Mumbai is Easily the Best Map

I know a few people aren’t really a fan of this map but I’m in love with it. The lighting is awesome, the atmosphere is godly, and the targets are all very interesting, have great kills, and personality. But my favorite thing about this map is how everything is connected—the kashmirian connects to everyone in some form or another, and I love to do the boat kill. Feel free to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, improvements, criticism, and praise.


What a weird way to spell Miami. :upside_down_face:

Joking, Mumbai is my second favorite from H2. I still can’t find my way through the slums without the map though.


Paris is the best map by a landslide however if you are only talking about Hitman 2 then I suppose this is a reasonable argument however I am more of a fan of Whittleton Creek and Miami.


obviously its Colombia > Mumbai > Miami

The only complaint i have about Colombia is that there is no Reference to Codename 47 in the Level (at least not to my knowledge) which is an absolute shame… but who knows if there works at least one Guy still at IO who even played Codename 47 - they straight up love to ignore this Game.


I don’t know about it being the best, as that’s a hard contest, but it is definitely a high ranker, and the fact that it’s a really crowded place where you can’t tell if it’s full of poverty or only seems that way compared to Western ideas of middle class, is a huge feather in IO’s cap for me.

Whittleton Creek?

More like…

Shitleton Creek.

Get it? Cause it’s pure shit? Yeah


Mumbai is my favorite in the game, and up there with the traditions of the trade and hokkaido as my series favorites. The hidden opportunities are actually really cool (i don’t like opportunities in general), and the difficulty feels just right at professional and master. I am really looking forward to play the special mission on the map, even more so than the bank.

You’ll change that opinion when you play it :smile:


Yeah I’ve heard how lame it is, but just looking for an excuse to go back to Mumbai with new challenges :grin:


Yeah what I love about Mumbai is that I had to play it s lot to love it. At first I thought it was the worst but you just have to dig deeper. I’m a big fan of Miami but I strongly dislike whittleton which I’move mentioned in the ranking thread I’ve made.


My biggest complaint with Colombia is the layout is huge and a pain to get around and it’s all so different it feels like a bunch of separate maps which isn’t what the map was going for and not really what I wanted from it either

mumbai is the best? nah, i don’t think that map is better than hokkaido. that map is god tier


It’s good, the best thing it’s got going for it is the variety of areas (So good for more contracts) without having to require ages of walking to get to the next area like Colombia, but it’s not my favourite.

It’s full of so much dummy crowd, the train station isn’t a fun area in my opinion; just guards and servants who can’t do anything except serve tea to specifically two people. Even when there are shops in the game there’s nothing you can do with them, not even in contracts mode, the toilets in the streets can’t be used for drowning/vomiting so they’re basically useless; the streets are full of suit enforcers which isn’t fun when you’re doing not the main mission (Doesn’t make sense). Rangan Tower is okay but it’s a bland construction zone and there’s not much to do and no reason to ever go to the top level, not even as a sniper spot because they’ve blocked all the directions to look out except the construction site/water. The laundry seems like it could be interesting, such as the ability to give workers a break, but that feature doesn’t really do anything, and despite all the water on the ground electricity doesn’t work in it which is a tad annoying.

I could go on but the point is it’s not the best map. I think for Ghost mode it will be the second-best of the three available though.

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I’m readying my pitchfork that level is brilliant. TAKE IT BACK SEAN.


My list for H2 maps only goes like
3.New York
5.Santa fortuna

Facts fite me

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Great job, just you did it backwards.

My list For H2 maps
1: Miami
2: SF
3: New York
4: Wc
5: Sgail
6: Mumbai

Mumbai is a real mess I love rangan’s tower and vanya’s station but slums are just labyrinths it’s been since November that I play the game and I still need the map to find myself in this big mess so for me mumbai is the worst

I don’t really understand all the hate for Sgail if someone could explain. I mean it’s not perfect or anything and the targets are pretty dull in comparison to most others but still it’s a good map with great atmosphere.


The Washington twins are some of the most bland targets in the game, and it’s the only public map in the game to have no SO opportunity, making Master SASO a pain unless you know speedrun strats.
That said, escalations and contracts on it have so far usually been pretty good. But The Ark Society clearly falls behind other missions.

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I also got lost in the slums the first time I played it but after a while you get to know the layout. Just for that I wouldn’t write it off as the worst map. It captures Mumbai slums as the way it is in real life.