Music Thread


Pretty interesting war of the tunes happening here. Keep it up gent’s. :smile:






I can’t help but feel the disparity of those two songs you picked.



Can’t believe it took me so long to listen to Marriages, considering I’m a little obsessed with the music of Emma Ruth Rundle lately. Great band



Seriously it feels like this song was written for me. It’s like they went into my head and thought “Hmm what are the elements of music that Quinn loves the most” and just put it all in a 5 minute song full of huge riffs, soaring emotional vocals and creative atmospheric flairs. What the fuck man. That moment when your new favourite band is basically your current favourite, just in disguise.



Note: English subtitles are available.


Heard it on the radio


Having finished RDR2 this song means quite a lot to me.

I won’t spoil it but it hit hard when I heard this in game.


Pairs well with stalking the slums of Mumbai



I’m not sure if I know of a more peaceful song.


This song made Putin cry


Well Blues music and Otis Redding is a fantastic step up from braggadocio the music genre but still need more rock. I am simultaneously a man of good and poor taste.

Heavy Metal should be shown in music studies in universities.


Happy Birthday Mr. Dave Grohl, 50 years young and still rocking it!