Movies You've only Just Watched


Please recommend some. I saw a list on IMBD but a personal help will be perfect :smiley:


If you like Atomic Blonde, then Aeon Flux should be right up your street, Mad Max Fury Road too… she’s rocking a skinhead in that, but still looks (and acts) her usual awesome self -brilliant movie. Also The Cider House Rules is a classic, great ensemble cast and performances.


The new Mad Max is one of may favorites. I had no idea she was in it till I seen a list of movies the played in.

I looked at the Aeon Flux trailer. If there is something I hate most in movies and videogames are futuristic time line. I like movies in the present, or in the past like Cold War era or Gangster era. The one with Tobey in it seems promising and will give it a try


Lol that’s fair enough, I thought you might like the action side of it, but yeah, not the best film… Monster is definitely her best acting performance though.


I didn’t care for Aeon Flux at all. Gave it a chance years later…still didn’t like it

Reindeer Games is a good one. And one of few Ben Afflec movies I like as well. I’ll get back to you if I come up with any other “must watch” with her. At work at the moment.


You could also try A Million Ways To Die In The West and The Devil’s Advocate.


@badeaguard Have you seen the old Mad Max movies? They are some of my favorites.


Sure I did. Loved them as well.


Yes, Devil’s Advocate was very good. Charlize’s role, while important to the story, wasn’t really a very interesting character though. No fault of hers. But great movie.

Also @badeaguard, The Italian Job (2003). She has a great role and the entire ensemble cast is top notch. I think it’s right up your alley.


Just in time for the season of WOLFENSTEIN: THE NEW COLOSSUS, I have managed to see HHhH (aka: THE MAN WITH THE IRON HEART)

This movie, by 41 year old French director Cedric Jimenez, has strong visuals - when it wants to have strong visuals, and good narrative - when it wants to have a good narrative.

Overall, however, I feel this film is a bit messy. Basically the lead character, real life SS intelligence commander Reinhard Heydrich, is written, portrayed, and even shot with the veneer of a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain. This energy of ultimate evil, which I suppose was one of the main pieces of Jimenez’s objective, would be reasonable if it wasn’t set to such a high level. If you’ve played a game like ASSASSIN’S CREED 3 and found it mildly humorous that your character seemed to be part of every touchstone of early American history, then this film will have you in stitches.

This film would have you believe that this single person was not only responsible for finding out who the communists were in Berlin. It depicts him personally kicking down doors (as well as some people down a flight of stairs) and beating up communists with his bare fists.

According to this film, Heydrich also pushed for the development of “advanced technology” to be used in concentration camps, but this is not before he invented the concept of concentration camps himself!

Who was at the forefront of the Night of the Long Knives? Who wiped out the brownshirts? None other than Reinhard Heydrich himself on both and all accounts! The magnitude of Heydrich’s evil power is so great that not even his prominent victims are given any sense of context or identity. Ernst Rohm is executed personally by Heydrich - in a manner that would leave Rohm in total anonymity if you weren’t using additional materials to help you.

And after all this Reinhard the Terrible still has time to print - in beautiful Germanic font - reams upon reams of census data revealing each and every Jew in all the lands controlled by Germany, while indulging in piano lessons with his child, screwing his wife (and his mistress!), while also having fencing matches where his goal appears to be to actually skewer his opponents! The level of maniacal evil ascribed to this one person creates the, perhaps unintended, impression that Nazi party did not so much as make him evil, as it merely allowed the exponential expansion of evil Heydrich already possessed as the devil incarnate.

Indeed, figures like Heinrich Himmler are reduced to sitting at dinners admiring “the man with the iron heart”. Adolf Hitler himself only makes a brief cameo - as a photograph held up during a victory parade!

This has the strange effect as to make it seem like Heydrich, and not Hitler, was the leader of the Nazi party. To wit, there is even a sequence where Heydrich addresses the annexed Czech republic, and everyone in the assembly gives Heydrich the raised arm salute as he walks by, before he returns it himself, just before giving a speech addressed to the entire nation of Czechs.

Now, I’m not a Nazi apologist, and I’m sure both the party and Heydrich were really bad. But after an hour into this film, I was laughing at the ridiculous level of satanic egomania on display. So much so that it was no longer possible to take this film seriously. Which is somewhat sad as I had hopes about the subject matter being portrayed with dexterity by a film maker of Jimenez’s experience.

The film also has issues with tempo and pacing, as well as some strange directorial decisions. The first 40 or so minutes is VERY rushed (Heydrich basically climbs the ladder from Nazi party applicant to SS commander in all of 3 minutes), yet the director chooses to portray in full the parachuting of Czech resistance fighters (from flight, to buzzer, to airdrop, to ground travel), when the only purpose of this scene is so that an SS underling can interrupt a fencing match of Herr Heydrich (as he is about to grind yet another fencing competitor to heel) just to inform him that “we’ve spotted signs of Czech resistance fighters arriving by parachute”.

Also, the director seemed to have an unhealthy appetite for sex scenes, scenes set in whorehouses, and other similar debauchery. There is even a lingering one-shot similar in style, though thankfully shorter in length, to the one Alfonso Cuaron used in the film CHILDREN OF MEN, except this one happens in a prostitution den. I got the impression that some of this time could have been traded to allow for Heydrich’s character to have more dynamism in full imagery, rather than rushing his development to the point of comedic effect.

Again, these decisions all have a price. The worst offender is while Skeletor, I mean Heydrich, was supposedly super evil to everybody on planet Earth, it wasn’t clear by the film’s own narrative how the Czechs were maligned by this guy to lead a group of them to risk their lives beneath the All-Seeying Eyes of Heydrich in the Police State of Reinhard to try and assassinate him.

Definitely a film that could have been done better. That said, wide scenes, parade sequences, and atmospheric sequences are very good - among the best I have seen recently. When the film allows itself to breathe, everything looks very immersive and you get a strong sense of the era. So in that way, the film is very good and tends to put you in a reflective mood.

However, there is also the sense that some artistic licence (to trim details of Heydrich’s life off to have easier use of running time) as well as changing some of the aforementioned decisions, might have resulted in a film we can think about in more insightful terms than what is currently presented.


I liked the movie a lot but I couldnt help but feel that the first half,although full of plot and complex as it was,still was too slow(it still was good but not quite what I wanted,except for the awesome vibe). The second half was a straight out 10/10. (The SeaWall Scene _)
Am I the only one who felt that way?


Yes. That’s close to what I felt. The first half is plodding… but also crowded. Because they stuff in Heydrich’s court martial, early affair, meeting Lisa… all of these were supposedly not even in the original book. This resulted in a large and very rushed 40 -50 minute block where it’s like you are zipping through Heydrich’s early career like a montage.

The film only comes alive when the Czech assassins come into the story.

The film could have been improved if Heydrich starts the film already as Reich Protector of Prague (when he was promising to increase wages of Czech workers of Nazi War Factories) and then just allow him to remember maybe the court martial, etc.

By setting the film here, it is possible to increase Himmler’s role not only so that he isn’t so passive, but also so that their friendship makes more sense. Rosamund Pike was great, but see, her character dissolves as soon as Heydrich joins the Reich so in keeping with the history that Heydrich was an unfaithful womanizer, maybe just the children visit him in Prague (for piano lessons) and he’s having affairs with a number of women including the guardian who brings the kids to Prague.

The assassins should have had more screentime. The oppressive policies specific to the Czechs (including a real life plot to also eradicate their ethnicity) would have also been useful as a more natural build-up to the assassination plot.

But the visuals and shot angles are all good already so I cannot argue about those. :slight_smile:

Honorable Mention: When Josef and Jan are about to commit suicide and promise to “see each other on the other side”… and then it transitions from their bodies dying in the water to a flashback of where they first met in the Czech mountains… I thought that was REALLY clever… Very smart and elegant.


He’s talking about Blade Runner 2049, and not The Man with the Iron Heart.

I thought Blade Runner was very slow, but I still liked it a lot. Similar to the original in that sense. It made the scenes where there was action that much more intense. I loved K’s character and thought all of the acting performances were pretty amazing really. The visuals also deserve some praise, they were stunning throughout.

Funnily enough we almost ended up seeing Geostorm by accident, which compared to Blade Runner would’ve been tragic.


Ah! Hahahaha! Well the thing is there is something like a “sea wall” at the end of HHhH as well!.. lol.

Same here. :slight_smile: It was different enough from the first BLADE RUNNER, but still had remarkably the same effect as I mentioned in my own review.


Ahahah yes I was indeed talking about Bladerunner,my bad though!


Oh hell no,not Geostorm!
Oh dont get me wrong I still liked it a lot,it was a very clever and introspective movie,but the first half felt heavy to me. I think its more of a “me issue” but I’m just wondering if I’m alone in thinking that


Just watched Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 and it was a very mediocre movie and almost bad.

Things i hated

  • Dancing Baby Groot
  • Howard the Duck Easter egg
  • Pinball Machine sound effects when Rocketa and Space Pirate guy jumps through 50 wormholes at once.
  • Cartoon’ish facial stretching when Rocketa and Space Pirate guy jumps through 50 wormholes at once.
  • Peter Transforming into Pac Man towards end battle.
  • Oversized Gun that Gamora uses.
  • All senes and jokes about Taserface.
  • Overly Cartoon’ish that it could be ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2’ .

Things i liked

  • Good music.
  • Somewhat okay humor.
  • All senes involving Dax.

I didn’t like the first Guardians to begin with, but hat was for other reasons. This was in many ways just as cringe worthy as the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles Franchise of bad. I’m not very excited for MCU movies in general, but this is instantly among the worst i seen and i fear any involvement with the Star Lord and his crew in the upcoming Avengers movies.


Well, I saw Thor: Ragnarok this thursday. I quite enjoyed it, though it was by no means perfect.

I am a huge fan of the “Planet Hulk” storyline from the Hulk comics (more than 10 years ago now I think), so I was both happy and saddened to see it being used in this. Saddened because it was a very light adaptation of the material, but happy because at least I got to see some version of Hulk as a gladiator, of Miek and Korg,and of Planet Sakaar (though the planet itself was more or less unregonizable).

Not a huge fan of how they so off-handedly killed off the warriors three. At least Hogun got a bit of a fight scene I guess

The comedy mostly worked, but I feel like they changed Thor’s character too much just for the lols. I would’ve liked it better if they had dialed it down a bit at least with Thor himself.

The action was great, and I liked how the managed to weave some of the music from the previous movies in there (especially one bit near the end).

Not my favorite Marvel film. but definitely good, and something I’ll gladly see again.


I saw Blade Runner 2049 twice in October, it ranks up there with Unforgiven and Badlands as one of the greatest fucking films that I have ever seen.


I saw Casablanca today, and it was pretty good. Didn’t think it would be my kind of movie, but I really liked all the characters and the plot.