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God o’le radio


Team Sonic Racing at the moment is looking like it will be, at best, an average arcade racer. However, it has been revealed that both Tee Lopes and Hyper Potions have been working on tracks for the soundtrack, both of whom contributed to the Sonic Mania soundtrack. So at the very least, TSR could have a fantastic soundtrack.


DiCaprio 2 is fucking great


The bass, tone, synths absolutely mean and amazing. Imagine this track being played in Himmapan :smile:


Too 2000ish to fit in the new game.


Some old school shit


I prefer my classical music on their intended instruments, but god fucking damn does this sound amazing! maybe Beethoven intended for this piece to be played on the electric guitar :thinking:


Any Clutch fans???


Are they the guys whose song plays in the biker bar in Contracts?


Jep! thats how I found them :smile:




Gah, all you young people with you hippity hop and your heavy metals, Here is so music from the one true genre… Rock!



Know what I can’t stand? Man Machine Music by Metallica and Lou Reed!


Nice choice of Rock. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank my dad for that.:grinning:


I haven’t listened to much solo Reed except for Blue Mask and Transformer. I agree it’s a shame it was his last record though.