve watched.

The next one is still pretty far away (December 15). The Last Jedi, the title seems promising.

It’s going to be great!


Just watched Spiderman Homecoming. It was alright, I feel like the best part of the movie was the high school setting.

It was a nice change to other Marvel movies.


I watched ‘The Mummy’ and in truth I was surprised. Usual predictable plot etc etc but I like where this could go with Universal doing the whole myths and monsters ‘Dark Universe’ and overlapping various aspects. It’s shaken the mix a touch from WB, Disney and Fox at the very least.


Just saw Le Samourai for the first time because a theater not far from where I live was showing it, thoroughly enjoyed it don’t have much to say beyond it’s an excellent film about a hitman that blatantly comes from a different era of film making and has inspired a lot since.

Speaking of it inspiring things, I couldn’t help but wonder during the film, was 47’s canary in Blood Money a reference to this film because it really feels like it, anyone know?


It could be. Although I always thought it was a reference to the plant from “The Professional”.


I understand that, but the bird warning 47 of a presence (if I’m recalling the scene correctly) is actually literally a scene in the film (albeit Jef doesn’t crack the bird’s neck).


The caged bird in BM is 100% certainly a Le Samourai reference.


I finally saw Hardcore Henry at a friends house and man it blew my mind. I didn’t really know too much about it other than it was a brutal 1st person movie and that Jimmy appears in PAYDAY. I had no idea about the science fictiony stuff. The action was really great too! I only have a few gripes.
The Jumpcut got too often and noticeable which to be fair, i can understand why, it just got annoying. I also noticed alot of sound effects being reused near the end. And that grenade launcher scene looked so bad… lol it made my day.
Other than those small nitpicks it was a really well done movie and i might actually view it again! :ok_hand:t4:


I recently watched The Godfather.

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I don’t understand all the love this film gets; especially not the claims of “best movie ever made.”

It’s a fine enough film, sure, but there wasn’t a lot of substance to it. And it isn’t because of its age. I love Casablanca, and that released in 1942!

Maybe someone else can offer some insight?