Movies You've only Just Watched


Just watched the new Netflix film Triple Frontier with Oscar Isaac and Ben Affleck, must I really enjoyed it. A solid action movie with a good cast. Oscar Isaac is quickly becoming one of my favorit actors, I hope to see more action movies with him or even Adventure movies.


Watched it as well but I’ve realized there were plenty of scenes from the trailer either changed or cut out.

Overall, it was pretty good but not a fan of the plot.


I as well just saw Triple Frontier, but I can’t say I liked it very much. It’s super weirdly paced, and constantly felt like I was waiting for the “proper” movie to start.
The film also failed to make me care about the characters. I got the feeling at Ben Affleck’s character was supposed to have the feel of a sort of recovering alcoholic who is pulled back out to drink by his friends, and falls hard as a result but that never crystallized for me, so him risking continually risking his team just made me dislike the character.

Shooting large parts of the film in Hawaii seems like a mistake to me. Parts of it are easily identifiable as Hawaii as opposed to South America.

The actors are all good though, and I quite liked how it was shot, as well as the soundtrack.


Just watched Us, Jordan Peele has outdone himself yet again. I’ll watch anything this man makes

not quite as good as Get Out but that was already way above the average movie, and this is as well. shoutout to Lupita Nyong’o who did a fantastic job playing the protagonist and her “tethered” doppelganger Red

it strikes the perfect balance between fun and fucking terrifying, largely thanks to Winston Duke’s role as the main comic relief character. most of the scares aren’t jumpscares and the ones that are never feel cheap or unearned

am I a fan of the direction the story takes later on? not entirely. I was sold on something more supernatural but then it becomes more sci-fi which I’m a bit tired of in stories like this. the ending however and the details it reveals shook me a little bit and made me want to rewatch it knowing how all the pieces click together

I’m rambling so I’ll just say that it’s a must watch


I still haven’t seen Get Out yet. I’m really behind…


Just watched The Dirt, the movie based on Mötley Crüe’s autobiography of the same name. I enjoyed the movie a lot, full of my favorit songs and interesting look into the mess that was Mötley Crüe.

Still one of my favorit bands :metal:


When I was in Iraq that book had just come out. We were all reading it and then one of the guys I was out there with talked to his wife in the phone and she was going to their reunion tour with a couple of her friends. We all joked that he’d come home to a pregnant wife !!


I also just watched The Dirt on Netflix.Even though I didn’t know much about Motley Crue I loved the movie!!The whole direction and especially the performances of the band members actors were at very top quality!!It made me feel like I was part of their tour!!It was hilarious at some points (Ozzy \m/ surpassed them on freakness :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I appreciate they showed us their addictions and other crazy stuff , straight forward without trying to hide or shine them.Last but not least,the amazing (original of course :p) soundtrack is definitely a reason to start being a fan of this band!!