Movies You've only Just Watched


Watched Red Sparrow yesterday with my dad. I had low expectations on this one but i was surprised in the end, really good movie. I recommend it, more if you are into espionage stuff.


Saw Deadpool 2 yesterday and thought it was really entertaining. It’s definitely stepped up the nutsoid stuff from the previous film.
The Celine Dion song is used to perfection. The after credits sequence is hilarious.
I think this might be a straight up funnier movie than the first Deadpool. Moves like the Brad Pitt cameo and the “Holy Shitballs” orchestral music had me cracking up.


Just got home from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and must say I really loved it. It was a great adventure action movie and they really nailed the Star Wars humor in this one. Also Alden Ehrenreich did a great job as Han, a version that’s not fully the man we know from the Original Trilogy, but a guy becoming him. Also Lando was spot on, not much else to say. But the real star was Chewbacca and what a joy it was to watch Cheiw and Han together, such a great chemistry.

So far I think it’s better then Rogue One, also a movie that I hold dear. But this was classic Star Wars fun.


I just watched Dogman, an italian movie based on a brutal murder of a criminal, happened in Rome in 1988. Really good movie. It is the story of a man owning a pet shop. He also sells drug and he’s friend of a violent criminal that often takes advantage of his weakness to force him to do crimes. After the protagonist is arrested for one year for a crime made by his friend, he decided to take a brutal revenge of all abuses suffered.


I’ve been really down on these Disney Star Wars films, but I actually really liked Solo. There’s my recommendation, go see it y’all. Movie’s good.


Okay guys so I just watched Incredibles 2 and oooh my God it was great. If you’ve seen the first movie, the sequel doesn’t disappoint.

The humor’s great, the action’s sleek and fast-paced (the part with Mrs. Incredible on her motorcycle was very creative with how she used her powers) and the characters are still lovable and relatable as all get-out. They were aware of how their first audience had grown and they adjusted to keep up with us, while still being suitable for a new audience of kids. The first movie I’ve been in where everyone clapped at the end.

Would totally recommend Incredibles 2.


well shit, this thread is dead.

Sicario 2 is an enjoyable follow-up to the original that has some cool moments but never justifies its existence, and the dramatic step-down from the quality of the original feels like a bit of a waste tbh. I’d still recommend seeing it to form your own opinions if you liked the first one though.

Ocean’s 8 is alright but nothing outstanding, idk if I’d recommend that because you might feel like you’ve wasted your time since it’s relatively unsatisfying.

oh and call me by your name broke me


I’m going to see Sicario 2 next week. The first one was great but I’m keeping my expectations low for this one.


that’s probably best, it is great but it just feels like it doesn’t really have a message or point to set it aside from the generic action movie


Yesterday I watched Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom and I feel I losed my time. Didn’t like almost anything of it.


I haven’t seen it but I already planned on going in with the lowest expectations so I won’t be surprised at all when it turns out to be shit


As much as I disliked Jurassic World, it’s actually somewhat watchable compared to Fallen Kingdom, since the former actually had structure to it. The entire film is just filler so they can set up the third instalment, it has no clear sense of direction and is abundant with inexplicable character decisions and cheap attempts at rekindling the nostalgia of the first film.

Seriously, bringing human cloning into the mix, as well as releasing all the dinosaurs (you know, the ones which kill people en masse) into the world because Lockwood’s granddaughter says “they’re alive like me” was so inexplicably stupid, I could feel my IQ falling as the scene progressed. It also shifts tone rapidly and turns into a monster house movie, all while having barely any blood or gore whatsoever, which at least could’ve been a redeeming feature. It’s a toned down, sedated experience with caricature characters and no original ideas. Not a single thrilling scene at all.

Avoid it and go watch the original again.


Anyone seen Hereditary yet? That film is a mindfuck.

The more I think about it the more I like it, but the fatal flaw for me is that it simply isn’t as scary as everyone is saying.


It was awful in every sense. I didn’t like a bit I was feeling like watching a long vid from PETA and Greenpeace and then everything else is deliberate. And of course, little girl dumb enough to let these beings to take over ecosystems to wich they aren’t even adapted.


You gotta be pretty childish if you’re getting scared from fictional movies. lol.
I knew a grown ass man who was literally scared shitless of zombies. :joy:


The show him the movie about Zombie Strippers or Zombie Beavers. That would be inteteresting to watch.


I showed him days gone (the PS4 game) and that’s when I discovered that. Haha.


I disagree. I love a good horror movie and the way they can give you a palpable sense of dread, even after then credits have rolled.


I agree. I watched Human Centipede (don’t ask why - it’s shameful) and after the movie was over I was terrified of watching a movie that bad again.


I felt the same way after watching Cannibal Holocaust. It pushes the limits of taste to the extent I was ready to throw up while watching it. What disturbs me most about it is how the director is supposedly using the film to criticise exploitation, all while embracing exploitation to convey this message. The real-life animal cruelty is also repulsive.

Even thinking about this movie makes me want to take a shower.