Music Thread



Itoldyouiwouldeatyou - Oh Dearism

Emotive math-punk with heartfelt lyrics focusing on LGBT issues amongst other things

Jo Quail - Exsolve

One woman with a Cello, yet sounds like something between a full blown rock band and an orchestra. Unbelievable.

Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals - Oxnard

Hugely talented multi-instrumentalist releases another album of hits, bringing sunny California weather to England in November

Architects - Holy Hell

The first new album for these British metalcore mainstays since their guitarist passed away from cancer in 2016. His musical footprint is all over the album and its hugely emotional as a result.


I heard some cool old school hip hop featuring some of Jesper Kyds samples from the Hitman games. I think the dude said he made a whole mixtape using Kyd Samples. Ill Link it if I find it.


I bloody love my radio



I love this song, was on the radio earlier, glad I was reminded of it.




Any Falco fans in the forum? The musician I miss most of them all, nobody inspired me as much as he did.




Toby Fox nailed it again with his new game.



Something reminded me of this song, and I just had to hear it again!



Truly the greatest thing humanity has created



lmao this is madness


Lol, I can dig it.

Just your everyday funky, jazzy, uptempo swamp blues, hardcore rock n’ roll song!



I saw them play it live last night and just laughed my head off throughout the song - The whackiness reminds me of Mr Bungle