Murder Mystery Game 🔎

Three Ways To Play…

1️⃣ Create Your Very Own Mystery

Create your own murder mystery story. Others then try to solve your mystery. Add a setting— characters with some backstory to them— some hints or clues, riddles, etc… as the writer, you obviously know how the story ends and who the killer is… it’s up to other forum members to attempt to solve it how you saw/wrote it. The person who solves the mystery then goes on to make their own story for others to try and solve.

2️⃣ Welcome To Thornbridge Manor...

This way requires using ONLY the Dartmoor map in H3. A member posts some screenshots and adds them in their post. The goal is to “make a scene” anywhere on the map. Post it, and see if people can solve the mystery…

For Example: Have any NPC or NPC’s killed (using a certain weapon) try to guess how they were killed (gunshot, knife, etc.) maybe have 3 or more weapons laying out (one of which was the murder weapon) and see if someone can guess.

Place certain objects in various places throughout the map (Objects that are only obtainable on this particular map) and see if someone can figure out where exactly you got them, both to & from.

Take a photo of an NPC or object anywhere in the map and see if another member can replicate that very photo.

(I would like to add more to this in the future, so some ideas are definitely welcome @Nazareth ? :grin: you always have good ideas, maybe let’s hear some?)

3️⃣ HMF Murder Mystery Game

This way requires eleven (11) members max to start (it can be less) Ten members volunteer to play and one volunteers to be the “host.”

Once we have ten volunteers, the Host will Immediately PM all ten members to give them their roles.

  • Guest (7)
  • Detective (2) — Healer
  • Murderer (1)

Only the Host will know the Identities of everyone… each day… the “murderer” Will PM the Host on who they wish to “kill.” ONLY ONE KILL CAN TAKE PLACE WITHIN 24 HOURS.
Once the murderer chooses, it’s the job of the host to publicly say who was killed in a post. It’s the job of the guests to communicate with one another, either in a PM or in the thread publicly. Never say what your roles are obviously and be careful who you trust!.. The “Detectives” Are no different from guests, but detectives also have the power to bring back one of the already deceased as long as they are alive. (Detectives tell the Host who they wanna bring back.) However, once the detectives are killed, no more members can be “brought back” at that point forward. The game ends when the killers ID is finally revealed. After every incorrect guess, the killer will strike. Choose carefully… Finally, The Host may also throw out hints / clues here and there to either help or steer members in the wrong direction. That’s entirely up to the host.

When taking a final guess on who guests think the killer is, all guests must be in agreement on that person. If everyone can’t come to an agreement, a poll can be made and guests may vote.

Just specify which way you wanna play before beginning ( 1, 2, 3 )


Wow, I get the idea here but it seems a bit complicated to pull off. Then again, I thought the same about the Monopoly and Poker game threads so I guess it’s possible. But I don’t have any ideas at the moment.


Thanks man… yeah, for the most part 1 & 3 are pretty much set. Maybe needs tweaking here and there. But won’t know for sure until things get going. I’m always prepared and willing to make changes if need be. But 1 & 3 are pretty much what it is. Number 2 still needs work and I would like to add more ideas to that one later. But yeah, if you do (or anyone else for that matter) have ideas to add to it or change something, let me know and we can see what happens. If anything at least we have option :one: set in stone. So we can all play that in the meantime.

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Hmm, it may be that you’ll need to start a game and we can figure things out as you go along. Trial by error. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright, well I’ll volunteer to be the host. We just need 10 more members to volunteer to play (it don’t need to be 10. 8 would work too.)


Alright, why not, I’ll give it a try. :ok_hand: Nine more to go.


I’ve played some things like this before and it’s always been a blast :smiley:

Im in :+1:



I’m game.



I appreciate that, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here lmao still gotta see how this plays out. It sounded interesting in my head lol let’s see how it actually pans out. :crossed_fingers:


Still need a few more volunteers.
As I said, it don’t have to be ten. Ten is the max, but imo anything below 7 or 8 would just make the game go by super fast. Let’s try to get at least four more players.


Can’t say that I have any experience with this kinda thing but I do love a good mystery story, so I’m in



Ooo this sounds like it will be fun. I’m in.



Sounds great (although I still don’t get it…) - I’m in!


Well I am also in! I think the third way sounds pretty fun, but I’ll participate in any of them. :grin:



Okay we have all of our guests!


7 should be good, we’ll see…

I sent a PM to all of you that I tagged. Inside the message you will see “your role”


Only I (The Host) knows the true identity of all “guests.”

7 guests total… 2 Detectives and 1 killer is amongst you. Be careful who you trust… and enjoy the party!

As a reminder: The “murderer” must PM me (the host) on who they wish to “kill.” Then I will announce it in this thread… Detectives have the power to also PM me and let me know who they wish to “revive” from the dead. I will also announce that that person is now indeed alive and back in the game.

Both Kills AND revivals are limited to only ONE in a 24 hour period. Also remember the killer don’t have to strike every single day, but they can’t go longer than 72 hours (3days) without a kill. If that happens it happens, there are no “penalties” but let’s try to keep it at a max of three days.

Guests may talk amongst themselves, either in the thread here, or privately in a PM… but again, be careful who you trust!

When taking a final guess on who you all think the killer is, everyone must be in agreement on that person. (Perhaps we should use polls with this?) When a guess is made, the killer must strike (unless your cover as the killer is blown at this point)

Game continues until the “killers” ID has been revealed. Good luck!


Attention guests…

I can’t say who, but one of you — a Detective, has informed me that their firearm has been stolen from their bedroom. Please be extremely cautious and keep an eye out for any unusual activity. That is all…

The firearm is a model 629 Smith & Wesson revolver.

Please note:

while we wait for the killer to strike, as guests, feel free to chime in this thread with “game related dialogue“ for example, maybe you’re not a Detective, but want others (for some reason) to think you are… or chime in and say you saw or found something to add to the “story” (blood on something, object missing or found, someone acting strange, etc… be creative with this!) it’s all made up… make believe, just for fun. You don’t necessarily need to have an “agenda” to do this. Just something to help keep the game interesting. Or… maybe “accuse” someone of being somewhere and see how that person responds while under pressure etc. Or maybe someone else would chime in saying something like “well that’s impossible because (blank). Let’s see what happens!


Interesting discovery…

I was in my office and found a letter that was wrote to ME (the host) stating the following…


It’s interesting because it wasn’t here until after all the guests showed up… what’s even more interesting is how one of the guests here also incorrectly used the word YOU’RE on their invitation…

Coincidence…? I’ll leave it to the guests to decide…


Fuck, someone’s threatening the host already? You must throw shitty parties. :smile:


Lmao I’m not accusing anyone here, just thought it was worth mentioning… now that I think about it, it could be the butler who did it… he’s not too bright and he is upset with me at the moment after beating him in a game of poker last week for five thousand dollars. :laughing:


Why are you taking 5 thousand dollars from your own butler?


Obviously because he’s a cheap bastard trying squeeze out some free labor. :wink: