Movies You've only Just Watched


Don’t really like Tom Cruise but saw Edge Of Tomorrow last night. It reminded me of hitman because he dies so often that he ends mastering his “runs” (like we do) after every death. I enjoyed it a little extra because of that little reminder. Lol.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

Considering how unengaging I felt “On Stranger Tides” was, I didn’t really see much reason to see this until now.
Surprisingly I enjoyed quite a lot. Maybe I just needed some time away from the franchise, but it did feel a bit more like “Curse of the Black Pearl” than the other sequels did (not as bloated).

Hearing the classic themes in the soundtrack did make me feel a bit nostalgic. Say what you will about the Pirates-franchise, but it sure has some memorable pieces of music.

Salazar is a pretty decent Pirates-villain.

Nice to see Will Turner, and even Elizabeth back in the movie


EDGE OF TOMORROW was indeed very good. You have to admit though that, other than Tom Cruise, few leading men could have pulled off that transition from hapless non-combatant to capable and determined hero


Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is a dramatization about Winston Churchill’s struggles as prime minister during WWII, in particular his struggle to not sue for peace with the Nazis. I am sure it isn’t historically accurate and paints Churchill as more of a hero than he might have been, but he is portrayed (quite brilliantly by Gary Oldman) as a flawed man.

Gary Oldman’s performance, some absolutely stunning visuals (lighting, contrast, angles… it just is immaculately realized), and a great score by Dario Marianelli (V For Vendetta) really holds this film together.
Considering there is no action or war sequences of any kind, the film managed to keep me quite engaged throughout.

Pretty good, though mostly due to the technical aspects (again, visuals, score and Oldman’s performance) in my opinion.


Nothing happens accidentally in this life. Even movie has certain impact on it. I’m not going to share the name of such movie i saw recently coz it is lame in title and story. But i will remember the phrase of the main protagonist forever. I qoute: “I am tired of doing the impossible for the ungrateful”.
It is so true!


Saw Murder on the Orient Express (2017) yesterday.

It’s a fine enough adaptation I suppose. To be honest I never read the original story, nor had I seen any previous adaptations, and I still saw the reveal of the murderer coming. it was either a large conspiracy, or poor writing that so many people connected to the Armstrong case were on the train. I assumed it wasn’t poor writing since it’s a classic story.

Well acted, nicely shot and all that jazz. Didn’t realy engage me though. It’s a bit too by the numbers (which I understand since it’s based on a really old detective story).


Just got back from Black Panther. I’m starting to get tired of how formulaic Marvel movies are, but it was definitely good. Criminal underuse of Andy Serkis, though.


Just watched Nightcrawler. Absolutely amazing film.



Agatha Christie mysteries are really written in this (preposterous) way. The idea is to create a Mystery Drama… not a True Mystery… and then to segue into a commentary on the human condition (ie: Something emotionally informative since logic is not there).

It’s what differentiates her work from other Mystery writers.

While it is preposterous that so many conspirators took this train and then managed to act still as if there was no conspiracy, the creatives of the story, including Agatha Christie, bank that you will buy it when Poirot states that “With enough broken hearts, one crime can become many.” Because they use a relatable crime to pin on the Johnny Depp character, and so on… you’re supposed to buy into it in the end not necessarily because of how clever the crime and crime solving were, but more because you can believe the impact one evil deed can do to change other people to become something else in their quest for retribution.


So, i finished watching ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ and i’m crying my eyeballs out ;__; Would highly recommend this hard hitting life simulator.



oh no… it got you too!!! ;___;


You buy the BluRay hoping there’s an alternate ending… lol.


Man, before watching the movie i knew it was either one or both the kids are gonna die. But, slowly the characters grew on me, especially the baby sister and how real she is, she just wants her family, she doesnt care about rations or wars. But the ending ;_; something as simple as food, we take for granted. I mean, i kinda expected a big explosion death or both dying by bullets but something so simple. And then they showed her playing on the swing, dancing, catching bugs ;; i FELT as if i just lost my baby sis. I dont think the movie is a spectacular masterpiece, i think its a reflection of life, a single story in a meaningless war, where the old and corrupt command the young and stupid to fight for words such as glory and patrioitism they barely understand.


Yeah that’s the thing about Japan. When they want to make some goofy comedy or adventure film they use live action.

But when they make animated films… whew…In a way they’re an inversion of Western Cinema where the animation is normally for laughs.

You can just imagine walking into the room where they were animating this film and they’re all sobbing and going “Dammit! I can’t draw any more of this!” :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw Black Panther this weekend.

First I wanna say I am not a fan of super hero films. I think that they lack imagination and are tired stories that need to die. Secondly I have never paid to see a movie twice-I use to steal movies two and three at a time.
All that stated I still ended up enjoying this movie very much. I went in with low expectations and no idea of the lore behind the character. Ironically my wife is the huge marvel fan. She knows damn everything. A couple years ago I had already been with her for like 5 years and we were moving apartments and I found a box of old and new black panther comics in plastic covers. I was shocked. I asked her whose they were and she claimed em and I didn’t believe it. How can you be with someone so long and not know they are a comic book nerd?

So of course during and after the movie she answered my questions and I have to say the movie is really well done as far as lore and stays true to the characters and the themes. I enjoyed the scenery and the outfits a lot. I enjoyed the soundtrack. So many scenes stood out to me it is hard to pick just one.

I think they made a good choose in going with a South African dialect. I think it fits T’Challa very nicely. It might just be me but the accent comes off as “high class” so I think it fit a Monarch of an advanced state.
I always go for villains in movies and this one is no exception. As far as identifying with a villain I am confident this is the first villain I can remember relating to so much. From the very first scene and the very first words out the man’s mouth I was like “yeah this is me.” Matter of fact during the museum scene Killmonger said something like “I learn from my enemies and do what they do, I’m not here to buy anything I am going to steal it like Ya’ll stole it.” My wife turned and look me in the eye like “yep that’s you.”

What T’Challa and Killmonger represent is the question of what do you do in the face of oppression. Do you simply protect yourself and hide or do you adopt the mindset of your oppressor and go for vengeance. Though I think that Killmonger went about his aims in a way I disliked I cannot lie and say I don’t think Killmonger was in the right. What I really liked about him was his Americanism. His whole way of speaking the way he spoke to the Wakanda Royal Family his dialect of casual disrespect spoke volumes to me. Killmonger was very black American male.

I had sympathy to the brother of the elder king back in Oakland. I understood what he was doing and why and I felt the elder King was wrong. I wasn’t sad that Killmonger died his death line was one of the coldest thing I heard a villain say in a long time. “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the boats-because they knew that death is better than bondage.”

What a fuckin G

Other than that I liked all the characters can’t say I disliked anyone. I really liked T’Challa’s little sister her being the super tech person was cool plus her accent was really good and I enjoyed the General I thought she was a well-rounded character and I enjoyed the tension between her and her husband. I like the leader of the Gorilla people he was funny.

The movie had lots of pop culture and had if you were willing to see it heavy commentary on what it means to be black. I am tickled by the idea of an super advanced black state hiding under the disguise of poverty. I thought the opening scene with the history of Wakanda was really very well done almost made me tear up-for real.

I enjoyed the scene in which T’Challa buys the building and basically the block back in Oakland. That made me smile like a fool, and I liked the scene at the UN. Brother was dressed Sharp as fuck.

So like I said I enjoyed it, my wife was over the moon with the movie. I am still not a marvel fan like her, or still even deep into comic books, but as a political person I cannot deny the symbolism of the character and the movie-I also enjoy the questions it asks me as a young black living in America. I fucks with Killmonger but T’Challa is right.


Yeah, Black Panther is up there with my favourite Marvel movies, and might possibly be my favourite one yet. So well-made, beautiful cinematography, a nice story, and it takes things more seriously than other recent MCU films (which is refreshing, though BP still has some corny Marvel jokes I could do without).


I saw Call Me by Your Name last night, thought it was kind of boring to be honest. Some lines in the script stuck out to me, it was well acted and I liked all of the New Order-style music they had playing in several scenes. But yeah, kind of boring.

In the spirit of boring movies, I recently watched A Ghost Story and thought it was completely lovely.


I just watched Black Panther this Friday, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. Probably one of my favorit MCU movies or at least in the top 3. This one and Homecoming have kinda renewed my fate in The MCU. After a long slate of cookie cutter movies with little personality, I think the latest slates of movies have been good. I still despise Guridans of the Galaxy 2 and have yet to see Thore 3.

But that said I think what Black Panter did best was creating a new and fresh world and interesting characters. Sadly I don’t understand the praise about the main villain, he wasn’t the next Lokie or close to that level of charisma. He had a good begning arch, but soon became boring. Andy Serkis character on the other hand, was a much more interesting villain. I would not say he was underused, but he didn’t get the spot I think need and could have made the final act more interesting.

My biggest grip with the movie is that the first Fight between T’Challa (Black Panter) and Killmonger was a lot more interesting then the horrible CGI suit fight we got towards the end and it just felt like a messy poor CGI fight.

That said the biggest star of the movie was clearly Chadwick Boseman and he delivered a much more interesting Black Panter then the one we got in Civil War.

I also watched IT today and damn that was a great movie. Now one of my favorit horror movies and it was interesting from star to finish. It wasn’t scary per say, but more creepy and unsettling.


I recently saw Black Panther as well, it was alright. It had a nice overall theme to it, and I like the most of the fights in the movie along with the characters, they all had good personalities. Despite the movie being a bit predictable at times, it still was pretty good.

I kind of don’t get the appeal and constant praise for Killmonger, like he was an interesting guy but there was nothing really unique about him, his motives in the film were ones that I’ve seen before, however the whole conflict about Wakanda giving their vibranium weapons to the world was interesting.

Black Panther was good and all, but I don’t see how it’s getting really high ratings and such, it was nothing special really imo. I guess we’ll see how he plays out in Infinity War with everyone else.