Multiplayer Beta Improvements

So far I’ve spent about 72 Hours playing Ghost Mode for Hitman Online.

The beta is fun, multiplayer it’s addicting and I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for Ghost Mode Online. The first issue I’d like to address is the bugs that I’ve come across.

1. Respawning and not being able to move Agent 47. We completely have to restart our Game Mode in order to continue playing.

2. Switch uniforms and the clothes warping and glitching across my screen.

3. Getting a noticed kill and still receiving a point bug. I had two notice kills during a game and still had 4 points when I should of had 2.

Now to address improvements to make this game mode more competitive and skill based instead of a rush fest.

1. If a kill is notice, that person should lose a point immediately. Not gain a point and then lose that point off the same target.

2. A notice kill should only count if a civilian sees you commit the crime not if a civilian find a dead body. It makes snipers pointless.

3. Exp should be awarded base off style points when dealing the final blow. Anybody can catch a guy off guard in a bathroom with a chokehold. Let’s catch him with a electric malfunction or chandelier drop and award more XP or even more points per kill.

That’s all I can think of now as far as improvements goes but I really love this mode. I feel like hitman is headed in the right direction. More multiplayer games mode ideas are welcomed. Co-op mission are welcomed as well. Thank you guys for all your hard work. Your staff is appreciated.


There will be a lot of improvements/fixes in October or November when ghost mode for Mumbai is released

I don’t think it will be.
New map release does not guarantee any fixes.
Most likely there will be loads and loads more of new bugs instead.
We’ve experienced this already with Santa Fortuna Ghost Mode release