Music Thread



Some of you probably heard this in Baldersnatch recently, I’m more familiar with the song because it was Dennis Nilsen’s absolute favourite!




This is why I love Mono so much. They create moods like nobody else can. Their new drummer fits them like a glove.


Yeah more moody stuff and rap. Here is something nice and smart.

You can really tell Chase and Simon were having fun doing the video.


Ah man, you are taking me way back! My parents love that song. Just reminded me of another joint they use to play a lot. :ok_hand:


Trust me if it was all in one video I would have put the entirety of Graceland on the thread because it is an amazing album whether you see it as a introspective thing or take it literally.

I settled for “Al” because of the video. I was almost going to put “Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes”


Feeling sad today.



“I’d pay anything to keep my conscience clean, I’m keeping my eye on the exits I’m steady now.”


Been jammin to this lately


Also this one too:

Strangely (or perhaps not so strangely) relevant today

Edit: First video had the swear words cut out, whack as fuck


It never really stopped being relevant.


I have to wonder, have you been here to the United States? During the Obama years? Not that we weren’t still paranoid and hysterical, just perhaps less so


I only left my home country once on school exchange to Japan. But here in Australia, whom or what has control over the media can be just as bad as America perhaps even worse. To me it is only moderately better as time has gone by.


It’s not AU or US specific mate, it’s $$ specific


Hmmm yes the only universal passport. Our nations own regret news media-wise is that we ever let Rupert Murdoch out of his cage.


I listened to the newest Daughters album today.

Holy shit.