So MrFreeze has got exhausted making vids while the content for H2 winds down, and he’s left quite an emotional post on YouTube that whatever you think of the guy, has to make you think about how invested he and valued community members are in games like Hitman 2. He’s angry about the lack of new content, but more I think because he’s disappointed that what’s been released lately hasn’t been that imaginative in his opinion - whether that is because IO are busy with H3 or not who knows. Seems a little bitter about the lack of recognition for his fandom from IO too. Wondered what you guys thought?

Edit: Good to see with the H3 announcement his enthusiasm has been reignited. His new videos have some interesting thoughts that people on here have raised as well as things I thought myself. It would be nice to see the devs give him a nod of some kind - he’s a grumpy sod and would never ask them but he’s one of their most passionate and public fans/community members and hes a prominent ambassador for those searching for professional SA solutions and critiques on YouTube.


Following his tweets loosely I have the impression a break is welcome for him and wish him a clear mind and new goals.

Also to the potential posters, remember Freeze is a human being and post in a civil manner. The last thread got locked after a while.


He’s not the only one sharing that opinion.

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I wonder why he hasn’t joined the forums? It seems the most ‘official’ way to talk to IO, but also Mooney hasn’t and he got his own escalation! It is quite strange, he’s so influential to so many players. When I started H2016 I watched a lot of his videos, but I haven’t watched him in so long (except the most recent one because everyone was saying how negative he was)

if you see this Freeze, take a break, but don’t give up on hitman <3

He was but it did not go well. I have been told. I think IO is already following what he does.


MrFreeze2244 and some others are super-fans of Hitman. It is a positive thing that there are those who really care about the game.

The downside is that the same super-fans also take the game more seriously, going up-to-high (cheer-leading content released) and going down-to-low, (being too critical of content too).

Most players are not the super-fans or completionists of all the released content.

There is a LOT of excellent content in Hitman2 and LOTS of replayability of Hitman2 compared to a typical AAA game.

Albeit, some of the content is better than others, but overall there is enough good content in spades.

IOI is warranted congratulations for an excellent product worth every penny.


I still have the opinion that, while it’s fine to be invested in a game, it is still just a game, and beyond offering a product in exchange for the money you paid, IO don’t necessarily ‘owe’ you anything (in which I mean infinite gameplay hours for a single entrance fee, and fame if you like it). If you put in many hours, had fun while doing so, then that’s a fair trade. Anything beyond that is above and beyond, and the whole ‘game as a service’ model is a risky affair where you’re having to constantly add new content so it’s not dying (or perceiving to be), but also understand that it has to end at some point when it becomes financially unviable.

In regards to disappointment about not being recognised, I think they acknowledge him, clearly. But at the same time, the number of negative, really negative remarks about the studio doesn’t make them want to endorse him. Mooney is a lot of fun, and even though he passes comments, it’s done in an overall more positive way. When I worked in community-centric game studios, the worst thing is when you have an influential player who is constantly slagging off your work; do you ignore it and come across like you’re not listening to your audience, or do you engage and in turn make it look like you endorse crappy behaviour as it encourages that attitude from others as it’s seen to work


It sounds like it’s a combination of three things: he’s burned out on the game and bored of it, he strongly dislikes the direction that the game has taken, and he’s upset from receiving hate from haters and dismissal from IOI. These are all distinct issues, but they’ve accumulated into him being done with the game. I don’t think any one of them is the single cause.

That last point is the least significant, but he does complain about IOI neglecting him a little in his video. I do think it’s a little weird. He’s hugely popular among casual Hitman fans, but he’s received barely any acknowledgement from IOI in ways that others have received. I would’ve expected him to be asked to curate contracts or something. He’s super unpopular here on HMF (for reasons that I first bought into but eventually decided are mostly pretty bogus), and I guess he’s unpopular at IOI too.


I think it’s risky when you’re running a channel that only focuses on one game. You give that one game your all and then the game comes to an end. That’s why I think that the same thing would’ve happened if it was the end of Hitman 3.

I agree with bad_stu regarding IO recognizing him.
They have mentioned videos that Freeze made on IO Monthly so his channel is being watched but I don’t know what more can be done to recognize someone.
The same could be said about other Youtube content creators. He got a recorded voiceline from David Bateson and the Collectors Edition from WB which likely was suggested by IO. If that isn’t enough recognizing then I don’t know what is.

A break is always good. Hopefully he can find joy in doing playthroughs/walkthroughs of other games if he really has quit on Hitman.


HITMAN has endless flow of shitty, medium, good and brilliant contracts.
You always can play them.
Also Ghost Mode is a great thing for continue playing HITMAN 2.
So it has no ending


While I think Freeze can be melodramatic over things (takes on to know one! See: any of my posts regarding ETs & ET rewards lol), that really is no different from… almost any other mega fan of the series. These very forums have people who praise an IOI employee for taking a dump on their own and people who shout at clouds over the fact that an IOI employee cracked their knuckle just a little too loudly. Half the time, those people are one in the same.

I’m not sure exactly why he’s unpopular here or at IOI, at least any more so compared to anyone else, but I will say that while IOI may not have paid attention to him in the past, and while he’s apparently not beloved here, IOI should definitely pay attention to him now. Imo, him getting upset with the state of the game is a microcosm of everyone’s (re: a lot of people) dissatisfaction with the content.

Does Hitman need to be supported forever? No. Of course not – I think most people are upset by the quality of the content that’s come out besides the two maps. It’s a bunch of half baked, abandoned ideas like Ghost Mode & ETs & a million minor things like Escalations, Challenge Packs, reskins, etc. Those small things aren’t necessarily bad but only if there’s some more meat to it. I’ve said it before: the season pass should have been $30 for 3 full locations. That’s it. No sniper maps, no random bonus costumes, etc. With that in mind, they shouldn’t have tried to take on both a competitive multiplayer mode AND a completely different cooperative arcade mode, two things never done by them. Without Sniper & Ghost mode & all the minor superfluous stuff, we could have gotten more substantial offerings in the way if post launch content. Paid maps, yes, but also a focus on fixing the bugs, overhauling Contracts mode to add a bunch of the requested features everyone has wanted since forever, & maybe even a single Bonus Episode which would have been better than all four Special Assignments combined.

So yeah, this just further cements how poorly IOI handled not only the game post-launch but specifically with the way they ended it. Had they fixed the bugs (at least one or two of the major ones like barf bins), unlocked the ET suits for everyone as a gift due to the change in plans regarding ETs, along with the ither December stuff they announced, that would have at least made this a lot less upsetting. Would it have stopped Freeze frim getting burned out? No, I’m not sure exactly what he wanted, but more suits definitely wasn’t it & while I’m sure he’s appreciate bug fixes, it might have been too little too late for him to not burn out regardless.

Point is: I think this was a major gaffe by IOI & I sincerely hope they take steps to rectify this mistake. More transparency would help, confirmation that they’re ditching ETs for sure in H3 would also be nice as would them unlocking the suits, etc. It’s a rather sad look going into 2020, Hitman’s 20th Anniversary. We should all be excited for that year & instead there will be no H2 support meaning no anniversary celebration. That means if H3 releases in time for the anniversary, it will do so with people not very thrilled at the current state of things and if H3 doesn’t release until sometime AFTER 2020, there just won’t be any sort of fun celebration, content, anything in 2020. Again, just… not a great look right now.


I think @Bad_Stu put it best here.

I have followed both Freeze and Mooney since HITMAN 2016 first launched. While Mooney has had his disappointments with some decisions made, he has always framed it in positive light. Where as my experience with Mr Freeze videos I can not say the same. Although he may like or eve love IO and their game, the way he talks about them is rather harsh. If I was making a game and people (no matter how influencial) were dumping on it all the time, I would start to push them away too.


I feel for the bloke, it’s his livelihood and he’s received some unfair criticism in the past, every game has a lifecycle though the content winding down was inevitable at some point. I hope he has a well earned break and comes back for Hitman 3

But as for HITMAN 2, they wrapped up support way to fast. Really fast


I can’t say I feel the same way.

Every content creator for years now knows this. You have your Variety streamers who want to avoid being attached to one game and people are there for the one person, and is hard for them to grow because they don’t play one thing consistantly. Other people attach themselves to one game and get followers who love that game but any time they play something else they get way less viewers. This is not new, even Mr. Freeze is aware of it, but hasn’t tried to actually address the problem except play a few other things here and there, and continue complaining about the lack of people watching this other content.

I don’t think supporting a game weekly for over a year, is fast at all. Many places put out a game, maybe do a few patches and just drop it. They have supported the game heavily. I do think it is a bad idea for them to say “no more patches” when they should patch it till tis right.


So why not focus on quality? In this case, there will be no complaints

That’s not what I’m talking about.
I’m talking about the new content stuff. Meaning he has nothing to post anymore. As in the game comes to an end for him when no new stuff is being added.

All games live on, you just have to use what’s remained of it.

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Because your quality is not Suzy’s quality, and neither yours or Suzy’s quality is Johnathan’s quality.

It is impossible to make something that is for everyone. So what do you want to make, something that has the most overlap in being liked? or do you want to make the game you want to make?

If they focused on only what had the most appeal, HITMAN would be a battle royale game. Thankfully its not.


His resignation video made it sound like he was running the channel for the wrong reasons - he sounded extremely bitter when he said that he assumes IO thinks he is a prick (his words) because they haven’t reached out to him to thank him for creating his videos. :confused:

At least that was the impression I got from that end part of the video.

Saying this is kinda rude of him because I believe he was one of the YouTubers/streamers that were given a copy of the game for free when it first released.


Why one can’t upload contracts walkthrough videos?
If I was that active (and was interested in) youtube user, I would’ve done that

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