Movies You've only Just Watched


Oh nothing special. Just the “genetically engineered” bit that was nowhere to be found in the 2007 version.It’s slightly more faithful to 47s origins.


Oh… just in case you guys hadn’t seen this yet…



I envy your ability to find anything written by Skip Woods entertaining. For me at least, there’s great comfort to be found in realising I’m never going to see his two Hitman films again.


I really, really recommend this movie, one of the best “revenge movies” I ever watched


I just finished the Edward Zwick film Defiance from 2008.
I never saw this when it was first released, perhaps partially because of the less than stellar reviews, but I ended up thinking this was a good movie and an interesting, original story to tell when it comes to World War II.

It follows the brothers Bielski (Tuvia, Zus and Asael) who formed the Bielski partisans in Poland during WWII. Living in the woods, they fought back against the Nazis, saved jews, and survived.

It’s clear that the movie makes attempts to show that this wasn’t Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, but harsh living with constant internal conflict and power struggles within the partisans.
Reading up on the real life Bielski partisans it still seems like they chose to Hollywoodize the movement (not surprising).

It’s well put together, and well acted (with Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber in the lead roles), and like I said, it’s an interesting angle to take on a WWII story.

All in all I thought it was pretty good.


I started to watch Gomorra 2008. Well made movie and so far I’m 20 minutes into it and I very much enjoy it.

I remember they advertised it a lot back in that year here in Italy and now I got the occasion to give it a try.
Only problem I encounter so far is the strong Naples accent. I turned the subtitles on because words are for the most incomprehensible.


Really good movie. I will watch the tv series too as soon as possible. I felt very sorry for those stupid guys who wanted to be like Tony Montana.
I hadn’t so many problems with Naples dialect. I could understand not all, but most of words, because my dialect is more similar


By the trailers I thought those 2 were going to become something big. Moving forward in the movie I already knew their faith.


Decided to watch the new Tag movie, because it seems like something my friends and I would do.
I was right.
It’s really good.
I’m probably going to watch it again this weekend.


I’m watching the Han Solo movie and I LIKE IT!

I’m not even into Star Wars. 2 years ago I did a Star Wars marathon from the prequels to the very first ones in the 70’s and I didn’t enjoy it much. But I loved the fact that I was shocked in the last movie prequel that all this time I was watching Vader! And how he become to be Darth Vader.
I was like mind fucked.

I did saw glimpses of the old movie when I was a kid, but besides the gold robot and the moving trash bin I didn’t knew much about it. I was convinced it was a movie about robots.

So I know this Solo movie received lot’s of hate. But man I love it so far. And I don’t know why. I’m just happy I’m enjoying it.

Just finished it… Whoaaaa. I really loved it. Question about the fans, I remember that red guy with spikes on his head was cut in half by Obi Wan’s master. So he survived??? What place does this story takes? Before Vader, in the meanwhile Vader that he’s alive???
What is the next movie going to be about?
Are they rebooting Star Wars with all the prequels?? Because I might get into it.


Yes, In the expanded universe Darth Maul uses his Dark Force powers to muster all the hate in the universe and used it to sustain him self biologically until he got himself robot spider legs. At least that’s what I think happened, I might be wrong since the canon is even more screwed up


Not expanded Universe, canon Universe. This is an arch in the Clone Wars TV-Show, which is canon. The Expanded Universe is not canon and now called “Legacy”.


Yeah, I knew Darth Maul survived because I read an article in a Gameinformer about Red Fly Studios and a Darth Maul game they were making. I have not seen any Star Wars outside of the main movies. I am more of a Star Trek guy, except for those new movies and show they are too Hollywood generic for me.



Just rewatched this modern action/adventure classic. It’s aged really well I think. Mark Mancina’s score is fantastic and memorable, the story concept is great, and it’s super well executed. Where it suffers (for instance the forced final showdown) films still suffer today.

All in all it really is very enjoyable and a film I love.


It’s a classic. I’m not sure I have seen the movie since I was a kid. Definitely will again some time.


I went and saw The Predator. Weird movie that I have a mixed feelings on, seems like every time something worked they turned around and gave you something that didn’t. Predator action was solid, some funny moments, overall a fun, schlocky, inconsistent mess.


Saw it too. Oh boy what a ride D:
I also think some of Predator’s action scenes were pretty solid, but even with low expectations this film still managed to let me down. Cmon Shane Black…


Badeguard said the same thing in one post.


I started to watch the Last Mission Impossible.

I saw them all but I can’t really say that I like them. I’m watching it mostly for Henry Cavill, I have a big man crush on him.
And tonight I saw Sicario 2. Liked it, especially the ending. Every tone was serious and that’s exactly how I like movies.
One of these days I’m going to see again The Iceman. I think this is the 6th time.


The Iceman is pretty inaccurate, and paints Kuklinski in far too much of a positive light. I think the movie had one scene where he was a little rough with his wife, really he beat the shit out of her routinely and mutilated his ex out of anger and jealousy.

These podcasts episodes are a good, entertaining resource on the case.