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Nocturnal Animals

This movie is a complete mess- The story is about a woman who’s ex writes a best selling novel and sends it to her as a form of “revenge” for breaking up with him 20 years ago.
The movie switches between flashbacks of their relationship, scenes of this woman reading said novel and also actual scenes from the crime novel, which should’ve really been the only thing this movie was about in the first place.
There’s about zero link between all three and I’ve started skipping through the scenes of the woman drinking wine and feeling bad about halfway through the movie, just to watch the scenes where the novel is played out.
To be fair even that plotline is pathetic, but it does feature a pretty badass cowboy detective, who’s the only good part about this movie.

There’s also nice cinematography and good outfits, because the director is a fashion designer, so there’s that.

Super shitty movie that’s hyped up by critics.


I have just watched 2 great movies:

Unlocked is great and lots of twist and turns, keyword, don’t trust anybody when you watch this (in the movie that is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) :wink:.


The second one is great too and funny, it is about a heist :grinning::



@MrBurn4488 did you watch Shin Godzilla? Saw it in the Theatre, i think it was pretty awesome, Godzillas new Design was freaking cool.


Saw it on a plane huehue
I hope it gives us a lot more godzilla movies.
BTW there is an animate movie or tv series about godzilla that came out on 17th november. Not really interested in it though


The Invisible Guest.

The movie is Spanish, but it is really cool. It’s original name is Contratiempo.


John Wick and John Wick 2.
The first one was awesome!
The sequel sucked.
The end.


The sequel had some good scenes when Wick infiltrates that party in Italy.


I watched Justice League. Went into that film expecting to find nothing redeemable, surprisingly I kind of liked it.


Yours truly was in that movie, well the first 2 mins with all the medieval battles going on. Spot the bald head out of a million other faces haha. Glad you enjoyed it. I still need to finish watching it. Like a few movies recently I fall asleep during the last 40 minuets!


There’s a new documentary on Netflix called Jim & Andy. It is about Jim Carrey’s portrayal as Andy Kaufman in the film Man on the Moon. There’s tons of footage of the movie and a few clips of The Truman Show but really it focuses on Carrey’s approach to the role as a method actor and how it completely took over his life. I found it to be very strange but enjoyed it nonetheless.


Watched this:

The short verdict is: “This is way better than any of the Avengers films. If you’re tired of these Avengers films or you hated their wink-wink vibe and nonsensical city-on-jet-boosters plots, wished for something that still has humor but has a bit more seriousness to it, then Justice League should be right up your alley.”

This isn’t a perfect film to be sure. The biggest problem I have with it is that it relies totally on BATMAN V SUPERMAN, but even then Snyder uses careful bookending just so that he respects people who might have not seen BVS, not in terms of information, but at least in terms of action ramping - this is something the Marvel/Avengers films frequently fail to take into account. You are at least shown some lead up towards things or story milestones, even if the complete information is tucked away in a previous film. This is different from Avengers films that seem to move on from one thing to the next with no regard for easing the audience into the main action.

The film follows a slightly darker version of the kind of tone set in Wonder Woman, and for practical purposes, rooting much information and plot items into BVS is a way to allow the film enough time to setup each of the characters.

This is another area where this film is a better take of the superhero ensemble film. Each of the characters is important to the key plot of the film. Items are all rooted to either the Kryptonian technology (or technology, science, or biology from the Kryptonian side of the universe), or Batman’s Earth bound world of governments, technology, and military hardware. That goes for all the characters, save Wonder Woman and Aquaman - though both are kind of explained as human-labeled super races in a Universe that is populated with them. This isn’t like some ensemble film where characters have to be forced together, other than a slight leap to believe that Atlanteans and Amazons can be counted as Earth-bound “tribes” of superior beings.

So in that way it feels more like a Superman and Batman movie with more supporting characters, and not a mish-mash of superstars. Viewers who prefer a more rooted experience will find this move to be quite palatable.

The story, in turn, carries to a subdued extent the notion that the Universe is full of similarly powerful beings from distant worlds, not all of which are as benevolent as some of the ones found on Earth, and one of them that was raised among us.

I saw no signs of “poor Batman portrayal” for anyone worried about that. I felt this was still a continuation of a very good interpretation of Batman post-CrimeFighting career. Without Superman for much of the running time, this is mostly Batman’s movie. Wonder Woman is present, but somewhat less on the forefront due to personal issues that were established in the Wonder Woman film.

Some of the humor looks like the result of Whedon’s taking over of the helm, but it’s not overpowering and is great for establishing the personality bases of the characters. Many reviews focus on the Flash’s part as comic relief, but I found that the addition of humor was a great balance for Superman as well which helps conjure some threads of the character that go back faintly to the more noble and good natured version of the character from the comic books and the Donner films. There’s even a hidden musical tribute to Richard Donner’s Superman if you’re really attentive.

Careful eyes and ears will also catch homages of Batman that go back to the Tim Burton versions, but make no mistake this film is firmly rooted on Bruce Wayne dealing with a world he no longer recognizes, but must be saved regardless. It’s a version of the character that is still carrying the gravity of having played some part in Superman’s death, and when there is some possibility that Superman can be brought back, he honestly admits that one of the reasons he would like to see Superman return is because Superman, despite being alien, was a better human being than Bruce Wayne was. This emotional drive is coupled with a growing calculating side to the Bruce Wayne character - because he must be smarter to try and come to terms with both his advancing age and the advancing nature of threats - and he has basically figured out that without Superman, the world would be doomed regardless of their efforts.

In-fiction consistency in this world is pretty strong. When it is finally revealed in what way Superman can be brought back. It is immediately apparent that it is a terrible, 99% superbad idea. That stamp isn’t handed out the way it normally is in movies where people say “This is a bad idea”, by following in-fiction logic, and dealing with the Man from Krypton it really comes across as the mother of all bad ideas. Again, this is something superior to the Avengers films where you know all the gags are being delivered behind heckles and lulz and desperate Hail Mary plans carry no tension at all.

There is also a sense that the guys who put this film together are big fans of the Injustice video games. The designs, color palettes, and even the action seems to be inspired by the popular series of fighting games. This adds a visual dimension to Batman’s calculation of the odds. By following the power levels in the fights, you do figure out that “without Superman the world is doomed”.

I found it all quite entertaining, and I don’t mind seeing it again anytime soon.

General Movie News

I liked it as well, in my eyes it better then most things Disney-Marvel puts out. Though i wish to see a directors cut of the movie when it comes on Blu-ray, i want to see what Snyder actually had in mind. The version we got is the Joss Whedon cut and with his reshoots, also they cut a lot of the movie out. That is why it’s so short, compared to BvS.


I heard information issues in Justice League are also solved by BVS’ Director’s Cut. I did not have the benefit of seeing BVS Director’s Cut, so technically I spent the first 15 minutes feeling like there was a big plot hole.

This is similar to the negative sensation I get watching The Avengers.

However, like I said Justice League is a bit more careful with things that I think Snyder knows you might have missed out or is not fully supported by the Justice League film. The evil forces are treated as unproven sightings first, even if say it wouldn’t be needed to do that if you already know of Steppenwolf and the Terror demons from BVS or something. So even if you missed it, they still care enough to point to the Unproven Sightings and tell the audience it is supported by other information they have found “prior to the film’s events”. This is before all the big VFX stuff happens.

This is not the same thing as Loki stepping out of a magic cube in the first 10 seconds of The Avengers, mind controlling Hawkeye 30 seconds into the movie, and screw you the audience for not getting it.

While I don’t know what Whedon’s exact directorial contributions were, I left the theatre feeling like I wouldn’t mind seeing another Snyder-Whedon team up again.


The BvS Directors cut solves a lot of problems that is for sure :slight_smile:

Joss have done reshoots for around 25 million, a lot of it was adding more humor into the movie.


Yes I know Whedon’s mission was to add more humor. I’m just saying I don’t know exactly how much and where was Whedon’s addition. Snyder is not totally humor-less you know. :wink:

My guess though would be inserts for many of the punch lines.

Some parts I guess were inserted by Whedon:

Batman rolling on the ground going: “Yep! Something is definitely bleeding.”

Superman going: “I take it back. I wish I were dead!”

But these are just guesses on my part.


And then I find this on WIRED:

Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.


Event Horizon is on Amazon Prime. Watched it again for the first time in a couple of years. It’s still just as awesome.


Lady Bird is great, check it out.


Mr. Pink doesn’t die. He escapes.


Actually… [SPOILERS]


he gets arrested by the police. But you’re right, he doesn’t die.

Source: The Script and Film Audio

Mr. Orange lies perfectly still, except for his chest
heaving. The only SOUND we hear is his loud breathing.

Mr. White is SHOT full of holes, but still on his knees,
not moving.

Mr. Pink is standing motionless. Finally he grabs the
satchel of diamonds and RUNS out the door.

We hear outside a CAR START. Then the SOUND of a BULLHORN
yells out:

Freeze! Get out of the car and lie
face down on the ground!

Don’t shoot!

We now hear SIRENS, the SOUNDS of more CARS DRIVING UP,
MEN RUNNING to the warehouse.

Grab some headphones and listen closely: