Movies You've only Just Watched


Gah, she should have made you watch Rocky IV. You’ll understand even more references that way.


Oh don’t worry that is apparently her “favorite”, I think we are watching that over thanksgiving break. I would have just marathoned a few in a day but Grad school is being unusally shitty in the homework department since we are about to have break. IV is with the russian isnt it? If so I have heard more about that movie than any other in all honesty.


Yes that is the one with the “Russian” and IV is everyone’s favourite it will give you more brain damage than Stallone.


Lol that makes me more excited to see it. In all honesty these movies make me wonder how boxers endure that day in day out. I guess thats why a lot of them get Parkinson’s, due to all the head trauma.


Oh well if you want a Rocky that exmines the impact of being repeatedly punched in the face then I suggest Rocky the sixth one. Just don’t expect realism.


Haha Jesus, they got their mileage out of Sylvester Stallone didn’t they?


He is still in the franchise, he trains Adonis Creed in the Creed spin-offs. Rocky as a franchise is the only time Stallone has won an Oscar or at least a nomination not to mention production credits, directorial duties and screenwriting.


Wow that is insane, have you seen any of the Creed movies? Are they any good?


Well I thought Creed was a really good movie. Not a Hall of Fame movie but really good considering everything going against it.


Well it may take some time, but I guess I am gonna strap in for the long haul and watch through all of the Rocky series and then watch the spin-offs, so I can finally be in the loop.


Watched Halloween 2018 in cinema with a couple of friends this weekend. This movie was huge. I’m not a true fan of the series but I watched Halloween 1978 a few weeks ago so I could understand the current story.

This movie brought Michael Myers back in the best way possible. He was really terrifying and gruesome. The story around Laurie and her daughter and grand-daughter was also really good. The movie draws your interest every second and I enjoyed it so much! And I’m not even a long time fan. :grinning:

Also, the soundtrack was hardcore. Chills went over my spine every time I hear it:


Did Busta Rhymes kick him out of the window with a flying karate kick? If not then they did not return Michael Myers right


I don’t know who that is. Like I said, I only watched the original.


Well then you need to watch Halloween Six. After watching Halloween 3: Season of the Witch of course.


The Rocky series is pretty important to me.

My favorites:

Rocky II > Rocky > Creed > Rocky III > Rocky Balboa > Creed II > Rocky V > Rocky IV


Rocky IV last? Congratulations you hate America! You get to join me, Argentina, Cuba, Russia, Philippines, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico and the Middle-East, we have weekly meetings in the 6th floor men’s bathroom at the UN Secretariat Building


Seriously though, Rocky IV is 80 minutes and it feels like 40 of them are music videos. It has almost none of the character drama that drives the rest of the series. There’s no depth to the conflict. I resent that it’s what so many people think of when they think of Rocky. It’s Rocky at it’s dumbest, most macho, most cartoony, and most shallow. It’s good for the memes and that’s about it.

The ultra-nationalism is a little silly too. I have some thoughts on why Adonis wears a muted black-and-grey version of Apollo’s trunks when he fights Drago Jr. in Creed II.


Not true I would say 10 minutes of Paulie wanting to shag the Domestobot, 20 minutes of song footage five of which is a rip-off of Weird Al’s Living With A Hernia, 40 minutes of montage and the rest is Rocky winning the Cold War by punching a guy.


Saw this not too long ago and really enjoyed it. Four husbands who are thieves are killed in a failed heist and the person they stole from threatens the wives of said husbands for the two million that was lost so they band together to pull off their own heist. I really like how this movie shows them as just being civilians and not pros - they fumble a lot with trying to do prep work and not in a comedic way but just as regular people who are forced in this situation and have no idea of what they’re doing. Great acting and good story all around.


That is nice, I love Steve McQueen (the black one, not the dead white one he was awesome too). I loved Hunger and 12 Years A Slave a whole lot