Movies You've only Just Watched


Go by yourself imo. I liked it so much I am going to see it again next weekend, and will probably go alone .

90% of my cinema outings are by myself.




Well I do only go a handful of times a year usually, and since you’re basically sat in silence for 2 hours it really doesn’t matter if you go alone or not.


Taking my dad and my brother to see IT tomorrow after work. REALLY looking forward to it. :grinning:


Haha I know man, I only meant it as a joke lol
Hell… if I like a movie enough and nobody is free to see it with, I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself either.


I’ve gone to a handful alone thru the years. Not my preference but would occasionally get the sudden urge for some of that yummy movie popcorn and a good flick and just spontaneously go. Hell there were even a few times I went into a theater just to get a big bucket of popcorn and then just went home with it and chowed. :laughing:

Anyway anxious to see IT but like to save scary movies for home viewing…at night…in pitch black. Soooo much better for me.


I have a phobia of clowns, and I got it when I saw the original adaptation of IT when I was young. Never again.


I was also afraid of clowns after watching it but when I rewatched it in recent years, it’s pretty comical and not really scary (specially the ending sequence). It seems this new version actually nailed the vibe better than the old one.


I’ll just leave this here… :stuck_out_tongue:


I convinced my cousin to go with me to watch IT in a couple of weeks. So happy she wants to go with me. I also promised her to pay half of her ticket and to go with her to the carnival (which I facking hate) so we’re even and I can watch IT. So happy! :slight_smile: :balloon:


You bring a lot of coins and keep tossing them at the theatre playing IT. :wink:
Also brush your shoulder against your friends if they start walking towards SAW8…


Just got back from watching IT. Good times! :+1: Not really scary but definitely entertaining. Great performances all around, even from the audience:

“You screamed you pussy!”

“Naw, I saw you scream first!”

“Both of y’all some punk asses!”

A couple of people even walked out. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Way better then the original, even though it’s just half the story.



Visually done very well.

Story is a bit run-of-the-mill. Boiling down to a plot of personal revenge which doesn’t exist in the original material. If you go in “cold” you will get the feelings the images (a lot of which are lifted from the original anime) allude to a more complex movie that isn’t there.

And you’d be right.

The film attempts to lift key storylines from a number of key episodes from GITS: Stand Alone Complex that touch on the origins of the Major, and then uses other material from the OVA’s Puppet Master plot.

However, in the combination of both, the writers shook out the complexity and transhumanist questions of either, settling on a Luddite plot that is played for a footnote and comes up extremely late, and a personal “A giant coroporation stole my life!” motivation that provides the only fuel for the Major facing off against a giant Spider Tank.

The Luddite sub-plot is a case in point where GITS the story is betrayed by GITS the images. A key character mentions that the Luddites had warned about how Technology would ruin our lives. Yet the film is chockful of mind-computing cybernetic citizens using all this stuff as part of “common everyday life” indicating this Luddite movement completely failed or was totally in-the-wrong seeing as even the garbage truck drivers use mind-comms.

In the OVA anime, the thought that someone may have figured out how to hack “ghosts” even of people who have less complex enhancements forms the meat of the concerns (and the existential/transhumanist questions). It also poses the danger that any form of “everyday computing” in this version of the future now carries the risk of being a victim of the Puppet Master. However in this adaptation they choose not to expound on this further except for the Major, yet they use the same criminal modus for the Puppet Master’s hacking crimes that were given more prominence in the OVA.

It’s this kind of dissonance that ultimately keeps the live action adaptation too grounded in concept when visually it is already reaching for something more.

A missed opportunity mostly.


Hahaha, i have to laugh, i just thought i was watching Dunkirk and i was like, what the h***? This is a really bad movie and was just about to complain about it here, because some here said it was a very good movie, but then i realized that i have watched 15 min of Operation Dunkirk:

and that was just garbage :joy:.



Yeah, I’m pretty excited to see how they handle the adult version in the sequel.


Hell yeah, bring IT on!


Watched IT, brilliant horror movie - surprisingly funny too, hilarious to be honest.

Hopefully Chp2 is just as good


Okay, okay… I’m going to watch IT.

Damn you all.


And whatever you do, don’t confuse Operation Dunkirk for Dunkirk, at least i got a reminder why it’s smart to stay away from movies with 3 out of 10 on IMDB :joy:.