Mumbai SASO

Share your Mumbai strategies here in order to help new players out. Saw a WC thread for this and made something similar.
My personal go to usually involved the kashmirian. It’s actau possible to use him to kill Rangan and Shah SASO, and to sneak into the hideout and kill Kale there.

have the kashmirian kill dawood then kill the other two and escape with the train. there’s almost no risk of getting spotted, especially with the train kill


That was my original method it’s a ton of fun to pull off

Kale flag + poison kill
Shah and Rangan with boat kill. Easy and fast. Boat exit.


Easy easy


Sniper Assassin SA/SO if interested.

In case I ever want to do Mumbai SASO as easily as possible, I go with what @djukak said. It’s ridiculously easy SASO and you only need a pistol and lethal poison, so yay.

The only two downsides? Firstly, there’s only 1 minute of actually playing and 3 minutes of waiting: But if you take an explosive and put it near the boat (I think), you could do something else in the mission for 3 minutes and then just detonate it. Another downside is that for a short part, if done fast enough, DIANA WON’T SHUT THE HELL UP! See video.

(excuse the audio delay in the second half)


This is ingenious :slight_smile:


My unnecessarily long method involves getting the kashmirian to kill rangan and shah then to kill kale in his room in the crows hideout.
For my master run I got kale in a puddle with a car battery and rangan and shah with the boat. For players who don’t know how to kill them with the boat (this included me when I did my initial run on professional) throw a brick into the metal flamey thing (shoosh I don’t know what it’s called) in the metalwork building near the laundrette and the targets will meet up

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My strat for a SA/SO is :
First, take care of Vanya Shah - I stealthy penetrate the train station (with a lockpick), go through the broken window, subdue the guard who checks the video tapes. Then, I wait and when Vanya washes her face, I drown her.
Next, I rise the Kale’s flag and poison his drink.
Finally, I take benefit of the Kashmirian to get rid of Dawood. I prepare his scope, go to the Dawood’s tower, trigger the painting scene and then, let the Kashmirian doing what he’s paid for.
Clean and safe :slightly_smiling_face:

Mumbai Master SA/SO Guide

Super easy, pretty much failproof and relatively fast with a time of around 2:30.

@Honzas4400 Not a second of waiting time with this strat, just pure non-stop action, but still incredibly easy. Plus when you time it right Diana asks if you’re showing off again, which is funny.


Feels to me like it isn’t THAT easy. Or, in better words - you need to remember quite a bit of stuff. But still great strat for sure :+1:

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It’s not that bad really, and it’s hard to screw it up. Start boat, pick up breacher, retrieve brick, place phone, throw brick to trigger the targets, set up the car battery, call phone, pick up propane and propane + breacher Vanya.

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I pretty much did this exact thing when I got SASO, except I didn’t bring poison that run so I had to knock the maelstrom’s girlfriend out with a brick while he was telling everyone to leave, so I could fiber-wire him. Dawood’s area is surprisingly easy to sneak into once you realize the windows upstairs lead to the higher floors via climbing.

That’s one of my favorites just because it’s awesome. It’s a shame that it takes twenty plus minutes

Yeah, I get it. I mean, it would definitely be easy to do once you get the hang of it. Like most stuff in Hitman is :smiley: Like I said though, great strat for sure :slight_smile: