Movies You've only Just Watched


Trying to conquer an old fear? That’s kind of what the movie’s about so good on you, though you might want to see it with a friend. Safety in numbers and all. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just saw IT, and I loved it. I’m not usually a horror type of guy, but I went with some friends and it was fun.

The Pennywise scenes were awesome.


I’m watching now IT at work in an empty Hotel. I can hear noises I never heard before and every strange shadow moving is a paranoia :sweat_smile:
I found a wonderful good quality on the net. So far I like it. From time to time I make a break to go outside for security checks. Kinda scary especially tonight that is fog outside.


Just watched AMERICAN MADE:

There’s a moment in the film where Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar asks the hero Barry Seal in a suspicious manner: “Is evertything good?”

Barry, a man already living a life way over his head, answers with a cool resignation: “I’m here, Pablo. Oh and I brought you your Harley Davidsons.”

Pablo smiles at the sight of his gleaming slice of an American tradition in motorbikes, puts his arm around Barry. Barry Seal, in the form of the ever timeless Tom Cruise, beams his hundred megawatt smile through those aviators he wears so well. Everything’s good. For now.

That moment describes the main action and energy of this film about the true story of Barry Seal, a real former TWA airline pilot whose life was so outrageous that having Tom Cruise play him was one of the only ways to ground it with some sense of reality.

The film is a tale of warning, but also an exploration, to what happens when you have a unique talent - in this case flying airplanes with a courage that borders on numb appreciation of risk and danger - and start saying “Yes” to everything and everyone who asks of that talent. It also depicts how far everyone on every side of good and evil will move mountains for you so that you can continue to say “Yes” to them.

At one point, with cash in bags in every closet of Barry’s home and in every drawer of his office, a small bit of the illegal stash is caught in the hands of a dimwitted relative. Barry tries to tell the Medellin cartel that he needs time to “sort out a family problem.” But the Cartel needs his talent. They promise to “take care of his relative”.

Barry probably knows what that means… but having gone this far by leaping before looking… it’s just “another one of those things”. Throughout it all, and as one of the key anchors of the film, is this tender love story which portrays Barry as a loving and devoted husband and father, in spite his wild tendencies.

It all just about works.

It’s a “terrific life” in every sense of the word. And it’s kind of comforting that through this film we can experience it without having to risk nearly as much as the real life Barry Seal did.


That’s why I stopped watching trailers altogether. They really DO spoil too much. Not all of them, The Force Awakens trailer was outstanding, but as you said, It trailer pretty much shows every good scene.

I ditched trailers, I have few YouTube critics that I trust and I follow general movie news and I pick my flicks based on these two factors. Haven’t been disappointed yet. I literally go into movies blind and it’s SO MUCH more enjoyable this way, not knowing a thing only that the movie is supposed to be good. I recommend trying this method out.

As for It, I loved it. Cannot wait for Chapter 2, hyped af. We’ll be getting season 2 of Stranger Things to fill that void.


I started doing the same things years ago. I don’t recall what movie it was but one I was super excited to see and of course HAD to watch the trailers. Then was hugely disappointed as all the key scenes had already been revealed and what would have been awesome experiences/surprises became ho-hum, been there-done that, when I would have been blown away had I not seen the trailers. So now I avoid them like the plague if it’s a movie I’m truly interested in.

Ah, I remember now. It was Independence Day. Still an awesome movie but it would have been on a whole other level, experience-wise if I had not already seen scenes like the White House, etc. I was actually very angry at myself for watching the trailers and have since refused to watch them.

Coincidentally, I think that was also the first of a small handful of movies I went to see by myself, as a few of us were discussing earlier (I think in this thread).


Just saw Atomic Blonde. It was alright. I guess I can understand how it didn’t exactly stand out and got a mixed reception.
The Action was probably the best part of the movie Imo.


@Mads47 have you wathed this Danish movie? If you have is it any good?

With Jaime Lannister :joy: but he have both of his hands back now.


I liked IT, but I still don’t think any King adaptation can beat Shawshank or The Green Mile.


Actually i have not, i rarely watch Danish movies anymore. Very few of them peaks my interest, but if i get the chance i might. That said Land of Mine is still on my watch list.


Just got out of Mother, really liked it. Weird fucking movie that had me uncertain on what was even happening, until the end.


So after watching IT I can report my fear of clowns has remained unchanged – and while the film aims to be quirky and rather playful in many ways, it hides a geniunely dark underbelly which is it’s greatest strength. To my surprise, I wasn’t nearly as scared (as I usually am) of genre works like these.

Though, my problem with IT is more to do with my dislike of Stephen King as a storyteller, but this particular apaptation is well acted and directed. I’m definitely going to see the next one, albeit probably with less enthusiasm than those who think it’s one of the year’s best films, which it isn’t.


Fully agree with you there. While I enjoyed the book, I feel he spends too much time describing the town and settings. I know he wants give readers a vivid image but it goes on for so long that I sometimes think the story is more about the town then it is about the child-eating creature from outer space. Also…I wasn’t a big fan of the Turtle and was glad not to see it.


Song to song… Terrance Malick is the most overrated director in existence. I can take an overrated & untalented piece of shit, there are plenty of them. But when it comes wrapped in smugness and pretentiousness, it makes me physically ill. This guy should be shut down.

And I lost a lot of respect for Gosling after watching the first 15 minutes of this turd.


Tetsuo: The Iron Man!
I love this movie, one of my alltime favorites, with such a devastating ending!
Warning the video shows how the movie ends, but maybe giving the great soundtrack a listen!

Or watch the full movie in OT on youtube with spanish subs.
But I think everthing you’ll see in this movie will speaks for the movie itself,
so you don’t really have to know what they saying.


Anyone see 1408? Came out in 2007 Weird Paranormal film.

Stars John Cusack, Samuel Jackson and Mary McCormack.


I did. Really cool film. I was expecting something a little more conventional when I went to see it, but got a total mindfuck instead.


Yeah it’s like your about to give up on it but you keep watching. I also am the type that once I commit to a movie I watch it. I’ve always been that way. I really enjoyed it.


Yes. Good movie. And I really like John Cusack. Strangely, his sister Joan…totally unwatchable. For some reason she just makes my skin crawl.

I’m the same way. Terrible, terrible curse. Those times you sit thru a movie hoping and praying that there will be something, anything redeeming about it before the credits roll. Watching the clock, knowing your 90 minutes (or worse yet, 120 minutes) are almost up, it’s crunch time, give me SOMETHING that I can walk away with and say “At least there’s this, or that.” Maybe even sit through the credits hoping for an unexpected clip to make you go “Cool.” But alas, you’re left wishing you spent the last hour pulling out your fingernails. At least you would have accomplished something.

Sorry, long post for such a simple topic. Guess I’m feeling gabby. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Okay this one doesn’t really count. But i just re watched Kindergarten Cop, think i saw it last time back in the late 90’s. Also since i’m a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s an undercover cop who poses as a Kindergarten teacher, which is actually my profession. I had to watch it again!

The funny thing about this movie, is it’s a such a typical product of it’s time. Not only is it a family movie, but the movie is also pretty dark. Within the first 5 mins of the movie some one is killed and not much different then the typical Arnold movie. Then we jump to the family friendly part and more obvious humor, with Arnold taking a bite of more then he could chew, trying to control kids and lots of them. Then towards the end it becomes darker again. One of the things i loved about the movie, is when the partens learn about there being a Male Kindergarten teacher, there is this hole talk about how that’s not normal and it’s wired, he must be gay. All until they see him this dynamic changes. This kind of mindset wouldn’t be present in most movies today, it would be a to dangerous to go there.

The only thing i would have wished was different was the fact that the movie takes place in the late summer, i would have changed it to taking place at Christmas. I would be the perfect Christmas movie and i think the movie would have much bigger following because of this change.

I give this movie to big flexing biceps of approval!