Mumbai Contracts With No Exit?

I’ve now seen multiple Mumbai contracts with Required Exit that seemingly cannot be exited under any circumstances. I’m not aware of any hidden exits in Mumbai other than the train (which doesn’t work in these), nor of any exits that don’t appear if the conditions aren’t met other than the taxis (and I definitely had enough coins for the various taxi exits). It isn’t a disguise-required exit because at least one of the contracts requires Suit and No Disguise Changes. I can’t exit through the auto-exit streets, I can’t exit via the train, the Crows Nest tunnel exit should appear but be locked if it’s a valid exit, what exits am I missing here?

No one has finished these contracts (including the creators), but they were somehow capable of being registered, so what’s going on here?

Which names do these contracts have?

I guess it’s either a bug or someone has found an Easter Egg exit and hasn’t been sharing.

I’ve figured it out, and it is a bug, so I’ll go ahead and report it in the bug thread.

For the curious: The street exits don’t work. In creation mode, you have to walk up to an exit prompt to escape via the streets, unlike normally where leaving is automatic just by approaching those exits. However, once you actually play the contract, the exit never appears and you cannot leave automatically or by prompt, because no prompt exists.


Signalling @Travis_IOI . Mission Critical Bug here.

To be clear, this only happens with Required Exit when it’s set to one of the two street exits. The street exits work fine if there’s no complication set.

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Has this been fixed? Am encountering the same problem but I thought it had been patched…

I’ve also encountered this issue on Miami.

I’ve just played the contract “Free the Slaves” (PC) and it seems to have this issue, except four people have passed it, so how did they exit??

The Taxi/Tuk-tuk exits require coins, or a certain number of coins. There’s also the crow hideout exit which requires a key.

eta: So maybe one of those…? :confused:

Shouldn’t it show up on the screen though, as locked? (I tried the coins but not the Crows hideout key)