Movies You've only Just Watched


Did someone see the new Halloween ?


Yes I watched it yesterday.

I must say I really enjoyed it a lot and so did my girlfriend. Normally I don’t waste much time on horror flicks, they are what COD is to gaming; Easy money and nothing special. Halloween does the same as last years I.T managed to do. Creating a horror film that returns to form and supplements the original from 1978 very well. It’s definitely a must buy for me on Blu-ray and in many ways the Michael Myers have taken the top spot as my favorite slasher villain. Normally I always prefered Jason, but overall Myers is much more methodical, iconic and overall interesting as a character. Even if he’s even less explained then Jason, Myers I just evil and he needs no reason to do what he does.

Where Jason is explained by traumatic events and a psycho mother.

It’s one of my favorite horror films to date, I would strongly recommend it.

My favorite scene and i’m really disgusted by loose teeth.

and this awesome theme!


Not only for marketing purpose (the date), we ought to go watch the movie for what it is. Reading you, I really want to now. MM embodies evil. I can expect some memorable gruesome scenes. I’m looking forward the Jamie Lee’s line ‘Happy Halloween, Michael !’ with the gun in her hands. :smiling_imp:


Just watched “Le femme Nikita 1990”. It was a cool experience since it’s about this woman how becomes a hitman hired by the goverment. it gets really intence ! If you have seen Leon the professional you will injoy a very awesome moment :smile:
And the music is pretty pretty!
Just listen to it, total badass!!


I just saw the original Halloween movie tonight (so, 1978).

It’s uh… good. Campy/cheesy, but good. The complete buildup of suspense throughout the whole film was great, as they kept teasing you with Michael the stalker, and did fake-outs with people suddenly entering the frame. It was a good film, definitely a classic. The music was spooky and catchy, but I think it was a bit odd that there were only two tracks that were made and used extensively throughout the film.

Now I want to watch the 2018 sequel. That one looks really well made.


Yeah John Carpenter was never what you would call a musical person. He always said that he thinks of his music as wallpaper it informed a scene but never told you how to feel.

You should see Halloween 6 where Busta Rhymes defenestrates Myers with a flying karate kick.


Saw the original Halloween too lately. I purely watched it so I know the backstory before watching the 2018 sequel later this month. Can’t say it was a bad movie, but there wasn’t a story going at all. You can see it’s an old movie by looking at the effects and music, but I enjoyed it. Really curious what the 2018 movie has to offer.


Thanks, now I can’t ignore that Nikita 1990 movie :s


I just watched " Keeping up with the Joneses" and it gave me a HITMAN vibe totally unexpectedly!!It’s an action funny movie with Gal Gadot( :wink: ) and Jach Galifianakis among others , and it’s about a newly arrived neighbor couple later revealed to be agent-spies!!The whole suburbian area made me wonder how many little neighborhood stories can be told in Another Life level in Hitman2!!There were suitcases and Hitman style cool shootings in the movie too!!And of course during the last act the two couples meet in Marrakesh :stuck_out_tongue: for another mission!!The movie was released back in October 2016 and I bet the director is a fan of Agent47!!I enjoyed this movie anyway :smile:


I just saw A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
Great movie, hard to fight the tears. Beautiful music. Probably will win some oscars, great acting from Gaga and great singing (and directing) by Cooper.
Made me a fan of Lady Gaga honestly.


So since March/April time I decided to finally getting around to watching all of the MCU films as I never got around to watching them when they first released in cinemas.

I was always more of a DC fan but heard good things about Infinity War so last week after binging through the entire collection I finally got around to watching IW and was blown away by how good it was. Managed to avoid spoilers as well for the most part which was a bonus!

Roll on A4!


Which Marvel movie has been your favourite?


Top 3.

  1. Infinity War
  2. Civil War
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy


Non from MCU that is 100% for sure…MCU is junkfood just like Fast and Furious. They taste good but they aren’t filling.


I agree for the most part but there’s some good ones. The first Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America Winter Soldier and Spider-Man Homecoming are all fantastic. The rest are in my opinion good “see once, have a good time, never see em again” movies or are just pretty whatever. Never understood how people could like that first Avengers movie.


Wow finally someone with the same opinion as me. Like seeing a cruise liner after being stranded on an island. Do you perhaps like Ironman 3 like me or am I still an insane Orwellian minority of one


Haven’t seen it since it came out but I remember enjoying it yeah. I liked the ideas it had, Stark’s PTSD and anxiety attacks and alcoholism, learning to not rely on the suit and to instead believe in himself was a nice conclusion to his character. Then again I don’t remember much about what happened with the kid or the villain or that whole other sub plot with Rhodey so who knows, I might think it’s total ass upon rewatching it.


Can’t believe that the last movie I watched is Venom.


I like Iron Man 3 except the subsequent MCU movies ruined the ending by completely ignoring that he retired and destroyed all his suits.


Went my entire life without watching any of the Rocky movies, needless to say my wife wasn’t very thrilled by this and made me watch the first two. They are pretty good but not my favorite but it is nice to understand a whole bunch of references now.