Music of Hitman (2016)


Now that we’ve come to the end of the first full season if Hitman, I just wanted to take a moment and commend the sound team for the absolutely fantastic score for this game; It captures the mood of the game PERFECTLY. I’ve played many, many videogames in my time, but there are only two that cause an involuntary grin to cross my face every time I boot up them main menu and hear those first few notes- Halo CE, and Hitman. Incredible job- @Travis_IOI, please pass on my heartfelt thanks to sound team.


I wish I shared your joy for the OST.

And with that I’ll leave this thread for I have nothing else to add.


Hahahaha- I know the OST seems to be controversial- it seems that I benefit from not having played previous Hitman’s and coming at this one without the bias of “It’s not like the older ones”


The only thing the OST is “guilty” of is perhaps not living up to Jesper Kyd’s work. When you’ve had the best video game composer working today, anything else seems like a downgrade.

That said, I have a lot of love for the score. It’s more tonally consistent than Absolution. I always feel like such a badass when leaving a mission successfully and hearing that theme play - You know the one.


I love the soundtrack so much, I’ll be buying it when it comes out with the disc release. Only thing is I wish there were more ambient level tracks (especially one for Bangkok) but the ones we have are great.


Yeah, I was a little disappointed to hear the same themes in Bangkok from Paris.


I have a feeling Hitman 4 was the last we’ve seen of Jesper Kyd in the franchise.


Possible. But to quote Kyd himself, “You never know in this business…”


I see alot of people playing older games music when they play Hitman 6. Problem with that strategy is that back in the day even in hitman 2 (Not sure about 1), the soundtrack was in cue with the players actions. Like when people were getting suspicious a special track was played.

That’s just not as good unless one can make a program to take cues from in game memory to change to a suitable track.


I don’t the actual music that’s in there is too bad, I just dislike the lack of music during gameplay. The old games had full tracks playing during gameplay, now there are only short 5-second snippets occasionally.


I miss Jesper Kyd too.
But to be fair Hitman 2016 had good game sound design. There is lack of real music and variety though.


I think the music is fine… its just not what I want in a Hitman game. That being said the menu theme is excellent.


I was a bit disappointed to learn Kyd had not composed the score.
Having said that, the music hasn’t been bad at all. Apart from the “in game” music (such as runway music, bar music, the francesca seduction theme, the “ritorna a me!”, etc - which were all superb) and The Class (I love them), the background score is pretty decent.


The music isn’t bad, there just isn’t enough. I thought Japan had good music, it really added to the atmosphere.

I’d be stoked if Kyd returned,


Music was one of big hallmarks of hitman. It was a prominent feature of the game that was praised. Now it’s just casual music compared to what we had before.


It’s a long time ago I disagreed with someone this bad. If you look to the classics this music is bad. #BringbackKyd


@RedwoodLynx Check this Review out, maybe you’l get a small taste of what is bothering these fans


I hope to God, that a full high quality version of the announcement trailer’s track is gonna be on the CD. If it’s not, I’m going to be so annoyed the best track gets ignored.


Hippie apartment music was the best IMO. Highly doubt that will be on the OST either


I think the music fits the tone of the game, as Kyd’s music suited the older games.
I am definately looking forward to a soundtrack, I hope it gets released digitally as well.