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Let’s wait and see what the final look is, that is just a promo picture. It isn’t final.


Yeah, let’s hope he gets the movie.

I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s such a shame, because I think Geralt really could have been Mads’ career-defining role. It could have cemented him in pop-culture history.


He’s still no Mads but you’re right, I’m not holding out too much hope though. Now I’ve pictured Mads in the role he can’t compare regardless.


I’m not writing Cavill off. I like him as Superman, and I’ll definitely give the guy and the show a chance.

Just not ideally what I would have wanted going in.


That was not a promo pic, just a camera test, those are always half-assed. But yeah. Henry has such a cookie-cutter english actor’s face, he doesn’t look like central/east european at all, which is my main problem with him. Mads tho, he can easily pass as such.


You’re right that it was a camera test, but I’d say they also made it promotional when they released it to the public. They didn’t have to do that. Could’ve kept it in-house and only released something when they were perfectly happy with it. So they can’t blame fans for judging it.


This is one of the mistakes they keep making with HItman, as well: hiring youthful-looking actors for the role instead of mature-looking men with real gravitas.

(Although the biggest mistake the HItman movies made was their focus on stupid action.)


This can be said for the more talked-about Netflix movies, but some of them are pretty good. Okja and Gerald’s Game come to mind, haven’t seen Polar yet.


the biggest mistake is these movies were made, and we all must live with that knowledge


And I liked the original Hitman movie with Olyphant in cast.
The second one is garbage


There are just at two things I like about that movie.

  1. Olga Kurylenko

  2. Timothy Olyphant (bit of a man crush :joy:)


We all have them, you know who mine is. They were both extremely mediocre movies that did nothing to try and follow the feel of the games. They just used the Hitman name and look “poorly” and made two generic action movies.


I strongly agree!!!


You seen Deadwood? It’s a great show, but it may change your man crush to Ian McShane


I watched Velvet Buzzsaw. It was decent enough and worth a watch but nothing that’s going to win any awards.


Yes, and yes haha!



Cocksucker, San Francisco!


Just watched The Predator 2018 and what can I say to sum up this movie and how truly awful it is. AVP 1 & 2 are much better movies in every way. The approach to this movie have been so misplaced and misunderstood that you wonder if Shane Black set out to create a spoof movie inside the Predator universe.

50% Deadpool humor
30% Die Hard humor
20% Serious action
0% deadpan classic One liners, like “Stick Around”.

This movie have no idea what made the original great.


Ironically The original Predator was directed by John McTeirnan who also directed Die Hard. Bitterly ironic is that the man who directed 2018 was Shane Black who wrote the first one.

Predator 2018 still sucks though no matter how much meta-irony is involved.


The Pianist

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