Mumbai ET Concepts (Since IO won't give us any)

Hey everyone. This might be a TLDR subject for many of you, but I did want to at least share with you all what I came up with. Assuming we’re all pretty upset about not getting an Elusive Target in Mumbai, I’ve decided to start writing up some concepts myself. I didn’t go too in-depth with them, simply because I don’t see them turning into anything. But, why the heck not? For those of you who check these out, thanks for reading.


Good evening 47. Your target is The Architect. Rangan Tower’s head of architecture has been quietly exposed of bypassing design flaws in order to save money on expensive building costs. His team has made sure that any engineers who have tried revealing these flaws have been… taken care of. It is your job to take him out, 47. Once he is gone, the tower’s design will be put into someone else’s hands, someone more trustworthy.

Target will be on top floor of the tower but can be routed down 2 sets of stairs in random conversations. Additional security isn’t really needed; maybe a handful of guards added to the top floor.


Good evening, 47. Your target is The Conductor. The slums of Mumbai are swarming with members of The Crows: the revitalized street gang run by Wazir Kale, aka The Maelstrom. Kale has been in negotiations with an arms dealer outside of the city who wants to help supply munitions to his militia. The arms dealer will be arriving in Mumbai via his private train car, along with a security escort of his own. He is due to meet with a team assigned by Kale to negotiate the transfer of weapons and ammunition. Be careful with this 47; the crows, Vanya’s guards and The Conductor’s private security are all in the vicinity of the target.

Target will travel around the trainyard, between the train cars, as well as the shipping containers. In the shipping containers will be the private meeting, where the crows, the target, and the target’s security team will have a brief conversation.


Good afternoon, 47. Your target is The Stunt Double. A sequel to “Mumbai Hero” is aimed to start filming today at Rangan Tower. The crew has welcomed in a new stunt man for the lead actor, without knowing of his criminal past. Dawood has Providence ties with your target, linking to illegal money laundering from gambling, as well as the hijacking of an oil freighter. With another known relative of Providence visiting Mumbai, I leave it in your hands to take care of him. Avoid the added security around the filming area, and make sure you take him out before the Kashmerian gets his shot…

Target can spawn in any of three areas: the dressing room/makeup area, the breakroom (snack area), or the balcony with the movie crew. There will be 2 guards who always escort the target, similar to the guards already in Rangan’s tower. Target makes private phone with Rangan at least once during his general route cycle.


We have a Create your own fan-made elusive target thread already.


2020 and still nothing…
i think there’s going to be no more elusive targets added they are just repeating them. But cool idea’s here.

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Well it’s been confirmed that no more HITMAN 2 Elusive Targets will be happening so.

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oh well…
no bank elusive target, no Mumbai elusive target, no haven island elusive target…
i liked when we got like 12 elusive targets…