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You can be hard work, bro :joy:


Well I do it intentionally. I went out of my way to use the Marvel Wiki to find the accurate term.


Mar-Vell is a woman in the movie @Accidental-kills98 but it plays out in a similar way, seems like she gets her powers from both Mar-Vell and Yon Rogg when she fuckin blows up an energy core


I am not blind I aware that Carol Danvers is the Captain Marvel. But really? Reactor core explosion origin? Couldn’t they put a little more thought into it? Get creative with it?


the original Mar-Vell, not Danvers


Oh yeah I skimmed the post a little. But like I said Man Mar-Vell is a footnote of comic history. His only defining trait was “first comic character to die of cancer” (to my knowledge at least)


as far as I’m aware she plays the part of Mar-Vell and another character with a greater role in the comics so she has a bit more to do


I couldn’t care less. I am just waiting for the other 7 billion people on Earth to grow weary of these superhero movies.


so you keep saying, but there’s a reason so many people see them, they’re not masterpieces but they’re fun and aren’t hurting anyone


You’re like a living anti-joke lol. Come on bro crack a smile!




Saw Captain Marvel yesterday as well. It was enjoyable enough, but not one of my favorite MCU outings.

A lot of the action felt unclear to me, and more importantly felt without any sort of threat. Captain Marvel just sort of stops anything that comes at her without breaking a sweat. This was especially problematic for me with the climax of the film where she just wrecks everything. Never did I feel she was in danger or that she was at risk of not being able to handle the situation.

As a comics nerd I also felt quite annoyed with some of the changes made from the source most importantly making the Skrull innocent refugees or whatever? No thanks. Plus, they played them up as goofy even before the reveal, which made them seem toothless as villains. Less important, but still a bit of an annoyance from a fan perspective was gender swapping Mar-Vell, for what felt like no reason.

Also, the backstory for one thing is just… ugh Nick Fury lost his eye to a fuckin’ cat-scratch? Fuck off.

Like I said, it’s entertaining though. 90s setting mostly works and makes for some fun gags, and young Fury and Coulson was more or less flawless from a tech standpoint.
The synthy score works, and 90s hits, like songs from Garbage made me smile.
Carol Danvers was far from as dull in the movie as she seemed in the trailers.


Also I resent that implication! I can be real witty when I need to and I love certain comedies.


Oh the Skrull thing is most definitely obfuscating (or setting up) Secret Invasion they are most likely trying to get comic readers to say “oh so may be they aren’t leading up to Secret Invasion”.


I recommend “night on earth” by Jim Jarmush, its old movie but funny , smart and very atmospheric, it reminded me how I miss inteligent comedies these days…also Gustavo Fring is in it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha dude I watched this in the first week of film studies at college. :joy:


and what is your opinion about movie?


It’s really good. Not a huge Jarmusch fan overall, but this is a good one.


Watched Captain Marvel last night in 3D. I have to say, it was kind of better than I expected. It’s no Oscar material but Brie Larson’s performance was actually not as bad as everybody thought. Not to mention Samuel Jackson and Jude Law.

There were some parts that were quite hilarious(Goose the Cat) and great but overall, good movie but not as great as the others. I might rank it around 7.5 out of 10.

I still find the fact that people assume Brie hates white men immature and idiotic in many ways.

Edit: Just as I finished writing this post, I noticed two negative Google reviews are both copy-pasted.


Well, I mean, I don’t know if this counts since I first saw this well over ten years ago but I watched ‘Flight Plan’ with Jodie Foster last night. Avoided watching it for ten-plus years because I thought it sucked back then. Decided to give it another go.

It still sucked.