Movies You've only Just Watched


The average cinema run seems to be between 5 - 7 weeks I think. But IT has made a lot of money, so who knows.


I absolutely loved Blade Runner 2049.

They don’t try to overdo the fan service, keeping it fresh with a well-integrated narrative that ties to the original, nor do they try to mimic the atmosphere in an overbearing way. I came into it hoping for something new and different that continues the story, and it certainly delivers that. The noir atmosphere is toned down in flavor of a more gigantic and monolithic approach to the subject, it’s genuinely an epic film in this respect. There’s a true reverence to the source material here, and it’s handled completely differently (and superiorly) compared to films like The Force Awakens. Villeneuve makes it feel familiar in many subtle ways yet original enough to avoid transforming the film into a vehicle reliant entirely on nostalgia.

Have to mention the fantastic cinematography from Roger Deakins, and the CGI is very impressive. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch won’t rise to the iconic status of the one by Vangelis, but it’s still among the best I’ve heard this year. I’m a big fan of Villeneuve’s style of filmmaking here, and it’s made me like him more given I haven’t been particularly enthusiastic about his earlier work.

If you haven’t seen the original, I’d strongly recommend watching it first – then you’ll be prepared to watch what I’d consider one of the best sequels ever made.


I read somewhere when reviewers seen it, they compared it to be better than the original.

Would you agree?


I think that’s generally a minority view, and I wouldn’t pick the sequel over the original Blade Runner. In the same way, I wouldn’t go for Godfather II over the first one, but that doesn’t stop them from being fantastic films.


It was alright. I thought it was cool when it started, but then it kind of went overboard later in the movie which I found to be a bit cheesy.


Going to watch it tomorrow and I’m really excited. I will try and find the time to watch the original again before hand.


Anyone ever see ‘Three O’Clock High’? Highschool movie. One of my favourites.


Love that movie!! “Don’t fuck this up Mitchell”


So, Blade Runner 2049 then.

What a movie.


Just watched Bladerunner 2049 easily one of the best movie experiences i had this year. I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy it all by myself without annoying people next to me.


This movie… is much like a McLaren F1 roadcar. There shouldn’t have to be something this bombastic, this sophisticated, this beautiful, and this powerful. But it’s there.

For what you need a car to do (ie: Transportation) a car like the F1 “doesn’t make sense”. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being inside one.

Much like the McLaren F1, Blade Runner 2049 is mostly impractical and at times doesn’t make sense within its own universe. There’s basic issues underlying a very appealing surface. But it is a VERY appealing surface. Down to the little gags and design cues and all the world building - it is a masterpiece in that regard.

In other areas though Blade Runner 2049, a film that seems to have no problems proclaiming itself as GHOST IN THE SHELL’s brainier and prettier stepsister, makes you scratch your head at some of its lore and logic decisions. This is a rarity. A film made evidently by very intelligent and talented individuals at the peak of their powers, but which has resulted in a film that seems happy to leave the audience behind, embroiled almost entirely in the logic and momentum of characters doing what they’re doing just because they seem to interpret a need to do just that.

Personally, I feel the problems have to do with two postulates from the original film which were removed or altered for Blade Runner 2049. Now this is not a case of “Do not change the source material because fanboi.” This is more a case of “There’s reasons the original material had those two postulates in place, and by removing them you’ve created a lot of problems for yourselves”.

But was it great to WATCH? YES.

Would I WATCH it again? From start to finish. HELL YES!

Speaking of bucking the trends of any sort of the kind of practicality you expect in a film, and much like the original film, if you go in there expecting that each major thing you’re introduced to should wrap up neatly? You will be very disappointed.

Mild Spoiler Warning and Disappointment Disclaimer:

Remember when Roy Batty tells you about “Ships on fire over Orion” and you’re thinking: “What ships? What war?” There’s a LOT of that in this movie. And just like the first one, this one will leave you holding the pieces - with no necessary obligation to continue them now or ever.

So much like the first one… enjoy it for what you are actually shown. There will be time to go over the rest in the years to come. :slight_smile:


Having recently seen City of Ghosts, the documentary on the group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) – one cannot help but admire the activist journalists who risk their lives everyday to bring attention to some of the greatest evils being perpetrated today.

This is one of the best documentaries of the year, and there’s little doubt it’ll bring more attention to the millions of Syrians experiencing hell on Earth.


I’ve got a question about the movie Reservoir Dogs. I watched it and I really wasn’t impressed, to be honest.

What makes Reservoir Dogs such a great movie? I mean, it has good dialogue, it is violent, and the acting is done quite well.

But what is so amazing about the story? It’s basically about a heist gone completely wrong, and an undercover agent getting shot in the progress of the heist. And after that they are distrusting each other, and the movie ends where everybody dies.

I simply don’t get why some people choose RD over Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction’s story was brilliant, with interesting thoughts and it had some meaning too.
I have the feeling I’m missing something about RD, but I really don’t know what. Someone mind to explain?


I got a chance to download Atomic Blonde in HD and I liked that movie so much I saw it twice in 2 days. Loved it! And guess I developed a crush for the main actress.
But any way. Liking a lot the role of this actress and never hearing of her before, I searched for other movies she played and with big surprise I actually saw a couple of other movies with her in it.
I just started to watch Monster from 2003 and so far I enjoy every moment of it. Great actress


I haven’t seen it yet, but it looks so good. I love the neon/ grey style and the music.


Hanckock. Great movie. She’s the female lead opposite Will Smith and rocks it. Several others I could recommend but I’m sure you’ll discover them on your own.


The music is spot on and the visuals are super pleasing. There’s a long ass one take action scene too which is pretty cool. Also has a proper twist. Pretty solid movie


Please recommend some. I saw a list on IMBD but a personal help will be perfect :smiley:


If you like Atomic Blonde, then Aeon Flux should be right up your street, Mad Max Fury Road too… she’s rocking a skinhead in that, but still looks (and acts) her usual awesome self -brilliant movie. Also The Cider House Rules is a classic, great ensemble cast and performances.


The new Mad Max is one of may favorites. I had no idea she was in it till I seen a list of movies the played in.

I looked at the Aeon Flux trailer. If there is something I hate most in movies and videogames are futuristic time line. I like movies in the present, or in the past like Cold War era or Gangster era. The one with Tobey in it seems promising and will give it a try