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That dog was cute.

Sadly, Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains will be ending in 2 episodes. Its been a good show and a good run, and a bit sad it ended half a year earlier that alot of the other Yu-Gi-Oh shows lasted. Will be cool to see what Yu-Gi-Oh 7 will be like next year. Anyway, I adore the Japanese soundtrack for it, I may buy the whole thing on iTunes eventually. One of my favourite tracks:

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Chelsea Wolfe has done it again. Her new album Birth of Violence came out today and it is spectacular.

Made by the Brother of a good friend of mine.
I dig it, especially the beginning.
Apparently he’s doing some tour for Fred Perry now.

Underrated band.

Underrated band.

You are right. Nobody hates Nickelback as strongly as they should.

Relax I am (mostly) joking


I decided to do the Hip-Hop.

Am I doing it right?


A piece of early noughties Grindcore History. The lovely, soulful, spiritually blissful band Ed Gein with their seminal album “It’s A Shame A Family Can Be Torn Apart By Something As Simple As A Pack Of Wild Dogs”.

What a great title theme for a great show

Reggie Noble,The Funk Doctor, back with another single from his long awaited album “Muddy Waters Too”.

Really enjoying the release (finally!) of the Mr. Robot S3, Pt2 soundtrack.

Listening good music

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Investigate 311

311 was an inside job!

Just saw Baby Driver, cool movie.

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