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Post about your recent discoveries and recommend music to people with similar tastes.

I’ve been hooked on The Gun Club for the past six months or so. It’s a mix of post punk, blues and country.

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It’s nothing new to me, but I’ve been jamming to Alice in Chains recently. Has anybody heard their new stuff with DuVall? I haven’t had a good listen to God Put Dinosaurs Here yet but, they usually put out great content so I’m not worried about it.


Honestly, i’ve not listened to any of their post-Layne stuff.

I keep going back to the new Sabbath album, 13. It’s a bit same-y but it does the job.


Is Ozzy with them again?


Yup. Although I suspect a little Auto-Tune here and there.


Considering how fucked up he is now, I can’t blame him.



Road To Zion… what a great track that is.


my favorite songs at the moment… Which I Think Rock!


A sort of progressive/deephouse remix of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy


Cee-lo has a great voice but, I never particularly liked Crazy.


Yesterday I went to my dad’s basement and found his old grammophone and heaps of old records from the 60’s-90’s. Been listening to those old The Doors, Pink Floyd and Beatles records all day. There’s just something charming about it…


I hear you on that @Silentguy. I inherited my dad’s old record player and his records some time ago. Really cool stuff from back in the day. Jimi Hendrix and Dire Straits and the like. I’ve kinda fallen in love with that classic rock sound. You should check out Graveyard from sweden, they’re really good. And if you like long and funky jams you should listen to Causa Sui from Denmark. They are very underrated! Here’s a link:


Ah, yes. Causa Sui is awesome, thanks for putting it out here, I’d almost forgot about them! I know what to listen to tonight then.
Are you playing any music yourself by any chance @Pissfloyd?


Wow, you knew them already @Silentguy. I thought I was the only one haha :smile:

Yeah, I jam with a couple of guys. Just your typical rock band stuff with a lot of covers. The latest one we did was a shortened version of Pink Floyd’s Echoes. Really nice song. We’re going to see a new practice space this monday and I’m really excited about that.
Other than that, I’m trying to make a little electronic music with my computer but I suck so hard at it. Well, practice makes perfect.

What about you, do you play yourself?



I’m super interested in music aswell, currently looking for someone to play with, since my band is now disbanding due to graduation next week. 2 of the band members are moving cross-country and traveling for several months, so we’ve called it a day. I play drums, and I’m trying to teach myself a bit of guitar and bass, though I’m far from able to play anything serious.
I’m going to attend “Vig Musikhøjskole” this January, so I’m quite excited for that aswell.
I’ve thought about getting into some electronical composing, but I’ve no idea where to start atm.
Throw some of your work out here, I’m interested! :smiley:


You can hook up with @Fleur - as I remember long ago said he played rock music as well?


Nice! Sad to hear about your band is disbanding. I know how hard it is to find someone to play with! But you will likely meet someone at Vig. Oh, and you’ll learn guitar and bass with ease. It’s always the rythm aspect that people can’t get the hang of but since you’re a drummer you shouldn’t worry about that. And the rest is just basic muscle memory. You don’t have to learn music theory but it’s nice to know anyway.

I don’t think the world is ready for our music yet haha but here it is:

(keep in mind that these are our old recordings made with an iphone. with shitty computer drums)


@JohnnyDrama His band is/was Tainted Lady here’s a link to the one song I know of.!/search/song?q=Tainted+Lady+Can't+Stop+Me+Now


It’s really cool to see that you guys remember my band! Very humbling. We just made a music video actually:

You’re very welcome to like our page.