Movies You've only Just Watched


I saw today Avengers Infinity War.
I liked it, especially the ending. The movie was I think for 75% all action and combat.


I may watch it just for the ending. lol


Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch. A very stylish movie with fantastic soundtrack.


Just got back from Avengers: Infinity War. Won’t spoil, but:

  • The film grabbed me from the very first sequence and held me to the very last frame. Fastest 2.5 hours ever.
  • The story is simple, but juggling this many characters, tonal shifts and subplots is a fantastic feat, and I think they pulled it off.
  • Thanos is the best Marvel villain ever, the best superhero villain, and in my top 3 or 5 for epic scifi/fantasy flicks.
  • Spectacular ride of a movie.
  • The ending left me stunned.

If you’re a fan of Marvel, see this now before it’s spoiled for you.


Just got home from Avengers: Infinity War, I for one haven’t been shy about my overall thoughts of the MCU and often called their movies for being shallow cookie cutter movies without any real steaks.

It was a fast paced action superhero rumble from start to Finish and Thanos did not disappoint one bit, it was a villain I thought would end up in a already long history of mediocre villains. Though I find him far from the best comic book villain we have seen on the silver screen. Here my thoughts always go to Bane from A Dark Knight Rises or Heath Ledger’s already legendary Joker.

One thing that kinda bothers me with these kind of Superhero movies is that there are no stakes, I’m never fearful for the heroes, not even when all of them dies towards the end of the movie and that list includes Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Bucky, Star Lord, Dax, Scarlet Witch and especially Spider-man died the comic book “death”. Tom Hollander already confirmed that he will star in two more solo Spider-man movies, it 100% took all the suspense out of the final everybody dies act and it didn’t make the slightest impact on me. I already know that a lot of them if not all are going to comeback

But as a comic book movie with a heavy emphasis on comic book I would give the movie a 5/6 star rating. It might not be the best comic book movie or even the best under the Marvel brand. Days of Future Past, Logan get the best Marvel award from me and Nolan’s Batman trilogy impact, importance and overall executing haven’t yet to be matched. That Trilogy is in my regard the godfather of Superhero movies.


Portion in spoilers I knew well in advance. A bit odd everyone is acting like they can’t read about the Infinity Gauntlet series at their local comics store bargain bin.

Most/everyone will die. It’s a given when Marvel uses the word “Infinity” in a title.

Also if I understand correctly they never bother to correct their “and suddenly…” style of storytelling which just really feels off balance and uncomfortable for me to watch.

Other than the GOTG and Captain America I don’t feel invested in any of these characters. I might watch it just to cheer Thanos on.


FYI: XMEN films and LOGAN are under Fox (with licence from Marvel). Not Marvel Studios.


My favorite superheroes movies of all times are Logan, Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman and the Dark Night.
What they have in common? All serious movies with almost close to 0 cheese jokes.
Jokes are one thing I despite about movies. The last Thor movie was way too full of them that it felt like a comedy. But some how I did enjoy the movie.


I’m well aware and I never said otherwise. But both franchises are under the marvel brand, one is in Marvel Shared Cinimatic Universe and the other is it own entity. But X-Men is still a marvel movie, just not from Marvel Studios/Disney.

Completely agree, the last Thor movie was full of unwanted humour and it shallowed the experience a grat lot. All in all I liked the movie…but the constant joke and gags ruined a lot. Personally I can’t stand Gurdians of the Galaxy, especially vol. 2.

I prefer DC over Marvel any day. But alright now they’re a mess


I think the balance I have here is that I don’t mind humor as long as the stakes are maintained. I was just at a session earlier with a fellow creative regarding Tension and Suspense in film making, and I think it is possible to maintain that while having the “fun” and the “humor”.

I think JUSTICE LEAGUE did this quite well, and it didn’t need to kill any important lead characters to do it.
It was also surprisingly accessible even if you didn’t see the solo films that came before it or BATMAN V SUPERMAN.

I will probably see INFINITY WAR at some point, but again, out of 18 or so Marvel Studios films I only liked about 3 of them. Saw about half of SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING in passing and felt it looked pretty alright.
So maybe a 4th like? At any rate, I don’t feel much attachment to most of the cast - something I heard is sort of a requirement to enjoy or even understand the movie.


(which is objectively the best one)

infinity war is alright but considering this is a first of two - and considering we already know which movies are releasing in the next couple years - it felt like there were no stakes


Sometimes you can sort of do this even in films where you know the outcome beforehand. Outside of superhero films, this is done quite masterfully by Bryan Singer in the film VALKYRIE - the film about an assassination plot on Adolf Hitler that basically almost everybody knows didn’t work. It’s a film where the suspense only really happens in the minds of the characters. But Singer knows how to play around with the “if only” elements of this tragic thriller.

Most of the Marvel “Infinity” comic book stories know they can’t hold on to the stakes of mortality or actual danger to our world continuity, so instead they go with the shock value of gory, painful, and cruel deaths. If anything, I think that was the biggest question I had about INFINITY WAR - how horribly will some of the world’s favorite heroes die? But I think they do have the benefit of the majority of the audience not even knowing what the “Infinity” sub-brand stands for and just the usual movie “dissolving” deaths (I heard they referenced 30 Days of Night) will be shocking enough for them.

It will only work once, and for many in-the-know… it won’t work at all.


I also I want to add that I’m team Thanos, I get his line of thinking and to some dark extent I agree. Kindergarten teacher by day, evil super villain by night…minus the Super.

So bye bye team of cub scouts and other goodie boys.


Until INFINITY WAR Part 2 that is… :stuck_out_tongue:


When will part 2 be release by the way?


Pencilled in for May 3, 2019. The film is currently in principal shooting so trespassers now know who is still alive and which guys are showing up to filming days. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just went to see The Death of Stalin and it’s no wonder why it’s banned in Russia with all that dark humour. Even though I usually like that this movie wasn’t actually that funny. What was funny though was that the guy who voiced general Zaydan played Georgy Zhukov, the minister of defence, and I constantly kept thinking of his lines in the game. :laughing: (Also Rupert Friend who played 47 in that shitty movie was Stalin’s son lol)


Watched Isle of Dogs earlier this week, probably my 2018 favourite so far. Also good to see Bryan Cranston actually get decent work.


Watched Anon yesterday, Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried. Interesting movie about privacy and anonimity. Several Ghost in the Shell nods through the movie. Can be slow at some times but totally worth it. Dialogue at the end is one of my favourites.


Just watched Deadpool 2, it was alright/good. But not amazing nor did it have the same momentum as the first movie. At this point I think a third film would be kinda hard to pull off without getting tired of the formula, the thing the movie suffered from overall was to many plot points that never really felt dynamic.