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Yeah, that tells me no. But, James Cameron’s involvement tells me yes!


James Cameron also endorsed Terminator Genysis and is planning four Avatar sequels I think he is going senile or detached.


I think we’ve touched on this previously. I don’t hold that against him, he probably had a Tesla to pay for, let the man endorse whatever he wants :joy:


Also, I’m looking forward to those Avatar sequels… :yum:


In all fairness he has a producer credit while I don’t hold the stereotypical notion of a producer’s worth I still think they can easily fuck up a film or simply not care enough for direct involvement


I watched The House that Jack Built recently. Overall I enjoyed it, especially as it went on, but the first half hour or so was filled with kind of cringey dialogue and it’s clear in general that Von Trier is assuredly all the way up his own ass. Still, I’d recommend it and there’s a wonderful allusion towards the end.


My tears from this will get lost in the rain.


The one of the best part of the whole damn movie and I am pretty sure Rutger Howard improvised it.


I was left pretty disappointed to be honest. It had the whole extreme violence going for it to make it different but that’s about it. I found it pretty boring at times and like you said there was some shitty dialogue.


Sounds par for the course for Von Trier though


Or he’s so rich he’s realised it’s now about “how many generations of my grand kids won’t have to work if I grab every penny I can” so he’s just grabbing it haha


I actually like very few Robert Rodriguez films. ALITA BA is clearly a fusion of James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez because it’s arranged similar to THE TERMINATOR (Except the arriving cyborg does not know what her mission is or who she is) and same mentioned cyborg is made part of a romantic angle.

The other big change is that instead of being clueless… authority figures are made into antagonists or are given less than ideal goals to strive for (the opposite of THE TERMINATOR where authority figures are stupid and do not know anything), which is where the thing kind of dips into BLADERUNNER territory, but maintains Cameron’s THE TERMINATOR style of pacing and helpings of action/combat.

Similar to BLADERUNNER, and in contrast to superhero films of today… Alita does not try to save the world and the world is never in danger. Instead, the world puts principal characters in danger and it’s more about whether you accept that as the new normal or you refuse and fight against it.

That’s sort of the James Cameron side of it. The Robert Rodriguez side is in the intimacy. The vision is not grandiose as it is in some of Cameron’s films. Rodriguez has always specialized in that big moment that happens in small places (See: DESPERADO, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO) and that’s what he brings to ALITA BA.

For example, there’s a fight between Alita and some villain in a back alley. It is brutal to the edge of what I think a PG rating should allow, and it’s of course laden with Visual Effects. But it remains “a fight in an alley”. It’s not like a fight in a SPIDER-MAN film or something. It’s big, but remains small.


That’s who Alita is… She is actually kind of a gender flipped amnesiac version of Roy Batty (combined with Pris’ acrobatic prowess, and the super strength of Leon), given a new start simply because she cannot remember anything.


I saw The Lego Movie 2. As someone who loved The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie (and hasn’t seen the Lego Ninjago Movie), I thought it was very good. Maybe not quite as good as the first 2 movies, but still very good regardless. I highly recommend it.


yeah I read a concept overview for it and I could sort of see in my mind how it played and felt: “yeah… that’s going to work.”

But it was LEGO MOVIE 2 or ALITA and I chose accordingly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you know they are still making Bill and Ted 3? Why does Hollywood do this to us!


I haven’t heard about B&T3… My guess is it’s one of those never gonna happen things.


I watched The Strangers: Prey at Night. It was hot garbage, good fun if you enjoy bad horror films but an absolute trashpile in every respect.


I didn’t mind it, but I’m not big into horror. That scene where she’s in that tunnel thing - yeah I jumped out of my seat


Yeah one of my friends actually screamed at that part lol. I thought that the pool scene was well done.