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His story had so much potential for a good movie,it sucks that in the end it was just mediocre.I also think for people that never heard or read anything about Kuklinski the movie would be sort of confusing at some points.

I wish Scorsese directed it,it would’ve been perfect opportunity for him.


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Post must be at least 20 c


I love Se7en! It’s one of my favourites of all time.


You BET!!! that intro as well and the end scene, really perfect :smiley:

And well yes everything in between :joy:


I saw White Boy Rick yesterday…pretty good movie.


Just Watched: SKYSCRAPER

I must say I came into this film with very low expectations. But having said that I came away quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

The best thing you can say about this film is also the worst thing you can say about it. This film is a shameless re-tread of DIE HARD with a large helping of THE TOWERING INFERNO.

Similar to the 1988 action classic from which SKYSCRAPER gets most of its inspiration, this 2018 mega-tall action spectacular focuses on a family-centric storyline. However, true to some middle of the range family focused actioners, like THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, the concept of family in SKYSCRAPER is distilled to feelings of tender togetherness, smiles, and the big arms of Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) engaging in PG-13 embraces with his loving but strong wife played by Neve Campbell.

In fact, most everything in the film can be rated as middle average to middle good. Johnson shows a wide range of acting prowess in this filn where he plays a disgraced US Marine who lost a leg below the knee now running a small security firm consulting on final preparations of The Pearl, a Hong Kong 200 storey skyscraper that will serve as playground and battleground for the drama ahead.

Along with Johnson and family for the ride is the billionaire mogul who owns the tower, played by Chin Han who is effective as the affable successful scion hiding a potentially dangerous secret as well as a gang of black clad terrorists who manage to somehow maintain some distinctiveness inspite being in a script that underuses them.

Underused also are a number of secondary relationships populated by characters who could have served more value if only the budget allowed for a film longer than 102 minutes. The result, again, is a middling execution of overachievement.

In fact, a lot of things in the film exceed what should have been a mediocre film on paper.

The Pearl megatall tower, for example, was designed as a no-limits exercise alongside Adrian Smith, the man who designed the Burj Khalifa. The action scenes have a relish and a sense of danger to them that screams fun at the movies at the same time. Actors in the film push every line as if it matters, almost making up for a couple of preposterous events that occur in the final act.

Even the writer-director, Rawson Marshall Thurber, seemed determined to make the most intricate film possible given the concept injecting the film with a combination of high-exposition and high pacing that accelerates quickly and never lets up, while spreading out hero duty to not just Johnson but also his onscreen wife, children, and also to a team of Hong Kong detectives who try to resolve the situation.

Marshall also invokes the use of another tool that can elevate a middling concept. Throughout the film, Chin Han’s character is depicted to be in possession of a fancy USB drive that we also learn is the main obssession of the villains of the film. The energy of this focus on a mysterious object is elevating for SKYSCRAPER, yet its explanation - which in my view will leave viewers guffawing at its ludicrous nature - will take a few levels off the film’s height.

That I think is an apt description of SKYSCRAPER. It’s a much bigger and better movie than expected, but misses out on a top most element that would have taken it to dizzying heights.


So, I just saw this scifi movie with Tom Hardy, where he is exposed to a strange thing which talks to him in his mind and gives him superhuman abilities. He becomes a dark anti-hero… VENOM!

OK no… it’s not Venom. It’s Tom-Hardy-but-not-really-Tom-Hardy, Logan Marshall-Green, in Upgrade, where his character is exposed to a strange thing which talks to him in his mind and gives him superhuman abilities. He becomes a dark anti-hero.
Pretty good low-budget scifi thriller. Strongly reminds me of a more grounded thriller story within a dirtier/grittier Deus Ex like universe. Quite enjoyed it.

Really though. Logan Marshall-Green and Tom Hardy. They’re the same guy, right?


I saw that one. It’s from Netflix I read a lot people talking about it and gave it a try. Cool movie.

@SeanBernowicz can’t wait to watch that one. But I need to wait 5 months I guess for the HD version.


yesterday i saw Logans Run 1976 and Omega Man 1971 again - it oldschool hollywood classic!


SPEED was indeed lightning in a bottle. It’s a rare case where the cast (especially Keanu Reeves, who some people probably didn’t know made re-write suggestions even if he was actually the 22nd choice for the role) and writers and director Jan De Bont came together and somehow made “that one great movie” by each contributing something unexpected.

There’s so many… “you’d never believe it” things behind the scenes of the film. For example, originally Fox was negotiating with John McTiernan (DIE HARD) to direct, but when that deal looked like it couldn’t happen, Fox decided to gamble by getting instead “the guy who helped McTiernan visualize the films” which was Jan De Bont.

Or how about the supposed legend that the first script reading ended with Jan De Bont himself resignedly saying: “Well… this film sure sounds boring.” lol

Or how most of the dialogue was re-written by Joss Whedon who would one day direct THE AVENGERS for Marvel.

Or how friends on the set of DEMOLITION MAN told Sandra Bullock to turn down “that stupid bus movie”. How wrong they all were!

It is also fascinating how the futures of those involved diverged after this.

But in that brief time it was like… everything came together… sometimes it seemed to come together TOO WELL:


I watched Venom today.

Action good, acting too childish. Most of the time the main characters behaved goofy, not too many serious dialog and if they were you had coming next a cheesy joke.

Basically Venom in this movie is the good guy you like him starting from the beggining. Eddy Brock is a good guy and not the dick head you read in comics or saw in the old Spiderman Cartoons.

Even when he eats people you find it funny. If you have kids I think they will enjoy it.
The entire movie has the same tone Spiderman Homecoming had.


dude homecoming is my favourite mcu movie, I’m seeing this tomorrow and looking forward to it 2x now


Homecoming was meant to be light-hearted, preparing people for Thanos.


Not really. Logan looks like he was that guy in the Beta version or the E3 trailer and Tom Hardy looks like the guy in Final Release version! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Halloween 1978

It been ages since I last watched the Original Halloween from 1978 and me and my significant other chose to spend the morning watching it, so we are ready to watch the new sequel on Tuesday. For most part the movie have aged very well, but it does suffer from some laughable scenes and overall campy cating. Michael Myers is still effective and overall creepy with his ever looming presence, his scare factor is only undercut from the campy 70’s sound effects that pops up when he murders people and same can be said about of the less stellar acting from some of his victims. The best kill of the movie is when Myers lifts up a man with one arm and impales him to a kitchen cabinet with a large knife.

What really works for the film is Donald Pleasence’s Dr. Loomis and Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie, both gives us two strong main characters that to battle pure evil. All of this is only made better with the brilliant Halloween theme that still holds to this day.


Amazing stop motion film, full of memorable characters and beautiful made. Never watched this movie before, always knew it was going to be creepy, but never imagined it being as creepy as it was. It’s pure nightmare fuel for kids, it’s not the typical children’s movie and certainly not for everyone. This is my favorit stopmotion film to date and I could see myself buying it on Blu-ray.

It’s soon Halloween don’t forget to…Smile


Great deal, Mads. Coraline is one of those stop motion films that deserved more notoriety when it first came out. As a kid, it creeped me out the slow progression of the Other Mother (and her world) from loving and caring to hostile and plain perverse.


Just watched Venom and I was actually impressed. Way better than what critics were saying, really. Hardy’s performance was pretty good, action scenes, Fleischer’s direction and chemistry between Hardy and Venom. I had a few issues with the movie though. Story could’ve been better, tone had me thinking whether this was a dark or comedy movie and certain parts of Hardy’s voice made me cringe. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the movie. Would recommend!


Venom (2018 film):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Venom surprised me as well. I thought it would be a steaming pile of crap due to what critics were saying, but it’s not that bad. Venom and Eddie were the best part of the movie, which is already very satisfying since it’s a movie about those two.

The villain though, my god. Every line he said was bad, like something out of a school play. Extremely cliché. Wasn’t a fan of the final fight either – too dark to understand what the hell was happening (which was loudly complained about in my showing).

The Carnage scene after the credits was really unexpected. Woody Harrelson is one of my favourite actors, so I hope his movie ends up better than this.


Well, I had no problem with the villian’s dialogue, although I didn’t like how he retained that same format. Evil, rich villain. Same thing with the guy from Jurassic World 2.