Movies You've only Just Watched


Preferably an acid bath for me. Also, it’s not just the gore that makes it bad; it’s an objectively bad movie. The story and acting are shit, I literally watched it for money, and it’s one of the only movies I watched where I actually felt uncomfortable. And as for Cannibal Holocaust, I’ve heard of it, but I never watched it; I never will.


we get it, you’re big and tough and have no fear but it’s not childish to be scared of things, bud.


Talk about confusion 101. Did I say “things”? I said movies. Fictional movies, specifically. Things that are, you know…fake? Never said you can’t be scared of things. Don’t put words in my mouth. Got it? Good.


what’s the difference between being scared of something on screen and being scared of something in real life if neither can hurt you?

EDIT: and if you can’t be scared of a movie because it’s fake, can you not be sad now? happy? are all emotions just gone from movies because “they’re fake”?


It has nothing to do with childish at all, but it’s more about the ability to get drawn (in lack of better words) into the movie or video games for that matter, why do you think they make horror movies or thrillers? Is it childish to laugh of comedy movies as well? Is it childish to want to cry when watching a sad movie? Movies is for entertain us and wake up certain emotions in us and if the movie is good that’s what thy do, the same goes for video games.


The difference is what’s real and what’s not. On or off screen is irrelevant. For example, you can be scared to see people getting their heads decapitated from real footage but wouldn’t be from, let’s say, Michael Myers chopping someone’s head off. It can be gross, but it shouldn’t “scare” you.

Now that shouldn’t be confused with being startled, like a jump scare. That’s totally fine cuz it’s a quick intense shock to your awareness, or lack thereof.


Jump scares are totally different than being scared.
What you described is all jump scared, the anticipation of being startled.


What about people that still can’t swin in the ocean after Jaws, I still remember that movie and I panic if I start to think of that movie and there isn’t any white sharks here in Norway and i’m not alone.
Some people didn’t want to take a shower after Psycho, even the actress stopped showering for years after that scene:

Movies have the ability to have a long lasting effect on us.

I don’t even know where to start on replying to this :joy:, so I will just finish this with saying agree to disagree.


Out of curiosity, what’s your favourite film @immadummee47?


This literally has nothing to do with the movies but with other underlying issue within. If the mental health of an individual is not good, then ya, you can get scared, but as I said, that has nothing to do with movies. The movie is triggering something already inside you.

Living with anxiety and/or panic attacks can do exactly what happened to these people, including you. It’s not the movie itself that made you scared, it’s your inner issues that had the movie trigger it.

When I was young, I saw an episode of the twilight zone with a monster on a plane that attacked the wing/engine (the simpsons did a halloweem parody of this). And that scared me for a long time to avoid planes. Then there’s Dr. Who. That music alone made me shit my pants when I was a kid. And those issue from being scared as a kid can be stuck with you for a long time, even for your entire life. So it’s not the fact that the movie “scared” you, it’s something else inside you lingering.

At the end of the day, as I said, if something is scaring you that you know is fake and you’re a grown up, then it shouldn’t “scare” you. That’s something else doing it.


Oh Cannibal Holocaust, now that’s a fucked up movie if ever I’ve seen one. The message of the film is immediately lost as soon as you learn what the Director was willing to put the cast through during the making of the film and don’t even get me started on the animal cruelty put on film. None of it was necessary.

If there was one thing I do love from that movie, it’s the opening song in the intro. It’s one of my favorite songs from Riz Ortolani.

The only film I can think of being nearly as disturbing as Cannibal Holocaust is Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom.


I can’t say that I have 1 favourite movie as I have many faves based on genres.
But some that come to mind are:

Pulp fiction: what can I say, it was a Tarantino masterpiece.
Batman Begins: (TDK to me was the weakest of the 3): I loved how they show Bruce learning about the criminal mind and knowing they are the true victim in a larger picture. It was a very intelligent movie whereas tdk was just brain dead action film.
Raising Cane: I loved this movie. But I saw it a long time ago. Might be bad now if I rewatch it. Lol.
**Die Hard 2, Terminator 2, Indiana Jones and the last crusade, back to the future 2, shawshank redemption, escape from Alcatraz, The Revenant, The Princess Bride, Groundhog Day, Donnie Brasco. These are just some that come to mind. Why do you ask?


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

This movie was a nice surprise to me. Frances McDormand gives yet another shining performance as a mother who’s fed up with the police lack of progress on her daughter’s murder case and rents three billboards and puts up a less than colorful massage to the chief of police. This breeds animosity between her and most of the town. An odd movie but I enjoyed it and recommended it.


I loved that movie! definitely deserves all of the awards it received


Since you find it unreasonable for those beyond adolescence to experience reactions such as fright in fictional media, I was interested in understanding where you were coming from. Often getting to know someone’s favourite films can be a useful insight here.

For most people, part of the enjoyment of a film is directly linked to the reactions and emotions they feel around the characters and story, including the sensory experiences through sound and imagery. Many would argue suspension of disbelief is critical (if not necessary) to our enjoyment of media, particularly as we immense ourselves in the art. In my view, part of this would also include allowing mediums such as films to scare us, since many are made with this exact purpose in mind.


And so what is your assessment/understanding here from my list?

What I’m getting here is that you’re talking about being “startled”, and not actually being scared, like as in being afraid to even go watch the movie. I guess the context of the word is what’s being confused with here.


So I watched Insidious with a friend recently, she was so scared that she kept clasping on to my hand! Lol There was a point where I literally thought she was gonna break it.

The movie itself was good stuff! Lots of intense imagery in my opinion. It really lives up to the title!


Saw Ant-Man and the Wasp today.

I really enjoyed the first Ant-Man, and I’d say this is a fairly decent sequel.
The main goal of the movie isn’t defeating/stopping a main villain, but rather to saveHope’s mom Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer) from the quantum realm, but they still cram a total of three antagonists ( the FBI, the criminals lead by Walton Goggins, and Ghost ) into the movie, which at times makes it feel a bit unfocused. I think they could’ve cut one of them out.

Other than that I thought it was a fun, charming little movie, just like the first one.


I had the pleasure of a viewing movie that caught my attention back in 2015, but somewhat forgot along the way as time passed. I stumbled upon it today on a streaming service while looking for a flick to watch.

Victor Frankenstein is a interesting take on the hole old school monster movie genre. Frankensteins Monster takes a back seat in the movie, where we follow Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) and Victor (James McAvoy) journey into the forbidden and god defying science that leads them towards the creation of something that shouldn’t not have been given life.

In a time where most movies strive to be a cinematic universe and famous monster movies from the past tries to be something similar to Marvel’s Cinematic movies, but mostly failed and half hearted attempts to catch up have robbed the old stories of their charm.

Victor Frankenstein falls outside this category, it’s is it’s own little movie not tied to something more and it makes it much more appealing to me as viewer. It was a fun and interesting ride from start to finish.


So today I went to theaters to see The Equalizer 2. It was good but the first is still far superior in a lot of ways.

This is the first time in a long while that I actually walked out of the theater to get a drink refill. It was during the whole “let me be a mentor to this gifted young black kid so he doesn’t get involved in gang violence” side plot. He has a bigger part in the overall story, but the pacing could have been handled better.

It sort of played out like this:

Robert McCall helps random strangers/does awesome vigilante shit
Meets that dude from Moonlight
Subliminal after-school special bull shit about gang violence/vandalism
His friend gets killed (the core plot point of the movie)
Back to the subliminal black youth preaching while we get the occasional scene related to the actual main “they killed my friend, I’m getting revenge” plot. (that goes on for about an hour until)…

SpoilerDenzel goes to the projects where Moonlight's hanging out with his gang friends, knocks out two gangsters in badass fashion, takes their guns, and storms the room. He AIMS the procured weapons at the room of misguided black youths and convinces Moonlight to come with him. Down in the lobby one of the most powerful scenes of the movie occurs (and it's about as powerful as the movie gets overall) where he convinces Moonlight, at gun point(s) that being gangster's bad mkay? It's at THIS moment that he goes from being Robert McCall to whoever-the-fuck he was in Fences. Just for this scene though.

Here’s my issue with it: YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THERE’S NO RETRIBUTION FOR THIS ACTION!? (Yes I did say that loudly). Seriously the last hour of the movie, up to this point, has been about anti-gang activity and pulling yourself out of the ghetto. Yet during this scene we’re suppose to forget about the room full of gang members Moonlight’s surrogate pops just aimed guns at? No driveby shooting? No “let’s find that motha fucka and storm HIS crib” petty retaliation? Moonlight’s gotten his shit together, but at some point he’s gonna be another statistic. I guess they’re saving that for Equalizer 3? I mean it was the subplot for about an hour of the movie and could have been a cool “war on two fronts” narrative.

All of THAT, of course, needs to FINALLY take a backseat once the real villains of the movie (who are way better equipped and trained) come after McCall instead. At which point the movie gets really good BUT the bodycount is smaller than the first one’s climax. Yes he does use a “this is technically a gun but you wouldn’t use this in a combat scenario” weapon, yes he slices the fuck out of one of them (this time with knives instead of bits of glass/mirror), yes the main antagonist totally fucking deserves his comeuppance, and NO unfortunately there is no epic Zach Hemsey song playing while this is all happening.

Overall I give total kudos to the whole “approaching storm” (figuratively and literally) that builds up throughout the movie, Moonlight’s a hell of an actor and holds his own against Denzel, and that I discovered Marshfield Messofchewshits. However the vigilante Mike Olshansky aspect could have been edited in, throughout the movie, to break up the urban youth commentary and kept the movie paced properly like the first movie.

This scene, from the first movie, works so well because the justice is implied. We don’t have to SEE HOW he got the ring back, but we know damn well that he does. My other little niggle (probably a poor choice of words, but I’m going for it) with the movie is we never get another bit of “Robert McCall gets even off-screen” brilliance at any point in the sequel. I’m not going to say I was hoping for a rehash of anything remotely as outstanding as the above scene is, but come on! You mean to tell me the Muslim neighbor, who has her garden vandalized, couldn’t have gotten the same 90 seconds (YES I’m aware the above goes on for almost four minutes, bare-the-fuck with me here) chunk of attention? I get that a couple of teenagers being assholes is nowhere near as “I need to do something about this” dire as a robbery, but it feels like a missed opportunity somehow.

This is probably the most I’ve concentrated on writing in the last couple months. Fuck my procrastination. :unamused: