Music Thread





New LA DISPUTE music. They’re putting out an album in Spring 2019. This is gonna be good.



That time of year for Death Cab


I used to be on a ‘psytrance/psybient’ kick about 10 (give or take) years ago, something brought this song to my mind, had to hear it again.

And another one… Oh man!


My #1 most played song of 2018 according to Spotify.

Had this on a lot during the summer… World Cup, heatwave, ice cold beer and this on blast!
Good times :smile:


Happy Birthday Tom Waits, 68 years young


No prizes for guessing who mine was!




RIP Jun Seba


Oh yeah the only good song GTA V’s Radio Los Santos.:joy:


First you talk about Smoke from MK and now GTA’s music? You sir are full of blasphemy!


Don’t deny it Naz! V has the worst soundtrack since LCS. It does not have the genre variation of IV or its episodes, the contextual/historical ties or variation of SA, the era ties or advertising humour of VC or VCS. Even the talk radio is terrible! But nothing will beat Gardening With Maurice soon.


I think Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools and A$AP Ferg’s Work were pretty good


Oh yeah I like Swimming Pools as well. Basically whenever Lamar is on the radio (Kendrick that is) it lives up to its predecessor. For me at least it is hard to top a station that had Express Your Self on it.



Another song I just heard on the radio