Movies You've only Just Watched


A lot of the issues I had with the movie on the first viewing, completely disappeared the second time around. Except for a few things, the scene with Maz Kanata was awful and I cringe every time. I dislike it so much that I hate the character, I found her okay in Episode 7. But now it’s a character i just want to see disappear for good. Also the Finn and Rose romance felt off.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tim Curry just a god! Very weird stuff, i like it)


Total Recall (2012) Extended Director’s Cut

I remember thinking the theatrical cut was visualy stunning, inspired heavily by Blade Runner, with great visual design (the vehicles, the cities, the tech in general) and a ot of scifi staples I really love… but also that the story left a lot to be desired in terms of complexity, the pacing felt off, and it just felt hollow as a whole. The action was also a bit too lacking in grounding (a lot of stunts where the heroes seem to take no damage at all, when they should have broken every bone in their bodies).

The director’s cut definitely fixes a lot of the story and pacing problems, but (obviously) doesn’t help with the action. All in all this is a superior cut in every way, and IMO takes the film from “meh” to “pretty decent and entertaining”.


Yeah I agree. To me its pretty much a case of style over substance. That’s why it falls short of the original.


It’s about famous polish painter Zdzislaw Beksinski and his life which was’nt very diffrent from his paintings : filled with darkness and death


The Shape of Water is excellent, probably my favourite of the year besides Blade Runner 2049.


I saw the new Star Wars.

It sucked. I am over the series. Just end the war now.

Shouldn’t have lasted longer than the first 3.


Damn. I thought it was easily the best Star Wars film. Not even a contest imo.


Just saw two movies that can be summed up as “bloody, messy violence in an office building”.

The Belko Experiment

A bunch of office employees find themselves locked in an office building during a weird social experiment with no moral boundaries. As the building is locked down they get a simple order, "Kill at least two people in the building within an allotted amount or time, or four people will be killed in their place."
Obviously it only escalates from there.

The film reminds me a bit of Cube in how simple the concept is, and how irrelevant the “why” of what is happening really feels to the quality of the movie. That being said, Cube is easily a superior movie, because of the superior concept.

It takes itself pretty seriously, and it is probably to its detriment, as it seems to miss some obvious social commentary and satire. This also means that it’s not as easy to enjoy as it could be if it had been a bit more over the top, but all in all I thought it was worth the watch.


Stars Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), and Samara Weaving (Margot Robbie lookalike and niece of Hugo Weaving).
In this one the main premise is based on a virus that makes people lose all inhibitions. The virus strikes the office building of an unethical law firm where management is basically all assholes.
Steven Yeun plays Derek Cho, who is trying to work himself to the top in this environment when the virus hits and the CDC locks the buiding down for 8 hours while an airborne cure is allowed do its magic.

This flick is a lot less grounded, and just sort of goes nuts and has fun with the premise. I wouldn’t say it particularly delves into satire or social commentary either, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.
Steven Yeun is great leading man in this. Hope to see him in more movies.

Both films know better than to be long running affairs, clocking in at about 1 hour 30 minutes each.


I just heard a recommendation for The Belko Experiment yesterday, will be checking that one out.


I just watched “All the money in the world”. I like it a lot, even if the real story was a lot different by movie plot


Ever see House of 9? I kept looking at the similarities between it and The Belko Experiment from your review, thinking “wait, I’ve seen this before, but I don’t remember it taking place in an office, and the rules were different .” Apparenty this isolation-type situation is its own horror genre. I just looked it up, there’s quite a few of them.


Currently watching it. I am feeling thrilled
I am also Home alone


Been watching some unknowns lately and found a couple that were very interesting.

‘Prisoners’ with Hugh Jackman.
‘The Machine’ with unknowns (to me, at least).

I really liked both of these.


Prisoners is great, I really enjoy pretty much everything that Denis Villeneuve has done.


Any other ones by him you could recommend?


Recently, Blade Runner 2049. Also check out Sicario and Arrival.


Ya saw both arrival and BR2049. Liked them. I’ll have to check out sicario.


Out of all movies with numbers 1922 was the best.


Watched two netflix movies last night, The Babysitter and Gerald’s Game. Both were really great, The Babysitter is a really silly horror-comedy that was both heartfelt, weird and pretty funny throughout. Gerald’s Game was very good, and probably the most fucked up movie I’ve watched in recent memory.