Movies You've only Just Watched


Lol Rocky IV is last? I’m suprised, most people put V last. I have seen up until four about to watch five. I heard it was mildly depressing. But I do agree and think Rocky II is my favorite. I also really like III because Apollo and Rocky’s friendship is awesome and wholesome. I liked IV and Drago but I could see Apollo’s death a mile away.


God the fucking Domestobot! Forgot about that, thats another reason why it is lower for me, that was out of fucking nowhere.


I’m thinking the new Spider-Man movie is the best Spidey movie, probably the best Marvel movie, and definitely one of my favourite movies of the year

I saw it in 3D on a preview screening so the room was deathly empty, such a shame, but 3D really is the only way to see this movie that does it justice

the silliness (if you’ve seen the trailers you’ll know) is a bit of a turn-off for me but it also gives the movie some charm

go see this


Just watched Spiderman Into the Spiderverse movie on release day and I have to tell you, it was awesome. The animation, the visuals, the chemistry, I was blown away by it. There were particular scenes that literally made me snicker, especially the post credit scene! I would definitely recommend this movie! Would watch the sequel!

Hey… :smirk:


I watched The Meg last night. It’s no Jaws, but it’s pretty good, and I still think Jason Statham would make a decent 47 if the movie took itself seriously (but, of course, it wouldn’t; they’d have him spin-kicking targets through windows and tearing off his shirt and tie at every opportunity, showing off his ripped physique and getting Diana all flustered. Because … Hollywood. lol)


I just watched Mechanic:Resurrection (2016)
Even though I am bored of Jason Statham movies,this one had “HITMAN” written all over it , that made me really enjoy it!! Silenced pistols , target briefings , accident kills(amazing execution at a skyscraper pool) and even disguises kept my interest to the easily predicted end :stuck_out_tongue: Jessica Alba :heart_eyes: plays “the girl” and there is a handful of locations all over the world to provide various assassinations!!I think every fan of Hitman will have fun watching this movie.


Highly recommend it. Its also about a contract killer.
Asher 2018


Just got back from:


…and I absolutely adored it.
Just for frame of reference, I think the first Transformers movie was the best one of the Bayformers, and even that is not very good.

The Bayformers movies are, in my opinion, bloated, filled with crass and/or stupid humor, and to top it off they contain terrible transformer-designs and unclear action. Oh yeah, and they lack heart.

Bumblebee was… exactly not that.

The Transformers designs were perfect. The action was clear. It had loads of heart, and it’s well written and clever/sublte as well. It borrows a lot from E.T. to be sure, but it still manages to be its own thing.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie was a great protagonist with a nice little story going on for her.
At first I was kind of confused about Charlie’s father’s death. It just seemed mundane for him to die of a heart attack. then I saw the scene with Charlie basically using a defibrillator to save Bee and it all made sense to me.

Great 80s soundtrack and 80s references (it’s set in 1987 so it’s not exactly unexpected, but I liked the 80s nostalgia a lot).

Just… I loved it. It reminds me of a classic old 80s adventure flick done with modern tech.
If you’re a fan of the OG Transformers cartoon, and want a great little flick that really shows that it loves that source material: Do yourself a favor and go see Bumblebee.

I hope this acts as a prologue for a proper reboot. Just keep it in the 80s and keep the ball rolling.


Just saw:

Wind River

… a haunting, gripping thriller/murder mystery/drama.
A rape / murder happens in a Native American reservation in Wyoming, and Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner), who is a hunter specialized in predators, is drawn into the investigation, helping FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) to find out what happened.

The movie is written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, who previously wrote Hell or High Water, as well as both Sicario movies. This follows suite I think. A great movie.

Great score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. It reminds me a lot of their score for The Proposition (another great movie). It is poetic, bordering on meditative.


Good film.

I’m a big Jeremy Renner fan. I’ve liked him since S.W.A.T. and The Town. Even though he’s not a flashy actor, he has an understated and masculine charisma that I find quite charming and relatable.


Saw this a couple of months ago and my thoughts echo yours. Excellent flick.



Produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (THE LEGO MOVIE), SPIDER-VERSE follows the Lord and Miller mantra of mash ups that says there should be an element of self awareness, such as when one of the Spider-Men correctly predicts that Kingpin’s response to a warning about the dangers of inter-dimensional rift opening is “You have 24 hours to fix this”, and while the film has a surprising dose of heavy drama and dark themes, it carries on with a sense of action figure playtime that is bound to translate to a good time at the movies.

At the surface it’s easy to dismiss the writing as shallow and that we’re going to see a kid getting bitten by a radioactive spider and a lot of things won’t be explained because it’s a stupid comic book movie.

The surprise is that it seems the directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman all know how “stupid” the movie is supposed to be and actually embrace it. Instead of needlessly changing the origin of yet another Spider-Man to try and be original, Lord, Rothman, and company choose to weave it into a personal moment for young Miles Morales when he’s trying to break expectations.

Expectations is a big theme of this film and its story. It homes in on a concept of tying Spider-Man’s classic motto and showing how it works into and against the expectations of parents, friends, neighbors and peers. This is the film’s path to originality and is the source of tension throughout the whole film.

Miles Morales’ real enemy isn’t the Kingpin, it’s the pressure and fear of the responsibility his powers have given him of not letting other people down even if at first it may seem like acquiring the powers will give him a chance to escape the expectations of ordinary life.

Beyond this serious core, the film is wrapped in knowing tongue-in-cheek gags and characters work almost entirely in character with the only real character development reserved for Miles, and his father.

In a second orbit are Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen and a “Peter B. Parker” who isn’t quite who you might expect him to be - again in keeping with the “No Expectations/Great Expectations” theme of the film.

Everyone and everything else moves as if culled from lesser story arcs and lesser films knowingly assembled to support a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

Rather than basing the film firmly on the actual Spider-Verse comic book run by Marvel, characters both good and evil from different sets of Spider-Man books are instead joined together with little regard for in-fiction hard logic, but more in reverence to what versions of such characters might occupy the shelves of a loving collector of Spider-Man figures and toys, each given a unique background and personality by a loving fan with a story to tell.

Even the animation seems to have a varying frame rate that bumps and starts. Some parts rendered with very aggressive frame skipping and other parts with flowing and smooth movement. One time there’s text on the screen in boxes just like comic book panels. Then later on there is no text at all and we’re left to read what characters are feeling by actually having to look at them.

Character reveals are sudden. Plot points are read out loud by characters within seconds to move the pace along. One of the Spider-Men has a lair to rival Batman’s Bat-Cave with Aunt May serving as some odd version of Alfred.

The disruption extends even to the by now expected post-credits scene which totally flips the idea of having one on its head and is done almost to the point of self-parody.

All of this happens without explanation, but just when you’re thinking how dumb, crazy, and zany the movie is it goes back to that core and breaks expectations again and by doing so it just manages to exceed them.


You know a year ago those animators were probably working on the Emoji Movie. Now they have made this and it is good.

Everyone should see it and when I say I enjoyed a superhero movie it means you should go and see it now!