Music of Hitman (2016)


why isn’t the music for this trailer in the ost directory?

or this one?

or this?


Yeah, I actually really like the “Legacy” trailer theme a lot. Was a bit disappointed it wasn’t included.


agree, Chaos Theory is a game that feels very personal in almost every aspect, very well crafted, have my doubts if Amon Tobin could bring a similar OST with the feel of a Hitman game. But who knows…

Now I have to try this track with Hokkaido level


Or this one. Sounds amazing.


Kind of random, but I left the game running on a “mission failed” screen and found that I actually really prefer this to the standard main menu music, it’s darker and less “uppity”.


Another random note, the music for most of the game is actually fine but the base Sapeinza score is awful.


I really love the music of Patient Zero, hope IOI will release the ost someday.




This is also a very good one:

One of my favorites :slight_smile:



I don’t get why anyone would praise the soundtrack for Hitman '16. It’s so bland it hardly deserves a mention. Not bad or anything, just… there. It’s one step above non intrusive background ambience. Neatly tailored to fit whatever you’re doing, but by no means memorable. Why would anyone want a soundtrack with that? Do you also buy ‘soundtracks’ with elevator music?

And how many songs would said soundtrack have? Three? Every level is just a slight variation on the same theme. The fact some people are actually rating the music of each level, as if there’s some major difference, makes me think there’s something I don’t get (maybe I’m getting old or something).

I’d routinely replay levels in Blood Money just in the hopes a specific track would start playing. I think I know all the melodies and compositions by heart. With this new music I’m left hoping there will be a way to mod in the old scores (although I’m not holding my breath).


Yeah boi, that shit is banging


Reminds me of playing it when it just released.