Music Thread


Oh I’m sorry what? New Rammstein album? Well fuck my plans for the weekend! :heart_eyes:


So far they have released 4 new songs, Zeig Dich isn’t on YouTube yet.


Stripped isn’t new, they only reuploaded it, bc YT took it down cuz of nudity tho, right? (I remember that music video from a DVD i had as a kid i think)


It’s on Spotify. That is all I need :grin:


You are absolutely right, it isn’t new. Oddly I have never heard it before recently and with the release of Radio and Deutschland.

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Some time ago I was asked to record a mix in cosmic vibes.
Hardly doubt I succeeded in this endeavour, but however it turns to be a good mix, so have a listen

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One of MGMT’s more recent song. Prolly my fav track of their most recent album.


I really like that and When You Die.


The whole album is so great, was my favorite album of last year. I could honestly never get into that song, but I like the theme of it, especially with the beats

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I dance to this album with a knife


When it comes down to it I’m just a Nick Cave stan and not much more.

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After numerous guest spots and covers, been waiting years to see what this kid can finally do on a full length studio album and he doesn’t disappoint! Although, at the ripe old age of 20 I guess we can’t call him a child prodigy anymore!

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I give you, Punjabi music ding ding.MP3


My brother showed me this

And I just love it

Heres another one from the same guy, be warned if you have epilepsy