Movies You've only Just Watched


Recently saw Baby Driver - if anyone is a lover of good soundtracks in films then this is a must-watch!!


That’s the one.


After you finish Heat I’d recommend Collateral, also by Michael Mann. Another fantastic outing in LA, this time with Tom Cruise playing the villain.


Best scene ever.


Just watched Hacksaw Ridge. It’s the story of a conscientious objector during WW2, true story. VERY bloody, gory, people blown up. I was in the right mood for it, otherwise I’m not usually into seeing that stuff.

The lead was Andrew Garfield and he was really great. Very inspiring movie! Also recently saw Dunkirk, which I thought was an excellent war movie as well (very little to no blood and guts).


Anyone see “What happened to Monday” Watching it on Netflix. It’s about controlling overpopulation.



Standard fare from Millenium Films who specialize in the “They don’t make’em like they used to” action film.

Well this is pretty much in line with their previous work. Which is to say it’s easy viewing. The story is crowd-pleasingly predictable, it’s tight enough that there’s no major inconsistencies. Also an easy crowd-pleaser are the two male leads whose humor and personality provide the real energy of the film.

The script was clearly written for both Reynolds and Jackson. The only other possibility is that they wrote it themselves. Some scenes of snappy dialogue appear to be improvised. If you like that sort of thing, you will love this movie.

The old 1990’s style action film recreation goes down to any other character in the film that isn’t played by Ryan Reynolds or Samuel Jackson. They all know they’re playing second fiddle here, and to that end Elodie Yung, Salma Hayek, and especially Gary Oldman - playing the kind of sadistic obvious bad guy that belongs in the 1990’s - provide admirable support duty.

The story is good, but not novel enough to worth commenting on really. This is the kind of film where if I give two sentences of the plot, anybody with knowledge of films like LETHAL WEAPON, or the other previous Millenium films, can easily guess the next four plot events. To give you a hint of how cut and dried everything is, you are told for example that there is a possible leak among the “good guys” that is the only way the “bad guys” could stay one step ahead - the next scene is literally this mole calling the chief bad guy - therefore ensuring the mystery lasted all of 30 seconds.

If you watch this one, it’s for that Millenium-style action, and that Reynolds-Jackson comedy duo.


Saw Dunkirk yesterday. Don’t know if I’d recommend it.
It’s well shot and acted, and is almost constantly tense, but there is basically no story or character development. It’s just a prolonged scene of war. I suppose that’s a realistic way of showing the events of Dunkirk, but it doesn’t make for a good film, at least not in my opinion.


Nolan is infamous for his poor characters - he just generally doesn’t write characters as well as he does plot.


Saw Spider-Man Homecoming this week. I have to admit, I was very “down” on this film before seeing it due mostly to my fatigue with all of these yearly marvel films and the trailer (which gave away most of the plot). Got to say this movie was wonderful, it gets an easy recommendation from me and I’m not really that into all this superhero stuff.


Agree strongly with this. Nolan’s characters are merely tools for the ideas he wants to communicate.

One of the biggest offenders was the “We’re ready to believe in good” Batman speech near the end of THE DARK KNIGHT, an inspiring tirade that Batman delivers in his raspy lip contorting fear-inducing voice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah yes Nolan is a fantastic writer despite his poor character development


In the theatre, I knew why the line was there. It’s a bit like the Jerry Bruckheimer rule, that you have to have 2 or 3 references to the same idea just in case some people miss it. But Nolan is very structural in how he would do it, and his characters are very static.

An alternative for example would have been the Joker throwing a fit - angry that “That’s not how people are supposed to work! I’ve done this many times!”. But I guess in the interest of running time, and following another idea: A character of authority must deliver statements of truth.

Nolan decided Batman had to say something. No matter how saccharine and inappropriate it sounds.


Finally saw Hitman’s Bodyguard, predictable, obvious, no tense moments, but it’s funny as hell consistently all the way through!


I really liked it! I liked that it wasn’t all blood and guts like other war movies. Those have their place too, but I was fascinated with the whole thing. So I’d definitely recommend it. But, I’ve heard many people who did not enjoy it…including some vets I know. I didn’t really know the story of Dunkirk either, so maybe that was why it was more interesting to me. I felt like damn there’s a lot about WW2 I just don’t know! Made me curious to learn more…


Watched Baby Driver for the 3rd time :joy:


I really like Edgar Wright! I have yet to see Baby Driver, but my favorite film of all time is Hot Fuzz. How does Baby Driver compare to his other films?


Saw it too a couple of days ago. Quite enjoyable. Hand to hand combat was nice.

I’m looking forward to go see Atomic Blonde


It’s brilliant, action-packed and an amazing soundtrack. Some great car chase scenes and dialogue, it can be very witty at times.

Also very rewatchable


IT - Rating…

Amazing Child Actors/10
Literally the best Stephen King Adaptation Since The Shawshank Redemption/10