Moving Missions From Hitman 1 Epic Games to Hitman 2 Steam

I was wondering if there’s anyway to play Hitman 1 missions from Epic Games Store to Hitman 2 Steam?

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Unlikely. It seems like you must own H2016 on steam to claim those missions for free. Perhaps you can wait until H2 being available via Epic.

What is the process to redeem the HITMAN Legacy Pack?

The process is different for each respective platforms and ownership.

On Steam, we can automatically detect what you own and grant you the correct Legacy Pack.

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Games can not be moved between platforms or stores.
To play the game on a different platform or on different store, you should buy the game again on desired platform.
Any progress transfer also impossible.

If you want to have HITMAN 2 + Legacy Pack on Steam, you have to own both games on Steam.

At this moment HITMAN 2 is not present on Epic Games Store. Therefore it’s impossible to have HITMAN 2 + Legacy Pack on Epic Games Store.


This is completely incorrect on both accounts. Games can absolutely be moved between stores, and progress transfer (from 2 to 3) is possible.

There’s nothing stopping IOI from having you connecting to a IOI account in-game and then use that to make your legacy pack appear in HITMAN 2. They literally have all this built in already, they just need to enable it.

Ok. Let’s say.
But can you, personally you as a player, do all this at this very moment?

Probably the only “positive” aspect of the Epic fiasco Is that cross store/cross platform progress and content carry over now seems possible, and people are requesting it.

It will probably never ever happen on a lange scale for purchased content, that would endanger the stores’ very business model. For H3 and Epic/Steam it is just a result of IO stupidly switching stores in the middle of a trilogy.

But maybe it at least sets a precedent for ingame progress and unlocks to carry over. Not like always online will go away again anyways…

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You know, since moveover to Epic is already confirmed, I most interested in if it will be possible the reverse maneur. You know what I mean: all earned progress transfer from Epic to Steam when time comes.
If H3 ever will be released on Steam. Technical aspect apply

Now it’s not possible but I think in the future it will, if they add H2 in EGS or in January 2021 with H3 the H1 Legacy Episodes could be claim in both games. I think that Epic made H1 free to attract players interested in the trilogy to their platform so it has sense that in the future it will work. My opinion at least.

Ideally, the IO account is used to synchronize all your unlocks and progress, no matter where you open H3, once you entered your IO Account in that game version.
But the IO account right now seems very very basic in terms of functionalities. More of a newsletter than a cloud storage. We will see if they manage to do this or not in some months

It has perspective, with no doubts.
But now IOI Account works exclusively like a place where you can opt-in for a newsletter and get a free suits bundle. That’s it for the moment.
It can grow into a good maganing tool, but for now it is what it is


dont get mad with io interactive, they switch stores because with the help of Epic they were able to publish the game by their own, read some

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It’s not just a dislike for Epic. It’s fair that someone worries about it because we don’t know how it will work, and we know IOI’s records. (H2’s Legacy Pack issue, aluminum briefcase issue) Since H3 is on a different store, it’s probably harder to make it work seamlessly.


I read this pseudo-argument all the time, even their CEO used this narrative. But self publishing in itself obviously brings no benefit to me as a player, so this is not an argument that you can apply to me or that I care about.

If you read other discussions about it, people even think Epic and Sony serve as proxy publishers here. Let’s be honest, pressing DVDs and packing them into boxes isn’t the primary way of game distribution anymore.
Epic as weil as Sony have an effect on game modes and quality, in exchange for money. This is what was criticised about old publishers (“we are self publishing and now can do what we want, no compromise” - remember?).
Weil, no multiplayer anymore due to Epic, VR mode exclusive to Playstation due to Sony.

Where is your proclaimed advantage of self publishing now?

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wow dude, you shut my anus.

That wasn’t my Intention :heart: