Music Thread



Oh? You know the songs of my people. I am impressed.


Happy New Year


Was at a blues bar for New Years. So I’m in the mood:

John Lee Hooker is a legend


That deep voice is iconic!


Fucking love it. Iconic is right!


The man that started it all for me -the man that started my love affair with the Blues some 26 years ago when ‘Boom Boom’ appeared in a UK advert for Lee jeans… it was re-released/charted on the back of the ad and reached a whole new generation of followers, me included.

Shortly after that “The Blues Collection” monthly magazine started up (1st copy featured a CD of his greatest hits) I bought my copy and the rest as they say is history…

My favourite Bluesman of all time. :sunglasses:


You are a gentleman of fine taste.

Boom Boom went pretty well with Far Cry 5 's trailer from E3 of 2017!


My little JLH vinyl collection (I have a few more on CD obvs)



Respect dude!!!



Because it’s a Hitman classic, and for some reason I’d been playing it a lot on New Year’s Day.



Bitch I am here to out 'Nam you.:joy:


You can’t OutNam me motherfucker!


Bitch my country actively fought in the war. Ain’t happening


You might be able to outnam me…

But you definitely can’t OutYugoslav me


Given that Yugoslavia now only exists in Putin’s mind neither of us are Yugoslav. But if you wanna dance… I’ll do the Mazurka in circles.




Bitch I’ve already got my accordion