Music of Hitman (2016)


I’m not the fan of the overall soundtrack but I have to admit I just LOVE this piece


That’s the only track that vaguely resembles the music from the announcement trailer, it’s got that same sorta mix of electronic rhythm and metal clanking going on, just WAY more subtle (like 90% of the music in this game is).


I gotta say that over the months the soundtrack grew on me. I don’t like Sapienza/Marrakesh but Paris, Hakkaido and especially Colorado I really, really like.

I also love the briefing music when it lasts longer and eventually gets more intense.

The mission accomplished one I’m sick of at this point.

Main menu is pretty dope too.


I just saw that Kevin Macleod did the music for HITMAN.

y tho


That was royalty free music in the documentary I think. Nothing in the game.


Yes you’re probably right. It already sounded unlogical to me that Macleod did the music.


Almost thought we had gotten some awesome new ambient music in this mission, turns out it was just the Italian singer’s voice muffled in the background. And then I heard the same 3 second snippets of music from Paris. Oh.


I always found that the first 50sec of the world of assassination song is very simular to the Lost world OST’s first minute and a half, that I love by the way, not a complaint…


The Bangkok hotel area theme always reminded me of this track.


The music in this video was really good.


Love this song!!
Would’ve been an awesome menu theme!!


That was Jesper Kyd.


I hear that alot, but is there actually any proof that it is? Or is this just a case of “it sounds like his style, so it must be him”?


Hit me with that source anytime you want.


I’m pretty sure if he had been involved IOI would’ve wanted to exploit the publicity and wouldn’t hide that fact. So the only possibility was they’d licensed something he did previously if it actually is his music, really doesn’t seem like it though. Pretty sure I’ve listened through all of Kyd’s published albums and couldn’t identify anything similar to that trailer.

I mean there’s always the possibility it was bought from some site like ProductionTrax or AudioMicro, but that would mean IO / Square have potentially the best video editors in the world to have cut together that trailer. I’m not sure I buy that. The music had to have been some custom-made piece and not a stock track, since it’s so well-timed to the action onscreen. But if that’s the case why isn’t it on the album? Why is it so different to the music in the actual game? Same with the legacy music as well, played again on the documentary but stylistically very different to the majority of the game’s themes.

There were two composers on Absolution (at least), but only one apparently for HITMAN ™ judging by the soundtrack album art. so maybe the other guy left half-way through and they couldn’t or didn’t want to use his stuff anymore?


If Kyd doesn’t come back, Amon Tobin is a serious contender.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory had such a unique and badass sound to it - a lot darker than HITMAN though.


Trailer music definitely wasn’t Kyd.


I reckon who ever made it took serious vibes from Kyd for sure.

I’d say it’s not Kyd’s due to the fact it wouldn’t have used such a terrible sounding snare. Legit only gripe with that piece, it’s by far the best and should have been included in the OST.


Lol I always thought that too


There was a snare? I must be deaf.