Music of Hitman (2016)


I am not saying that it should be strictly Kyd. But it should be people who are talented, who take care of a legacy and really love their work. You can always feel that, as oppose to others who feel like they are just paid/hired composers.
The only other time they absolutely Nailed it was when they composed the track for Hitman: Sniper
You know the composers did their actual homework and had their inspirations from jespyr kyd. The track they nailed is not forgettable, it can be refered to years in the future just like the works of Kyd today in video game history. look at their comments.

Refer to This Thread made by Studio manager Square Enix where the audio guys, also had their say:


There’s too few recognizable themes in this game, each location should really have a unique flavour and that’s just not there for a lot of missions. That really is the thing that’s holding the soundtrack back. And it’s a pity because the actual music implementation is pretty great, I remain continually impressed by just how reactive the soundtrack is. As an example- something I only noticed recently is there’s this ominous string piece that keeps getting louder and louder the longer you keep a melee lock on someone. Gave me chills!

HITMAN even has a really cool main theme but it’s rarely used. The only time I’ve really heard it play properly is escaping The Icon, a beautifully suspenseful piece with some Eastern European elements in there that hark back to the old games. If they could use that as a sort of light motif in other locations, tweaking it to use instruments from the place you’re visiting, it would work wonders for the score. Hopefully they’ll look into it for future seasons.


Amazing 10/10 some of the greatest music I ever heard (legit.)

Tension factor 0/10. Absolution music was my least favorite and even it was tense.
Colorado’s wwas tense but really fast paced (which was okay for the level I guess.)
Hokkaido seemed to hit the mark.


I’ll forward a link to the thread, if they haven’t seen it already.


I agree with what has been stated above, once you had the best of the bests composing your music, everything else that isn’t his feels a bit unqualified; but that’s not it. I do like the music in hitman 2016. I find it great! The combat, infiltration, the way the game loads some sort of drama sound effects when you walk by an enforcer… overall it is very flawless (except for repeating Paris on Bangkok, and repeating ICA Final Test on Marrakesh. That was dumb AF of them to do).


Serious question: why did Kyd stop componing for the series?


When they were making Absolution, they didnt even ask him to compose…
Just like Bateson, they didn’t even bother, only after fan outcries they brought him back in Absolution

idk why…


Fucking crooks they are. Are they insane? @Travis_IOI what happend? I want him back :cry:


Yeah that’s a downside, but for me it’s the best experience. I actually really like the theme it plays in Hitman 2016 when you are on your way to the exit after completing the hit, it’s pretty satisfying.

Problem for me is, that’s like the one memorable track and they just reuse it? I like the levels each to have their own music. Hokkaido has some nice audio cues throughout but it’s like barely there most of the time.

I was thinking though, speaking of spotify, it would be a cool idea to have level-specific playlists and fit songs to different levels. Spent some time trying to find some stuff made by other artists that would fit as well but it’s pretty tricky


Kyd was extremely busy and IO obviously wanted someone to work in house on the dynamic score. What’s crookish about that?


[quote=“Quinn, post:31, topic:12069, full:true”]

Kyd was extremely busy and IO obviously wanted someone to work in house on the dynamic score. What’s crookish about that?
[/quote]This. I don’t know how it is now but the music in Hitman is not the right music. We need Kyd in our lives.


I agree with @Danger_dog_guy_7.

Kyd is the soul and father of Hitman and Assassins Creed Soundtracks.
Its funny to see how the community of Hitman and AC fight for Kyds return. I read each time in the Hitman and as well the Assassins Creed Forum, that everyone says that Kyd must come back for the soundtrack. :slight_smile:


This is your gift. Your gift, and your curse. Touching franchises only by leaving them and making people mad when you do.


Unrelated… but the NFSMW (2005) cop chase soundtrack… I think I read somewhere, years ago, that it was Kyd’s but I never heard of him working for EA until then. Was it his?


I just made a post on r/Hitman about the soundtrack. I think the OST needs to shift in Season 2. I pretty much said I want either the current composer to try to emulate Kyd’s work while also bringing his own chops, breathing his own creative direction into it. A good compromise I think?


Wasn’t a big fan of the soundtrack of the first four episodes. I think it was a bit too ‘tame’. But since Colorado they got me. Especially with that awesome piece here:


there are only three tracks i like: the announcement trailer music, the HITMAN intro music, and the ICA test and the icon escape music.


I wish they got whoever did the announcement music to do this game’s OST. THAT guy really gets Hitman.


IDK, it seems unfitting to have an action theme signify a story revelation. Personally I would have used something that’s slower, more suspenseful, like Before the Storm. Even the Hitman: Contracts theme works there.


For me it’s the briefing music when it ramps up.

Never stops making me giddy.