Movies You've only Just Watched


Just saw Alita: Battle Angel. I liked it, my dad thouroughly loved it. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to the big eyes. Christoph Waltz is great in it as he is in everything else.


Decided to watch “Legends of the Fall” again today. Such a great film. Anyone here ever seen it? It’s from 1994, has Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt in it.


I liked new Predator a lot, far far better than avP series which I hated, a lot of gore, humor and characteristic main characters, of course king is only one and it is “Predator” with Schwarzenegger no doubt about that


Anything is better than AvP. Me talking about how terrible movies have become at a wall for two hours would be better than AvP


I thought it was very mediocre. The fight sequences were the best part but even then some of the character designs were too much for me. It was all too hammy for me and Hugo’s acting was so bland and monotone that I was glad when he died… twice.

However what I will say is that it was a really fun experience to take the piss out of, in a “so bad it’s good” way. I’ll probably be seeing the next one for that reason alone.

Granted I haven’t seen AVP but I can’t see anything topping 2018 Pred in terms of how shit it is.


AvP Requiem is so bad not even the damn movie wanted you to see it. I recall it being very dark and poorly lit. but then again I have not seen it in a while or intend too.

BTW is that the College Dropout album cover?


course, on this day 15 years ago music was invented


Weird I though music was invented in Ancient Greece by a guy with a deep-seated fear of beans and a cult dedicated to maths after he saw a blacksmith working.

I though Kanye came out with a celebrated album 15 years ago.


same thing really


The day before yesterday watched the Skyscraper movie.
Despite of rumors it’s a trash, I’ve liked it.
It’s not gonna be my favourite, but it’s not so awful


I’ve heard enough bad things about it that at this point I just wanna see it for Olivia Munn and nothing else.


Indeed, but it did not save the movie in the end. I actually thought it would the strongest point for the new movie. To think that AVP is a better movie, says a lot.


Just saw Cold Pursuit, with Liam Neeson. I quite enjoyed it. Even though it’s a revenge flick it’s nothing like his previous ones. Quite funny and quirky with a lot of black humor.

Terrible theatre experience though. Gang of loudmouthed idiots in the row in front of me.


Yes my wife’s favorite movie! Watched it Back in Dec!!


I like AvP. Cool location and setup, and reasonably likeable characters.

Gore doesn’t do much for me. AvP: Requiem had plenty of gore and that sucked.

The new Predator doesn’t interest me much, either. I want all of those idiot marines in the trailer to die already, and I’ve only seen them in trailers. lol


Ikr?! How do you make a bunch of characters that unlikeable in just the trailer?!


Crazy idea, but how about making a Predator film set in SPACE – aboard a space station orbiting Titan or something (why hasn’t that been done already?) – and starring a relatable, competent main character who we actually want to survive? Think Isaac Clark from Dead Space or John McClane from the original Die Hard, before be became OP.

You tellin’ me Predators only hunt on Earth or on planets like Earth? lol

As I said above, the location is one reason I like AvP. OK, it was on Earth, but at least the big pyramid in the middle of the frozen tundra was new and interesting.


I actually just watched the second hitman movie… it was um interesting hahaha but disappointing and very awkward. allot of the promo and posters barely captured 47s appeal as a character and universe.

the 1st hitman movie was way better than the second one haha but they both are still cheesy b movies.

for sure watch smokin’ aces
this movie captured more hitman than the hitman movies!


Oh wow, awesome! She has great taste :wink: Such a great movie! Anthony Hopkins is a great actor.


Better idea than the new movie immediately:

Predator crashes to Earth and is pitted against a group of soldiers…

In the 1800’s.

Keep Olivia Munn though :joy: