Movies You've only Just Watched


Just watched Polar with Madds Mikelson. Absolutely fucking terrible! But I loved every second of it. Standard hitman gets double crossed storyline (is there a movie that centres around a hitman that isn’t a double cross story?). The costumes and extravagantly outlandish behaviour of many of the main characters screams pulp fiction or swordfish. The monatary numbers used don’t make any sense (just like absolution right?) and it’s brutal. No, it’s gruesome. But I did enjoy it very much.


Finally got around to watching BlacKkKlansman, and it lived up to the hype. A bit long, but Spike Lee is back


I watched Lords of Chaos the other day. It’s a film by Jonas Akurlund about the Norwegian black metal band MAYHEM, starring Rory Culkin as Euronymous and Emory Cohen as Varg Vikernes. The band were infamous in the late 80s and early 90s for creating a new form of Black Metal that was extremely dark, violent and nihilistic, but were more broadly known for their… Shall we say, extracurricular activities - which included indulging in satanism, burning churches, killing themselves and ultimately each other.

As a big fan of Black Metal and someone who is intimately familiar with the story of Mayhem, the trailer didn’t exactly instil me with confidence - On the surface it looks like a goofy teen drama about a bunch of edgelords. However, the actual movie surpassed my expectations. Whilst it wasn’t perfect by any means, it gets a solid 6/10. Very watchable, funny and surprisingly faithful to the actual events which really took place for the most part (obviously certain details will never be truly known and the only people who can talk about them are in the grave).

The main problem with the film is that it is tonally all over the shop. One moment it feels like a goofy comedy, the next a horror tinged thriller. The one thing it never feels like, however, is a musical biopic - In fact, the actual music of Mayhem takes a backseat and it focuses more around the actions that would make them infamous. There’s also some very odd stylistic choices - The film is set in Norway, but the entire cast is almost all made up of American actors who do nothing to conceal their accents.

The film also has an extremely graphic suicide scene and several extremely graphic murders which are utterly horrible. Extremely difficult to watch. I’m not squeamish by any means, but Akerlund’s refusal to mask the violence with quick cutaways and instead opting to show entire prolonged murder scenes is very effective and very dark. I’m especially haunted by the scene where Mayhem’s singer, Dead, kills himself by slicing both of his wrists, his own throat, and then shooting himself in the head. This is exactly how he did it in reality.

A lot of TRVE black metal fans utterly despise the film and refuse to see it, so all trailers, clips, interviews etc are being downvoted to hell and back by angry diehards. Don’t let that put you off, it is worth a watch.


I’ve watched barely any of all these classic films people go on about. I’ve done modules on Film Studies, but I don’t go to the cinema in my free time, and I wouldn’t recognise many of the younger actors. To me, Thomas Hardy is a 19th century author. :wink:

I’ve always found it strange that cinema is one of those things that everyone is expected to know about, but theatre, for instance, or literature, are less in the public eye all the time.


Cinema is quick and accessible. You can completely absorb a film within a couple of hours and do it for around $10-12 max, whereas a novel takes time and theatre is both less common and pricier. I love reading and seeing a play when I can, but I go through a lot more films than I do books and I only got the opportunity to see one play last year. It’s just about the common factor.


I only just saw ‘Crimson Tide’ for the first time two weeks ago. EXCELLENT film. It stars Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman, James Gandolfini and quite a few other well-known names/faces. It’s set on a Navy submarine during a ficticious revolution in Russia, led by a complete nutcase who has publicly said that he will launch nuclear missiles at the United States. However, even though the rebels have taken control of the nuclear missile silo, they may or may not have the launch codes.

The film primarily centres around the difference of opinion of Gene Hackman (The Captain) and Denzel Washington (The XO) about whether to launch their nuclear missiles as ordered, despite an incomplete message (due to antenna damage) coming through from their superiors which may or may not be rescinding the original order to launch.

VERY suspenseful film with a major ethical and professional dilemma cutting through the entire time.

Anybody else ever seen it?


Great film. I’m a sucker for a submarine movie. Crimson Tide, The Hunt For Red October, and of course, the daddy of them all, Das Boot. I recommend the lot :grin::+1:


Never saw Das Boot :eyes:


Give it a go mate, it’s 3 hours of sweaty fucking men in a sub and it’s awesome.

That probably sounds more homoerotic than I meant it to :joy:


Just saw mid90s. Strange movie, awesome soundtrack


Is it in English though? I don’t want to have to read German subtitles to understand.


You can find an English dub, yes.


Saw Captain Marvel. I actually really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say it is a great movie or anything but it was a fun popcorn flick. Honestly though Samuel L Jackson just carries to movie to me, especially when it seems like Captain Marvel’s personality through 90% of the run time boils down to being cold and snarky. She’s like Tony Stark in a way but Tony Stark in his movies seemed to go through alot more emotions than she does. Also despite seeing the movie, I’m still not really that sure what Captain Marvel’s powers are except for in a vague sense.

It seems like this and Alita are getting bad press but honestly, I just enjoyed both as simple blockbuster movies. Nothing revolutionary but they were fun.


In a perfect adaptation she would have super strength, flight and energy projection. Those are the powers common across all versions of her (ideally).


Spoilers for the film.

She starts out with just the energy projection, which just appears to be firing lasers from her hands. At the end of the movie, she has her powers uninhibited and is able to fly, fire bigger lasers, and maybe have super strength? It’s never really clear, she does fly right through an alien spaceship and blow it up, and is able to stop a missile hitting Earth. I have no idea if she is invulnerable or not since she never really takes any battle damage in the movie, so I don’t know how that works.


Well in the comics she winds up fusing her DNA with the original Captain Marvel (long story) she gains superstrength, durability and energy projection from doing so.


There is no male Captain Marvel in the movie, unless there is some kind of easter egg referring to him.

Honestly no clue about durability. When she lands on Earth, she falls like a 100 feet from the sky through a ceiling and seems to be fine. Otherwise she barely ever gets any real hits to her.


Doesn’t matter Mar-Vell was famous for one thing and one thing only these days. That was dying of cancer after fighting a fat radioactive Chinese guy.


Is that what they call it? :wink:


No they call it was technically from using the Psyche-Magnitron and effecting reality to combine the Kree genetic markers and human genome.