Mumbai is probably the most fun map I've played so far

Being a huge fan of the series who played every single game ( including the awful Absolution ), I have to say that Mumbai came in as a pleasant surprise. Finding a mystery person by his voice and behavior without knowing who he is or where. For the first time, it felt like I wasn’t simply hunting another target, but rather somebody smart.

I still loved this game, loved the huge open-area maps, but for the most of it, it didn’t feel like a new game, rather more like a very polished version of Hitman 2016 with some beautiful expansion maps.

I’d love to see more maps where there’s some element of uncertainty involved, killing a target that uses body doubles, traps, misleading moments. A target that has a bodyguard that will track you down at all-costs, following the breadcrumbs you leave behind ( hidden bodies, clothes left on the floor, missing bar tender or a guard who’s usually always there, etc… )

Other things I would love to see is a more non-linear gameplay. Hitman is already no longer following the linear story formula, now it’s more about sandbox-style maps. What if your next target depended on who you killed in the previous (or the choice you made)?

What I’d love to see is more dynamic behavior, like killing a target will fundamentally change the whole scenario, guards being on high-alert, changing their usual routine, doors being locked, security sweeps. Putting you in a more stressful situation where you’re forced to rethink your plans, and adapt to a new situation you didn’t expect. Right now you always know that when you go from A to B, you can always safely go back from B to A, which makes things too easy and therefor boring.

All I’m trying to say is I want to see more of that spice, that element of surprise.

e.g. In the Colombia level, the cartel shouldn’t let you walk out of their place the same way as they don’t simply let you in. Imagine if one of the cartel members in front of the exit had to contact his boss to know if he was allowed to leave or not, that would’ve been much more immersive.


honestly, Mumbai feels like one of the locations that will go down as classics of the franchise


Mumbai is if Marakesh was done justice with a few awesome cool additions like the Kashmirian and Maelstrom


Do not compare Mumbai with Marrakesh please.
Mumbai is much better


The whole vibe of the city was superb, really bustling, lots going on and it also had that neighbourhood feel in quieter places like where you find the Kasmirian.

I liked that the guards where on high alert, 47 could easily blend into nations in Europe and North America, but it was good he stood out and security took notice of a pale and tall caucasian walking through their city.

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After playing Mumbai I have mixed feelings about the entire map. I’ll start out with the positives.
The map is gorgeous and really nails the busy street life aspect of the map with dozens of civilians taking up the screen and allowing plenty of points to conceal yourself.
Okay now what I don’t enjoy about Mumbai.
The map is confusing at first when you see it and you don’t get many hints on what everything does. When I saw the colored brick and checked the challenge for signalling the Maelstrom to meet with Vanya Shaw or Dawood, I thought I just had to throw it into a fireplace or something like that to which I found out that no, you just have to break into the Kashmirian’s computer to even do the challenge. I get that IO doesn’t want people having a walk in the park but it really didn’t give any clues on how to trigger most of the events. Now i’m pretty sure that the other maps in HITMAN 2 can be like this with their challenges (Tree falls on the apple, special delivery, etc).

Mumbai absolutely nails the vibe. It also feels alive, has cool, distinct areas, and has plenty of gameplay possibilities.

So then why is it my least favourite map of H2? I actually don’t know.

One of the best things about Mumbai is the Kasmirian. It’s so great bc it’s unique. Jordan pushes Morgan, but only after a very elaborate setup and one that is not a main story mission.
So really this is a first of its kind bc it has all the different opportunities. You can have him kill either or both for you and each option then opens up a follow on. All that being said, I wouldn’t want this in every level. It’s so amazing bc it’s different. This is true of motorcade interception. It’s not bad that level really only has one solve. It’s fun to have to use the big rifle but it would be lame if it repeated in other levels. I also liken it to side objectives. They can be fun but we certainly don’t want to see them all the time. I love rescuing Smith at a rate of once per game and I think I like having a rival assassin af a rate of once in 3 games

That is exactly what this is, as it is a continued story. However, I love that. I also love this huge map as well.

@Dash, the map is confusing and it should be. Any place you have never been before should be a “puzzle” of sorts. This is part of what makes Mumbai great. Sorry that you do not enjoy it. Me, I love the challenge.

On top of everything, what really makes Mumbai stand out for me is it has some of the greatest kills since I sent a guy in an ejector seat into orbit back in 2016.

While I agree, please do not talk down about Marrakesh. it is still a great map. I was in there yesterday, having a blast.

While you agree I don’t say anything bad of Marrakesh.
I just say this is not the right occasion to compare that two maps, in my personal opinion of course.
I apologize if I insulted anybody.
These two maps are great by it’s own and they don’t deserve to be compared.
But any of you can disagree with me, of course

Well we were also surprised by The Ex-Dictator… :stuck_out_tongue:

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You don’t like crowds? You don’t like dirty slums?
I find myself sometimes avoiding the Mumbai map just because I don’t particularly like the slums. hahaha.

Mumbai is not my favorite map in the game, but it’s by far one of the best Hitman 2 maps to fuck around with. It’s success factor is probably the variety in the level. From the underground sewers to the high skycraper. This level is so big that there’s always something to do. Either carrying your packed up sniper around the chawles dressed up as the Kashmirian or silently murdering your way up the Rangan tower without anyone noticing. This level is good for all playstyles. Can spend a lot of hours in this one just by doing stupid shit when I’m bored. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It definitely racked up the most hours for me. :slight_smile:

It’s my favorite map too. What makes it #1 for me is the great use of the new crowd hiding mechanic in the slums and the Maelstrom. The fact he hides in plain sight as a civilian is simply genius!

Can’t beat those snail vendors :smile: I also love Marrakesh, so many funny details and story lines. Mumbai is different but also one of my favs in season 2, they did a great job creating a buzzing city with highly contrasting areas like Rangan’s new tower vs. Vanya’s overgrown train station.

Sounds like a comparison to me.

Not a big fan of Mumbai honestly. But I might grow into it yet.

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I found Marrakesh really underrated to be honest, I know it “dIdNt UtiLisE tHe MarKet aReA” but the consulute and school were very well done areas and the opportunties that cause the targets to move around the map like cherry blossom ,honey comb and down the rabbit hole added an extra layer of verticality to the targets on top of some already fun kills. I absolutely LOVED Stranberg’s speech to 47 about “idiots who drink wine on a Tuesday and say how they’ve made it, I own a private jet, I have made it”. Clause in particular was an awesome target for the hitman franchise and I found Marrakesh on par with that of Sgail or Santa Fortuna. Maybe not Mumbai or Whittleton tho


A Guilded Cage utilises its market area better than WoT utilises 50% of Sapienza.