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Here’s some more thoughts on IT now that i’ve had time to process it and think about it a little more: I’ll be spoiler free mostly, but mark anything that might give stuff away.

The movie sets the tone early, and you know that this is going to be a more graphic film than the miniseries. In the opening 10 minutes you literally see a 6 year old boy getting his arm ripped off, followed by him crawling along the ground, crying, with blood going everywhere - before he’s pulled down a drain by Pennywise. Really disturbing way to open the film. From there on, it’s full steam ahead. The film doesn’t pull many punches, it shows you the most horrific imagery it can conjure up early on and leaves little to the imagination. That means it is often more intense than it is scary, but that’s fine with me.

The soundtrack is outstanding. I’ve never heard of Benjamin Wallfisch before, but his score for the film was more than just the same kind of disharmonic strings and sudden thuds that usually accompany horror films - It has genuine life to it. There’s levity where the film requires it, eerie piano and strings give a sense of nostalgia and melancholy that sounds soothing and sinister at the same time.

Bill Skarsgård is excellent as Pennywise. Most importantly, he’s not trying to copy Tim Curry’s legendary performance. He’s a lot more threatening from the moment we meet him and he becomes this ominous presence lingering over all the events that happen in Derry. He’s demonic in his appearance. He’s not funny, he’s not disarming, he’s just straight up evil. One of my favourite moments is during a scene where he is talking to a kid, he just zones out. His speech slows, his expression glazes and he starts drooling. Really fucking sinister, haha. I loved it. But by far the best thing about the movie is the cast of child actors playing the Losers’ Club. Every single character is perfectly cast, well fleshed out and performed to perfection. You really like all of these kids, and they actually talk and act in ways that are appropriate and consistent. It’s quite disarming to see a 14 year old say “What the fuck is this shit” every time something spooky happens, but it’s accurate - And it makes you chuckle because of the frankness.

Perhaps most crucially of all, I didn’t find IT to be all that scary. And you know what? That didn’t matter. Because the film is so damn good in every other aspect, the imagery is so violent and intense and horrific that the’res really not much time to build up a consistent sense of dread. Not to mention, there’s loads of humour and little pockets of relief scattered throughout the film. It almost gets a little bit too much at times such as the 80s blood cleaning montage set to The Cure but then you think of how a lot of other horror “remakes” end up losing their charm and character because they just try to be far too grimdark (see A Nightmare on Elm Street) - And you start to appreciate the movie for having personality and charm as well as intensity and horror.



Glad you liked it. I might wait a couple of months to see it in HD at home or maybe I will just go to the cinema next next week (its 100 km away from me). Need to see where patience arrives.


@Quinn I want to watch IT too but I have to convince my friends to go with me instead of going to, let’s say, Saw 8. How can I convince them you think? You watched it.


If i was you, i would ask myself a very simple question, that could solve your conundrum. It goes as following…

“What would 47 do?”

Ask yourself this and you should be able to find a simple solution.


Kill all his friends and then go watch IT.


I would threaten them and watch IT with a gun against their head

But in all seriousness. How do I convince them. I really, really wanna see it but if they don’t wan’t to I’m unable to see it at all. :frowning:


The possibilities are endless!

  1. Invite them overfor beers before the movie, slip some sedatives into their beers. Load them up and place them in the cinema that shows IT.

  2. Kill them / Knock them out go the the Bathroom every 10 min and come back as a new friend.

  3. lure them into the cinema by throwing coins.

  4. Find a cinema employee and steal his cloth, then sell you friends the IT ticket instead of whatever rubbish they want to see.

  5. Meet them outside the cinema and when they say “Hey Danger_dog_guy_7” then you go “Names are for friends and i don’t need one” and then you go watch it yourself.

I think this is the harder part of the plan, because if they don’t really want to see the film it can be hard to come up with a compelling reason to why they should. If they believe in reviews and follow them, you can try and pin point the success the film have achieved.


why though?


Probably due to age restrictions, I would guess.


I’m 17 years old, they are too. Age restrictions are pathetic to us. The case is they’re not sure which movie to pick, and some follow their instinct that another movie will be more fun, because they’re a fan of the film series. I watched the trailer for the movie some of them want to see, but to me it looks boring. I really want to see IT, but I want to watch it with them. Convincing is ofcourse the hard part.


Maybe try offering to pay for their tickets? A free movie is good incentive, presuming you’re not paying for too many people.


One of them don’t really want to because he doesn’t like clowns. Maybe I can offer him this option :thinking:


In his case, you might need to bribe him with more than a free movie, but it can’t hurt to try.


Fucking terrible. One is scared of clowns and another one saw the 1990 version on tv yesterday and is complaining he doesn’t want to see it yet again. How am I gonna be able to watch this movie now.


Search for the movie on Pirate Bay or some site alike, then. Just watch out for viruses.


Fuck that. I wanna see it in the cinema. I wanna feel and experience it. I could’ve watched it already if I wanted to but I wanna watch it in the dark with my friends. :frowning:


Well, you can’t have everything. You can’t force them to watch it and it doesn’t seems they are changing their mind soon.


Go by yourself imo. I liked it so much I am going to see it again next weekend, and will probably go alone .

90% of my cinema outings are by myself.




Well I do only go a handful of times a year usually, and since you’re basically sat in silence for 2 hours it really doesn’t matter if you go alone or not.