Movies You've only Just Watched


I watched Red Sparrow last night. It was pretty good. It wasn’t just Jennifer Lawrence softcore porn as some critics have accused it of being. Any nakedness occurred in dark and disturbing scenes; none of it felt gratuitous.

It wasn’t a Black Widow rip-off, either, despite the similarities in the characters’ origins. It’s munch more realistic than anything Marvel makes. She didn’t beat up any men with her bare hands. She used manipulation out of necessity.


I found it really boring with not a lot happening, very forgettable.


It’s definitely not an action movie, and the relationship between the main character and the American agent felt rushed, but, other than that I was pretty engaged throughout.

Also, the brutal fibre-wire kill made me want a new (and better) Hitman movie.


I don’t remember the kill to be honest. I think I expected an action film hence why I hated it.


Yeah, I understand that. I just downloaded it at a discount price, and I had low expectations, but if I’d paid to watch it in the cinema and expected something a bit more fast-paced, I’d probably have been disappointed, too.


I would have been fuming paying to see that. Good job I watched it using #othermeans.


I have just watched Outlaw king on Netflix. Between this and Polar Netflix are regaining my faith in their original movies. They might just have some future potential after all. I really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend. It has some very real looking gorey scenes which I didn’t expect and loved. Good acting all round and great action. I would give this an 8/10, if you have Netflix and it looks like your kind of film give it a watch!


Is Polar good?

I’ve seen a trailer for it recently (never heard of the graphic novel) and it looks like a fun action movie. Looks like John Wick: Mads Mikkelsen edition.


I felt like I wanted more from it but at the same time I still enjoyed it. It is very gorey which I love and it stars Mads whom I love :joy:. I always want more action and I’m always left wanting but yes I would say this is a good movie, 7/10.


Just watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
Nice fairy tale :slight_smile:


Bad times at the El Royale, highly recommend. I’d give this movie a 9 out of 10. Can’t describe how good it is to watch something that feels like some thought was actually put into the writing. The acting was all top class and the violence was amazing. It’s not often I watch a film where you don’t know what will happen next but this was one of them. I felt like anything could happen at any minute and nobody was above getting shot to shit.


I watched Polar last night with friends. I’m afraid that for me, it fell into the same issue I’ve had with every single Netflix film I’ve seen: Plenty of production value being wasted on what seems like the first draft of a script. I don’t know if they are rushing their writers to meet the demand for content, or if they just have low standards, or both, but the scripts need serious work. Bright, Mute, Bird Box, and Polar the same.


Mute was such a waste really. I like Duncan “Child of Ziggy” Jones when he takes time and doesn’t get carried away with the idea he writes. Still out of all the films you mentioned I liked Mute the best.


I think polar could have been better 100% but I still enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed it mostly due to the graphic violence and seeing Mads in the nude though over anything else. I agree with the rest too they were all completely underwhelming. Watched bird box today and it was very mediocre. My girlfriend really enjoyed it but she’s easily pleased when it comes to movies. That’s probably due to her not watching hundreds like I have so her standards aren’t as high. I was just about to say I haven’t seen mute but then I remembered it’s the movie with the guy from true blood isn’t it? That shows how forgettable that was. I didn’t have high standards for bright and I pretty much just watched it because it had Will Smith in it but was still disappointed.


Every time I see Mads Mikkelsen I get annoyed that he’s not playing Geralt in the Witcher TV series.

The guy’s perfect for the role, from his handsome-but-hardfaced appearance to his stoic and gruff personality. Not to mention that he’s from the same part of the world that inspires the Witcher setting.


Witcher tv series? I thought there was going to be a movie but not heard about a tv show? Did I get it mixed up, is it a tv show that’s coming out or is it both? Who is playing him? Mads would definitely be perfect for the role! What a wasted opportunity!


It’s a Netflix TV series starring Henry Cavill, who’s a big name and who’s a fan of the games (which I appreciate), but he looks too young and he’s not grim and edgy enough for the role, IMO. Whereas Mads would have channelled Geralt’s ice-cold demeanour and dangerousness easily without having to say a word. Such a missed opportunity, like you say.


He doesn’t suit the role at all in my opinion either. Really bummed now because I’m picturing how great Mads would be in this and it will never happen :disappointed_relieved:.


Just look at this actual promo shot of Cavill as Geralt, and then this random/fan image of Mads, and tell me which one looks like the true Geralt in a mature, Game of Thrones-type TV series?

There’s just no contest.


Cavill looks like a pantomime character for crying out loud. It’s actually embarrassing how bad he looks. We need a petition to release a movie or something with Mads in it.