Music Thread

My brother had a fear of this movie as a kid.
I had the more rational fear of possessed killer dolls, but that didn’t last.

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Don’t worry I hear that is the natural reaction to watching any given Child’s Play sequel.

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Nothing is entertaining about this series and I will admit it.

Finally someone else who gets it.

My parents got me the series on Blu Ray for Christmas and I gave the most underwhelming reaction to it. I was more excited for the Age 4+ 78 Piece Star Wars LEGO Set then I was for a Blu Ray set.


One of the many reasons why I love this DLC.

This DLC kept breaking for me and I couldn’t progress. I eventually gave up. :confused:

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Can you feel the female version of yourself when you listen to Dean? Do you feel it? That’s your ovaries bursting over his voice.

Myrkur - Folkesange

This’ll be out in a few months.

This album is gonna be mad.


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omniboi - Spring St.



This is a tough question.


Well I would have to assume it is “…to break free” since (at least in my country) it gets the most air time. But I suppose we could use record sales as well.